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Branding Proposal TemplateBranding Proposal TemplateBranding Proposal Template

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You are probably thinking that some proposals are just lucky or wondering why some have just been successful? Or better still, maybe propositions are just simply better arguments. Truth is, a branding proposal template that would win needs to follow a simple law: presenting the prospects with the benefits that you think are most important to your client as a branding freelancer in the order of priority to your client.

Branding Proposal Template
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There is a widespread ambivalence about the relevance of branding in the world today especially among startups, small businesses and multinationals. Branding cuts across different fields as it really defines businesses and corporate organizations.

Research shows that about 50% of consumers suggest that they consider becoming more loyal to a brand after the situations surrounding their first purchase/service. Consequently, businesses and organizations pay attention to their brands and that could be traced down to the proposals they accept from branding consultants to promote their organization.

Imagine that you are almost hitting the submit button in sending a proposal as a freelancer. At the back of your mind, you are almost certain that your client will take a look at your application and intuitively decipher that you understand how your project would shoot them to the top.

Better still, you even felt the project would place your client's organization on the track of becoming the gold standard in their industry. Then, you are surprised when days roll up into weeks or months and you didn’t receive a mail. Worse scenario, maybe your prospect now shocked you with a message that they’ve decided to move forward after considering your branding proposal and see no value in it. What could have gone wrong? Below are a few things you’ve probably missed.

Common mistakes with your branding proposal template

  • You probably thought a prospective client understands all aspects of branding.
  • The assumption about your clients understanding the long term effect of your project to their overall goal.
  •  Failure to explain how your branding project justifies the cost.

The key elements of a branding proposal that wins projects are the following:

1. Problem statement in the branding proposal template

You need to show to your client as a branding consultant that you perfectly understand their need. Your client needs to see that you are there to serve their interest and only your proposal could communicate that effectively. Going through your prospect’s job description would help you make better comments and suggestions. By so doing, your client sees you as a worthy freelancer who is already considering their project requirement.

2. Solution in the branding proposal template

Respond to the problem and requirements with your planned strategy. That means you are going a step further to achieve your prospect’s project. Highlight the special skills you have and training that would help you in the project. Be analytical as much as you can but make it simple, and avoid too much jargon.

3. Benefits in the branding proposal template

Individuals and businesses often tend to conduct a cost-benefit analysis before taking a decision on projects to be executed. People want to see why they have to part with some good cash. Dig and visualize the benefits of your branding project to your client. Don’t rush, think about the long term goal, who or what are they looking for, and how economical is your project. Answering the benefit question properly is a boost to your proposal acceptance.

4. Price in the branding proposal template

Every project has a monetary value or cost and this matter to your client. You should know about freelancing pricing in the niche you are to execute the project since affordability will go a long way in the decision-making process of your client.

5. Maintain professionalism in the branding proposal template

Be simple but professional in giving details about the project to your client. Display it in detail about your work ethics, responses, processes, and quality guarantees.

6. Convey your brand in the branding proposal template

An interesting thing about your personal brand is it’s never what you say it is, it’s what everyone else says it is. Your brand defines who you are and that should speak in your proposal. Freelance branding experts demonstrate their brand consistently with their logo, writing styles, layout among others.

A branding proposal template in a nutshell

It is important to include relevant portfolio pieces to your branding proposal. Incorporate the best of your creations so you that your prospective client can have a glimpse of what to expect from you. Ensure slick presentation and don’t make a potential client ask for something, provide as many details as you can. By doing so, you would not be praying to win the contract by luck or wishful thinking.


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