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Business Proposal Template (Word Doc)

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Business Proposal Template (Word Doc)

The place of writing and sending of a proposal cannot be overemphasized in everyday business transactions. Independent consultants and business experts often send proposals to their prospective clients and investors, asking or better still convincing the client to do business with them.

To win top contracts as a consultant, you have to send prospective clients a proposal who has shown interest in employing your service.In layman's terms, a proposal is a document a consultant or supplier hands over to a customer to indulge in his/her product or service.

You should have a proposal template that you can always customize to convince clients about your service. If you want clients to do business with you, then a business proposal template Word Doc would be ideal to convince your customers about your business expertise. 


Why use a business proposal template

Writing and sending a business proposal is undoubtedly one of the best ways to convince a proposed client about your business prowess. But do you know that the best way to create a proposal is to use a business proposal template Word Doc that is available online? These are ready-made templates that you can download and then customize to fit your needs. By so doing, you save time while coming up with a solid business proposal. 

A good business proposal will catch the attention of your reader; it is a business proposal writing strategy to focus on your potential customer.  The document should contain the problem definition, solution, goal, strategy, and budget of the contract. Besides, a good business proposal template Word Doc will fulfill the needs of the parties involved in a contract, and it can act as written proof of the terms and conditions agreed by the parties involved. 

What to include in a business proposal template Word Doc

Every business proposal should include information about the problem, scope, goals & objectives, cost, and risks. See the information contained in the sections below.

1. Title page

The first step in creating or editing your business proposal template Word Doc is to identify the audience you are targeting. Include the business name of the proposed client, mailing address, contact address, and website. Don't forget to include your personal information as well.

2. Table of contents

This is applicable if the document is a multi-paged proposal. 

3. Executive summary

Here, write a clear statement about the customers’ pain point and how your service is a solution to it.

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4. Business details

  • What business or service are you required to work on?
  • It is marketing, advertisement or rentals, or property management? 
  • Have you identified the problems and pain points of your client?

Ask the proposed client some questions then come up with solutions using the words of the customer. List the benefits of employing you and paint pictures of what to expect in the business deal. 

5. Qualifications

Give a brief profile of yourself/ business and list your past successes in related business projects. You’d convince your client with this if you are a high flyer in his area of need. 

6. Budget

Make a list of the fees and total costs of the project. This section of your business proposal template Word Doc should be clear enough to help your prospective client keep an eye on the income and expenses of the contract. 

7. Responsibilities 

Are there resources that must be provided by your client? Include them in your business proposal. Besides, let your proposal be precise so that the reader understands what action is expected of them.

Terms and conditions- Include terms of work, including the preferred payment method and timeline, among others.

Create your own
Business Proposal Template (Word Doc)

Create your own

Business Proposal Template (Word Doc)

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