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The best time tracking software for architects - Stay on top of every project

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Try our time tracking software today at no cost.
Try our time tracking software today at no cost.
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Updated on:
December 11, 2022
December 11, 2022
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Time tracking is becoming a standard feature of modern offices in every industry, and architecture is not the exception. It enables businesses to evaluate their progress and contrast it with the anticipated profit margins, as well as make educated decisions regarding their workflows and client interactions. Integrating a time tracking software is crucial for independent architects to keep metrics under control and evaluate overall business growth.

Addressing time tracking issues, can improve internal operations of your entire architecture business, the relationships with your clients, as well as the profit and loss account. However, it might seem hard to decide which software is the right one for your firm. Well, in this article, we will help you make a decision.

Read on to find out about a time tracking and billing software that is here to change the game.

Note: Bonsai's time tracking and timesheet software is everything you need to bill clients accurately and manage your time efficiently. Start your 7-day free trial today and see why it's the go-to option for thousands of architecture firms. Claim your 7-day free trial today.

The Best Time Tracking Software For Architects

There are tons of time tracking tools available out there, so you must take your business' needs into consideration before you choose to invest in one. If you're already using another productivity management software you may only be looking for a simple product that allows you to get accurate time tracking data. However, for many independent architects, a more complete tool will be a great ally to manage future projects, improve employee monitoring, increase project communication, and have better expense management.

For this reason, many professionals in the architecture industry are choosing Bonsai. An all-in-one product suite that goes beyond simply tracking working hours, to offer you multiple features that will make you wonder why you never used it before. Here's why Bonsai is your best bet.

Benefits Of Using Bonsai

Your architectural company can greatly benefit from the extensive selection of project management and time tracking solutions that Bonsai offers. Especially if you are a freelancer and don't belong to a specific organization, you need a tool that can help you effectively manage your time. Let's go over some of the benefits of using Bonsai's time tracking software for architects.

Invoice Accurately

Bonsai's time tracking software is an excellent tool for client billing. For starters, it is compatible with several currencies which makes it possible for you to collaborate with diverse clients from different countries. The software allows you to bill in every major currency from anywhere in the world, including US dollars, Canadian dollars, euros, Japanese yen, and others.

Additionally, automatic time tracking generates a timesheet template that gets integrated with your invoicing software so you never get underpaid for your work. If your timer appears to be running for too long, you will receive a notification to prevent tracking irrelevant hours and ensure accuracy in your billable hours when invoicing your clients. Plus, getting your reports is quick and easy, allowing you to bill in a timely manner.

Manage Projects Efficiently

Independent architects must develop their professional and organizational skills, learning how to work efficiently. With the right time tracking software, you can organize your schedule more effectively and identify the work that you can delegate, thus making your processes more efficient.

The majority of your clients require confirmations that you are engaged in their tasks. They must be aware of the project status. With the help of Bonsai's time tracking software, you can give them peace of mind. Sync it up with your clients so they can see you're on schedule. You should have minimal trouble managing or finishing several projects at once with this tool.

Improve Your Estimates

Inaccurate project estimates are the result of improper time tracking. You need careful time management while managing several projects, as well as a grasp of team capacity. Using Bonsai's time tracking tool, you will get useful insights from previous jobs so you can organize your resources and control future project costs. This will make it easier for you to stick to project budgets and you'll be able to set your minimum requirements to ensure profit.

Note: Time tracking has never been easier with Bonsai. Our software will record time so it does not interfere with your productivity. Get tasks done and see proper records for how long they take you. Try our time tracker today for 14 days at no cost.

Track Time On-The-Go

You need a tool that keeps up with your active architect lifestyle. Bonsai's online time tracking app is compatible with multiple programs and a variety of devices including PC, MacBook, smartphones (iOS, Android & Mac) and tablets. This allows you to easily track time spent outside of the office and manage multiple projects on the go. You'll be able to stay on top of your team's productivity.

Keep Employees Happy

No matter what you do, it's crucial to make sure the people working for you are satisfied and motivated. Therefore, Bonsai's time tracking software for architects is really useful since you can use it to motivate the people that work for you. The program can help you determine the areas where staff members may need assistance, so you can keep them from getting overburdened and overworked.

Additionally, you can use it to resolve any differences in compensation and/or vacation time, unpaid holidays, hours worked, and other similar issues. In essence, time tracking and timesheet software provides transparency and eliminates any uncertainty and guess work when doing your payroll.

Access a Complete Project Management Software

Bonsai doesn't only help you with tracking time. In fact, you can access a complete project management tool that helps you stay on top of all your business processes. You can create projects and easily assign tasks so everyone knows precisely what duties to take care of and track their work hours accordingly.

From contract templates, task management, expense tracking and invoicing features to accounting and tax software, you will get everything you need to take your architectural firm to the next level. Oh, and don't forget to apply for our fuss-free business checking account, to keep your business finances under control, giving you a strong grip of your income and expenses.

Try our time tracking software today at no cost.
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