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Interior Design Proposal TemplateInterior Design Proposal TemplateInterior Design Proposal Template

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As an experienced interior designer (or if you're just starting your business) you need a interior design proposal sample PDF to secure a design contract, especially if the prospective client is a first-timer who does not care so much about your business. Finding a designer or architect now who loves to draft their design proposals and personally do expenses calculation is almost practically impossible.

To keep up with the process, very many of them outsource the writing of their interior design proposal to freelancers. As a freelancer, you will receive (if you haven't received yet) gigs to craft a captivating interior design proposal. I am sure you will probably want to Google up different Interior design proposal sample PDF when the gig comes, and follow the pattern of any you prefer.

Interior Design Proposal Template
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 While the above doesn't sound like a bad idea at all, mastering the craft of writing interior design proposal will do you better. To assist you get a firm grip on the subject, this article has been written to reveal several items that shouldn't be missed from your proposal no matter what.

Most interior design proposal sample PDFs you will come across probably may not have these key elements. That is why it's expedient you know of them for yourself. It is expected that after reading this article, you will comfortably do a fantastic job on your client's interior design proposal. 

1. Critical parts of every interior design proposal template

The best point to set-off from is to make you understand that the purpose of every design proposal is to state/show in clear terms, the task(s) to be accomplished, and various parties responsible for these tasks, a realistic timeline, and the fees involved (working budget).

Now, even though there are no hard and fast rules in getting a proposal done, but there are 4 essential items you should never do without. They are:

1.1. An interior design proposal template has beautiful design

You probably may be wondering who doesn’t know that every design proposal needs a good design. But then, let’s take a second and a closer and clearer look. What draws people to any Interior design proposal sample PDF is its attractive design. The design of any interior design proposal is more like the doorway of the proposal.

When your potential client takes a look at your proposal design, it should draw them in for a closer look.  Depending on what design type the proposal is about, use your proposal design and your narrative to make them see the details of things to expect. 

1.2. The interior design proposal template covers timeline and work scope 

Here is the one part of the proposal that demands critical analysis to come up with. Your timeline and work scope give your client an idea of how you intend to do what you are expected to do, time duration involved, and when you’ll do it. It will also help keep the designer in the check of the work agreed with the client.

In every Interior design proposal sample PDF, things like the time required to complete the project, the number of employees needed, and the resources required should be included. Also, ensure you attach specific milestones expected per time. To be accurate about these facts, you will need to reference your previous projects. 

Interior Design Proposal Template Sample
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1.3. Fees and terms section of a interior design proposal

Deciding the fees for an interior design project involves some level of delicate maneuvering. While you total the fee expected, you will also need to consider the client’s interest, and make sure both balances. You will need the help of your timeline to assist you in doing a good job of coming up with your fees.

Also, determine if you are charging by the hour or you want to do the project at a fixed price. The truth is, every part of the same project will have a different pricing system. 

1.4. Share just enough details in the interior design proposal PDF

Understand that your Interior design proposal sample PDF isn't the right place to discuss various materials needed for any project. Too many details will make your proposal complex, and as such, it appears boring to the client. For all its worth, ensure that the details contained in your proposal are relevant for the project at hand.

Also, give brief information about your company, previous experience, and similar projects handled. Have more company details ready and standby, should the client request for more.

2. How to create an interior design proposal template

Interior design project proposals are used by interior designers to entreat approval for design and layout projects from prospective clients. Proposals are an excellent way for freelancers to pitch for sales or for attracting new projects.  A well-articulated proposal allows you to showcase what you have to offer while the process remains professional. A well written Interior design project proposal shows your prospective clients that you have thought through their project and you are in it for the best.

We will look at an interior design proposal sample and how you can use the sample to write killer project proposals. Every freelancer ought to know how to write interior design fee proposals and this is one major way of getting projects to work on. An interior design project proposal allows you to show your client what you have to offer. The client gets to learn what you and your team can bring into his/her project.

Interior designers know how to make a sales pitch. Any freelancer who does not know how to do this should start learning it today. After all, almost all the documents associated with this line of work, especially those shared between freelancers and clients, are a form of sales pitch. One such document – the interior design proposal – can help you to pitch your products properly. With this tool, you would no longer feel scared about pitching new clients for fresh interior design projects. A good proposal takes the intimidation out of the entire pitching process.

What do you have to do to use the interior design proposal for pitching new clients?

Interior Design Proposal Template Example
Image source:

2.1. Find a prospect before drafting the interior design proposal template

Kick the process off by finding a prospect. That should be your top priority. Fortunately, you can find prospective clients just about anywhere you look. For example, you could begin your search on social media. Alternatively, sign up with freelancers’ sites for interior design projects. There are lots of other ways to find prospective clients. 

Here are a few sources for prospective clients:

2.1.1. Social media

As mentioned above this is one of the ways to gain prospective clients. Try to create relationships on social media platforms while selling your business. Make an effort to give your business as much coverage as possible. Clients will have an easier time choosing you over other freelancers when they see you as a friend. Make sure your social media accounts have contacts that clients can use whenever they want to reach you.

2.1.2. Have a website

As a freelancer, you can achieve quite a lot with your own website. A website is a virtual catalog, contact center, advertisement platform and best of all, you can always edit information provided. The website serves to provide you with these services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

2.1.3. Incentives

Provide incentives to prospective clients such as coupons and special time-limited discounts. These incentives will go a long way in attracting prospects.  Everybody loves discounts and bargains, make use of this as much as possible in interior design fee proposal,.

2.1.4. Network and expand your portfolio

As a freelance interior designer, build on your network. You can achieve this by attending seminars and coming up with your own events. Building a good network will work in your favor as you will receive referrals from work well done. 

Before proceeding any further, you should qualify your clients. Otherwise, you may end up with a long list of prospective clients whose needs you are unable to satisfy. Here, you are free to be as selective as possible. The worst mistake a freelancer can do is to overestimate their capabilities or underestimate the work involved. In such a scenario, the freelancer ends up promising so much in their interior design project proposal that they end up not deliver ing on. 

Therefore it is detrimental to the freelancer to weigh the interior design work involved before they commit. The repuccursions would be work that is not well done and frustrated clients. Remember that clients in the real estate business have networks and they could either refer you to their friend or ensure you never get work with anyone they know. Hence, it is important that you choose your work well and give your best shot every single time.

How do you qualify clients? Use this guideline if you are inexperienced on such matters. More importantly, take your time to determine if you are a good fit with any of the clients who you encounter. Look at the clients’ expectations too to evaluate if they are suitable for your consultancy. On top of that, check if you possess the qualifications needed to solve the problems clients bring to you. For this reason, be ready with an interior design proposal. Be ready to change or customize it for each client you meet.

2.2. Do your research well in advance of sending the interior design proposal template

Your most important task is to learn everything that you can about the client. Do your research. Avoid approaching clients without learning what you can about them. Now that you have a client worth pitching your business, services, or solutions to, your next task is to take as much time as you can to know them. Make the necessary phone calls. Alternatively, organize meetings with the clients or anyone who can help you know more about them. The Internet can also help you glean more information about the new prospects.

Interior Design Proposal Template PDF
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You may only proceed to explain the solution your client craves after researching them adequately. The interior design proposal should come up only once you have all these details with you. Otherwise, your interior design proposal may appear generic, which could only lead to one outcome – sending your clients off to a different freelance interior designer. Nevertheless, it is worth pointing out that many of your clients would also be willing to do a bit of research on you. Some of the questions they are most likely to ask you in this regard include:

  • Your expertise
  • Your experience
  • Have you tackled similar projects in the past?
  • How big (or small) is your workforce?
  • What resources can you access to complete the project?
  • What is your level of creativity?

2.3. Build trust using the interior design proposal

The last bit involves building trust with your clients. Learn and apply as many ways of building trust with clients as possible. Start by developing or creating a connection and rapport with the client. Eventually, trust will blossom as the relationship grows stronger. Remember, the essence of the project is not merely to deliver what the client wants. The entire experience you offer your customers from the start helps to pitch your services to them. For this reason, you should never ignore the importance of building healthy, trustworthy relationships with clients.

2.4. The interior design proposal sample 

Once you have located and established communication with your prospective clients, the next step is to send them your interior design project proposal. And that is where our interior design proposal example comes in. With these tools, you will find it easy to create awesome interior design project proposals that can convert most prospects to clients. The samples have a basic structure that can be customized to suit any type of interior design project you are working on.

Here is a quick rundown on what the interior design proposal sample contains:  

2.4.1. An introduction 

In your introduction be polite and identify the prospective client. Refer to them by name in an appealing way.

2.4.2. The main issue 

  • Subject 
  • Purpose 
  • Main argument 
  • Background information 
  • Importance 

Here you will give the information about the services you offer and why the client needs interior design services. Let the client know why they need you 

2.4.4. The solution 

  • Step by step plan 
  • Benefits 
  • Potential obstacles 
  • Personnel and qualifications 

A good way to start this up is by asking yourself what sort of services you are willing to offer to your clients. Once you know what you want to do in your client’s project, break down the procedure of how you will help them. The purpose of this category is a step by step detail of the solutions you are offering the client. 

Try to show the client why they need your services over the services of your competitors. You might need to offer to showcase your portfolio at this point. 

2.4.5. Conclusion, costs, and payments 

  • A reiteration of the main points and purpose 
  • Costs 
  • Payments 
  • Appreciation 
  • Contact details 

In the interior design fee proposal, give the prospective client a clear picture of what they may incur to have the project accomplished. Breakdown the different costs that may be involved, including the service fees. Make sure you do your research well and have in detail the project cost of the entire project.  

An underestimated interior design fee proposal may lead to conflicts during the project. While on an overestimate of the cost may make the client turn down the offer. To increase your chances of getting picked for the project, it might be a good idea to offer your client discounts and coupons as we had earlier seen. If your client’s project is business-related, you can include a calculation on the estimated return on investment (ROI). 

2.5. Benefits of using an interior design proposal template 

The interior design proposal example will help you achieve a great deal in your work. Some of the benefits that can be related to using the interior design proposal sample include:  

2.5.1. Time-saving

The templates work as generic documents that can be easily edited to suit all projects the freelancer is working on. The time that the freelancer would take drafting each interior design project proposals is drastically reduced 

2.5.2. Easy to use

The interior design proposal example makes work easy for the freelancer as the templates are user friendly and easy to edit. The freelancer needs not to spend much time working on the interior design fee proposal as the template gives a breakdown of what should be included. 

2.5.3. Branding

The interior design proposal example can be edited to include the company logo so that the proposal can act as a marketing tool. The generic interior design proposal sample makes it easy to maintain uniformity, text, graphics, and layout.  


The interior design proposal example is a guide that can help you achieve a successful sales pitch to your prospective clients. As a freelance interior designer, you ought to focus on the services you offer. That is why our well-structured interior design proposal sample is a key tool for freelancers looking to increase their client base. The interior design project proposal is easy to use and reduces the amount of work and time freelancers spend on writing proposals.  

Just like in most freelance work, securing a good client base requires a great portfolio. Therefore ensure that all the projects you work on are done to the best of your skills. Just as we had seen above, most clients in the real estate business are in some sort of network. If you do one good job, it might just earn you another. Your interior design business can grow many folds just from referrals.


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