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The world of architecture is a very lucrative and fascinating one. Time and Time again, we see stunning, breath-taking buildings worth millions or billions of dollars. The brain architects behind structures like these usually get millions in profits and awards for their spectacular work.

However, the truth remains that behind all the glamour and rewards is tons of back-breaking work and deep critical thinking as a whole lot of planning, organizing, and creativity goes into even the smallest of buildings.

That is why you must invest in a timesheet template or time tracking software for your business as an architect looking to scale and make more profits. "What is an architect timesheet template?" you may ask. Keep reading to find out more.

What is Architecture Timesheets?

An architecture Timesheet is a data table architects use to track time spent by a worker on a project during a specific period. A typical timesheet holds data tables for recording hours worked per employee, overtime hours, projects completed, clients served, etc.

The most common timesheets are excel timesheets; they can be printed, signed, and submitted. However, in recent times, most companies have used online timesheets or timesheet templates to create more detailed, targeted timesheets.

What is an Architecture Timesheet Template?

Architecture Timesheet Template is a document layout that allows architects to create personalized timesheets easily.

The document comes with pre-made fields and layouts; all the architect needs to do is edit and fill in the required information. This makes creating the architecture timesheet template quicker than using a simple excel timesheet.

An invoice template is a document layout that makes it simple to create, edit, and customize invoices. With a pre-made invoice template, you need to enter the sale details. The layout and required fields are already created for you.

Types of Timesheet Templates

The following are the different types of timesheet templates that you might want to explore:

Weekly Timesheet template

This allows for weekly time tracking. You can record how many hours of work your employees put in each week and easily calculate their weekly pay

Bi-weekly timesheet template

This type of timesheet template allows for bi-weekly time tracking. Record daily hours worked and calculated totals every two weeks.

Monthly timesheet template

The monthly timesheet template is a 4-week timesheet that allows you to keep track of employee time and projects for the entire month.

Employee timesheet templates are not challenging to get. In fact, most companies offer a free version.

Where Can I Download Free Timesheet Templates?

You can download free timesheet templates to track time, monitor employees efficiently, and manage projects. These templates are specifically tailored for architects, so you don't need to add any data tables, add the hour to the timesheet, and you're set to go.

A perfect, detailed, easy-to-use timesheet template is the Bonsai Template. You can download it for free and use it to manage time on business or company projects.

Why Do I Need A Timesheet Template?

Whether you're running your own business or working under a company, you need a timesheet if you want to be genuinely productive. Timesheets help streamline work processes, especially when multiple employees are working on a particular project.

Here are some benefits of using a timesheet:

Manage Time

The number one benefit of a timesheet to architects is that it helps save time. For any project to be completed, an architect must consider several complex variables; worse still, he must meet deadlines.; worse

In the complex world of architecture, it's easy to get things mixed up or fall behind schedule on certain milestones. This is why a timesheet is necessary for any architect who wishes to complete his project on time.

With a timesheet, you can tell which tasks/projects are on schedule and which ones are falling behind. If your employees are getting ahead of schedule on a specific task, you can pull them out and assign them to other functions that are lagging instead.

A timesheet will reveal how much time it took to complete specific projects.

Manage Teams

A business is only as good as its employees. In a typical fast-paced work environment, it'll be near impossible to personally and properly monitor employee hours. With timesheets, however, employee management isn't only possible; it's also straightforward.

Employee timesheets can quickly tell the amount of time spent on specific tasks and how much each worker should be paid based on the specified hourly rate. Other variables like sick days and vacation time can also be quickly recorded on timesheets.

This makes team management very easy, and the company or business would have no problems even if it should hire more employees.

Streamline Billing Process

Any business aims to make money, which is what a timesheet helps you do. By keeping track of every task, you can know just how much to bill your client at the end of the month.

When it comes to billing clients, there are many ways it can be done: you can request your pay as a lump sum, quarterly, monthly, weekly, or even hourly rates.

Whichever way you bill your client, a timesheet will ensure you don't bill more (or less) than you should for any project completed.

Detailed Project Report

A comprehensive spreadsheet template like the Bonsai timesheet will help you present a detailed project report to your client or company. This makes you look professional and makes billing easy as you have documented proof to show clients.

If you're tired of using timesheets or seeking a better alternative way to manage time as an architect, then you should get time tracking software.

Time Tracking Software For Architects

In a typical company setting, employees must fill out timesheets, sign, and submit them. Keeping data records of these employees on printed sheets of paper can be a bit burdensome. Sheets may get misplaced or mixed up: This is one disadvantage of using a simple timesheet template.

To make your efforts easier, it's best to use architect time tracking software. Here are some benefits of using timesheet software:

  • You don't have to print the timesheet: with time tracking software, no need for signing or any other complications; simply forward the soft copy or share the timesheet to other systems.
  • Easy editing: With just a few clicks, you can add new projects and calculate total pay or work hours for the week, month, etc.
  • Easy billing: Time tracking software allows you to adjust billing rates, pay rates, and any other variable with just the touch of a button. You can also comfortably forward your project report sheet to a client after completing a job.

Time, they say, is money. So, more time means more money! By tracking time as an architect, you indirectly save money. Time tracking software is the best for tracking time.

If you need a reliable, effective, easy-to-use time tracking software for time management, then the Bonsai time tracking software is just what you need.

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