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What is a design architect - Guide to joining the architectural design world

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Updated on:
December 11, 2022
December 11, 2022
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As people of the modern era, we spend our time in office buildings, residential buildings, and various other constructions. We take them for granted, and rarely do we ask ourselves: "how were they built?", "what is a design architect?", etc. Without an architect's diligent work on every construction project, we may not have the comfort level we are enjoying right now.

Buildings are an essential part of our lives. They offer shelter and social possibilities, and they serve specific purposes for whatever activity you have in mind. Whether you are looking for architectural designers or want to become one, this article should help teach you the basics.

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What Does an Architectural Designer Do?

An architectural designer is responsible for the specific design of construction projects. They use their knowledge and skills to ensure that the design looks good and is functional.

An architectural designer will ensure that the design process is smooth and efficient, and they will collaborate with clients to meet all requirements.

Architectural designers also collaborate with architects as project managers, covering all the grounds of a project, keeping up with trends, and calculating cost estimates.

As a result, unlike the average landscape architect, they don't only deal with the visual part of the job, but also with the technical part. They use apps such as Bonsai to calculate estimates and create a budget, ensuring that all construction costs are reasonable.

How Are Regular Architects Different from Design Architects

It's important to remember that regular and design architects are not one and the same. An architect is a registered architect who must pass the Architectural Registration Exam (ARE). Without it, they can't provide their architecture services.

Since architectural designers focus solely on design development and functionality, they don't necessarily have to get a degree in architecture and pass the ARE. They'll only need some sort of education to prove their knowledge.

Skills that Architectural Designers Need

An architectural designer different than an interior designer. A design architect is often in charge of more complex projects, which is why they require specific skills. Here is what you'll need to hone if you are interested in architectural design.

Design Skills

Someone working with architectural design must have specific design skills. This includes both interior design and exterior building design. Landscape architecture also needs to be factored into the aesthetics to ensure the functionality and integrity of the design project.

Math Knowledge

As an architectural design professional, math knowledge is also essential. You must be able to calculate the strengths and weaknesses of the materials, the safety of the schematic design, as well as the budget and estimates.

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Technical Knowledge and Computer Literacy

Architectural design professionals will use computers daily, which is why you should also ensure that you know how to use one. You must know how to use specific programs for your design projects and communication methods such as emails and more.

You may have to use computer-aided design (CAD) software such as AutoCAD and financial apps like Bonsai to ensure that the project requirements are met.

Commercial Knowledge

Design architects and construction managers must stick to a specific budget if they want the project to be anywhere near successful.

This means that the price of creating the building must be feasible and approachable to those with an average salary. When working with architectural design projects, you should adequately understand costs and labor in the commercial market.

Communication Skills

The job of someone working in architectural design is to bring an image - a concept - back to life. They must be able to talk to people about the services related to their projects, which means their communication skills should also be great.

Aside from the clients, they must also collaborate with other architects and specialists, ensuring that the structural design is top-notch.

Building Codes Knowledge

Even if you are not necessarily a licensed architect with an ARE, you should still know your area's building code.

These codes outline the minimum safety measures of a particular building, and every architect needs to comply with them. Your architectural design plan will likely pass through the hands of other licensed professionals, so the construction project will be safer and faster by respecting the codes from the very beginning.

How to Become a Design Architect

Getting involved with architectural design is not complicated if you are passionate about this domain. Here is what you need to do to become a design architect:

Get Your Formal Education and Construction Documents

As we mentioned, you needn't necessarily be an architect with an ARE from the American Institute. However, you must get the necessary education and the licenses to perform. You can take the courses of your choice to gain that knowledge.

Get Your Necessary Tools

As a design architect, you need a few tools to help you out. You can use apps, for instance, for your drawings and ideas, but you will also need budgeting apps to calculate the costs and invoicing software to send out billing requests. The Bonsai Freelancer Suite can give you a start on that.

Gain Experience and Get Jobs

Now that everything is in order, all left for you is to gain more experience and start getting jobs. You can do this as a freelancer, or you can opt for an internship at an architecture company.

The Bottom Line

Architectural design is complex and fascinating, but it is also essential for our livelihood. We need a design architect for our buildings to be secure and functional.

If you want to create or renovate a building, you should start looking for good architectural designers. They will consider all the details of the area, seamlessly utilizing the space. This will ensure efficiency, purpose, and a sense of style.

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