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Landscape Design Proposal TemplateLandscape Design Proposal TemplateLandscape Design Proposal Template

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Your landscape design proposal template sells you to the client. It is the document that contains not just details about you and your services, but also how you can resolve the problem faced by the client. 

If you are a newbie, proposal writing may look like a tedious task, but it is a business necessity. One way to ensure you get started on the right note is to have a landscape design proposal template that guides your proposal writing. You could simply edit this template or use it as a reference point in writing yours.

If you've decided to craft your proposal rather than edit the already made landscape design proposal template, this is a perfect guide.

Landscape Design Proposal Template Example
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Read on, as you learn the basics of writing a landscape design proposal that can win any client's heart.

The outline of a landscape design proposal template

A landscape design proposal template is a simple proposal that can be tailored to any specific project. In writing this proposal, there are certain areas your proposal is expected to cover/highlight. Below is a breakdown of those major areas expected from a landscape proposal. 

1. Objective 

Every proposal has something it hopes to achieve when being presented to the client. Your objective is contained in your proposal should comprise what services/solutions you are offering your potential client. Don't be too broad with the aim, rather be very specific. For instance, rather than say, "I will build a website for your business," you could say, "I will increase sales revenue by __ % by building a user-friendly website."

2. Scope

There are tendencies you may want to be vague about your deliverables, don’t make sure mistakes. There should be a clearly defined inclusive in your effective proposal. Write down the details of the project's tasks and how you intend to go about it. Your prospective client will want to find out the specific roles you're playing in actualizing the project. Also, a well-defined scope prevents the client from imposing extra tasks on you during the project without extra pay. 

3. Schedule

Your landscape design proposal template is expected to come with a set timeline to accomplish the project. Fix a realistic working schedule for every task necessary for the project. To achieve this, you’ll need to break the task down to days and hours. However, ensure you give room for complications or unforeseen occurrences during the project. 

Landscape Design Proposal Template Sample
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4. Cost 

It is in this part of your proposal that you include the total cost of the project. This will include overhead cost, your service charge, and any other cost that is vital to the project. Make sure you notify your potential client if the total cost written in your proposal is tax inclusive or not. Also, use a consistent and reasonable pricing method; it will assist you in winning a client. 

5. Terms of payment

Before this point, it’s expected that the total cost for the project, and the working duration, has been included in your landscape design proposal template. Next, you will have to specify the payment arrangement you expect from the client.

You can decide to propose a 50% payment upon contract signing and the remaining 50% paid on project completion. You can also agree on a monthly payment arrangement. Included in your payment terms should be your preferred mode of payment (cash, bank transfer, or any other means).


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