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Digital Marketing Proposal PPTDigital Marketing Proposal PPTDigital Marketing Proposal PPT

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As a freelancer in the digital marketing niche, your business begins with bagging clients to work for. Winning potential clients may be a challenge, especially if you are just getting started. You need to have something to show for that you can deliver if given the opportunity. Impressing potential clients requires that you be able to show the clients that your input in their business, will have positive returns. That’s why you need to know the art of creating killer digital marketing proposal PPTs.

1. Creating a digital marketing proposal PPT that stands out

A winning digital marketing proposal PPT is about how you deliver the ideas to your potential client and also how the presentation itself looks. The presentation should have precise, catchy, clear, engaging and attractive slides. A presentation could be well loaded with information but runs the risk of being boring if you don’t consider making it attractive.

The client, of course, is only looking for answers, but an answer that comes in an attractive ‘wrapping’ may sell faster than one that is simply insipid. If you are not great with graphic design, going for a pre-formed digital marketing proposal template has never been a bad idea. 

Digital Marketing Proposal Template PPT
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2. The structure of a good digital marketing proposal PPT

A perfect proposal reflects on your capability to do a great job as a digital marketer. No client will hire you to win business for them if you are not able to win them over in the first place. A business proposal that stands out will help you have an edge over your colleagues, who may be equally good or even better.

The job, in most cases, will go to the freelancer that wins the heart of their client from the proposal level. Here is the basic anatomy of a winning digital marketing proposal PPT:

2.1. Problem statement in the digital marketing proposal PPT

The first thing any freelancer wants to have on their digital marketing proposal PPT is a problem statement. The problem statement should come on the first slide, or at least be the second after introduction. The problem statement will give a summary of the drawbacks and issues hindering the growth of your client’s business. A well-written problem statement shows that you have done your research, you know what you are talking about and can help the client achieve their goals. 

2.2. A possible solution in the digital marketing proposal PPT

For the client to hire you, you need to give them an idea of what you can do to bring them out of their problems. Avoid the temptation of focusing on what you have achieved rather than focus on what you can do to help the client. If you can show the client that your efforts can bring in a positive return on investment ( and at what rate), then you are as good as hired.

Digital Marketing Proposal Template PPT Sample
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2.3. Fees and pricing in the digital marketing proposal PPT

Be clear and concise when it comes to how much you want to get paid for covering the work. This might be a tricky segment to cover, but it does not have to be. As long as you can back your pricing with workable ROI calculations, you are good to go. Just be sure to have everything detailed in your presentation. 

2.4. Include in your digital marketing proposal PPT the scope of practice

You need to include in your proposal the services you will offer the client. Don’t forget to include what you expect from the client to avoid any role confusion. Make it clear if your role in the business will be advisory, consultative or collaborative. 

2.5. Add your Qualifications in the digital marketing proposal PPT

Give a brief on what your experiences and work history is. The client would love to know if they are dealing with someone competent enough to handle the job. This is yet another way of proving to the client why they need to hire you.  Give details of the marketing campaigns you have conducted and the marketing channels you are most qualified in.

3. The presentation of your digital marketing proposal PPT

Making a good digital marketing proposal PPT is as good as you present it. As a marketer, your communication skills and social data should be at the top of its game. The interview may be face to face or online, whichever way it comes to ensure you nail it by being presentable and having the details at your fingertips.


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