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Creative Proposal TemplateCreative Proposal TemplateCreative Proposal Template

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You might have seen your proposals turned down repeatedly. You've ever wondered why you have continuously been ignored when awarding projects, despite how good you are. Well, the reason why isn't far fetched – your proposal.  To win more clients as an artist, designer, or freelancer selling any service, you need a creative proposal template. Besides the required information, your proposal should be a creative and compelling copy.

Fortunately, there are several creative proposal templates to help you get started in writing a creative proposal. These creative proposal templates help you time and also prevent you from starting from scratch.  However, it is advisable that as a freelancer, you master the skill of writing a creative proposal. It is one of the essential skills you'll need. With a creative proposal, you will win more clients, close more deals, and increase revenue.

Creative Proposal Template Example
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How to write a creative proposal template

Although you can find and edit a creative proposal template, you must understand what makes a proposal creative. The guideline below explains how to go about writing a proposal creative and making it stand out, among others.

1. Outline your proposal

You might not have noticed that your proposal outline is the first time to create in writing your proposal. Regardless of how many proposals you've written before, jumping right into your proposal is a recipe for an average proposal. Having an outline helps you get a clear picture of the information needed in your proposal. With that sorted out, you can get creative with your proposal structure and arrange them logically. 

2. Keep it short

A creative proposal template with less than 5 pages has a higher percentage to attract clients from experience. Many times, freelancers have begun their proposals on a great note, but they go for too long. You may have a lot of things that you want your prospective client to know; however, knowing things to leave out is vital for understanding what to include. Giving your potential clients your strongest points and also remaining compelling is a creative skill that your proposal needs.

3. Include testimonials

Maybe you are yet to see a creative proposal template with testimonials included, but the fact is that testimonials aren’t just for your website alone. Testimonials have a way of establishing clients’ trust and making your potential client see you as the right person for the job. You need to leverage this trend and market your services with the aid of reviews from past clients.

Adding them to your creative proposal increases your chances of winning more business partners.

Creative Proposal Template Sample
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4. Make your proposal scarce 

It’s a known fact that scarce items are perceived to be very valuable. This statement works everywhere, proposals inclusive. Get more creative with your proposal by adding genuine scarcity to your proposal. To do that, add a kind of expiration date to your proposal. As an example, you can offer specific pricing for a specified period. Making clients understand that there is an expiration date to the price you are offering gives them the urgency to act. Also, you have to be the one checking on them for feedback.

5. Include visuals

Certain elements will make your proposal more appealing to your client; visuals are one of them. Creative proposal templates come with visuals that break up the long text paragraphs. Visuals make your proposal easier to read and simple to digest. One of the easiest ways to include visuals in your proposal is to add pictures. It could be a previous project, your picture, team members, or even past clients (especially if you are adding testimonies).


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