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The best architecture invoicing software (save time and grow your business)

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Try our invoicing software today at no cost here
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Updated on:
December 12, 2022
December 12, 2022
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Try our invoicing software today at no cost here
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Whether you're a freelance architect offering your professional services independently or running your own firm, you must have total control over your billing, payment process, as well as project and expense tracking. If your architecture firm expands, you will need full-service invoicing software to automate your tasks. But with so many new invoicing and accounting software out there, it can get very difficult to find the right one for your business.

In this article, we will go over some of the main benefits that a well-rounded architecture invoicing software will bring to your business and tell you about the all-in-one product suite that is here to revolutionize your business.

Note: Use Bonsai's complete invoicing software to take your architecture firm to the next level. Automate your billing process with free invoice templates, and the best follow-up tools to get you paid faster and efficiently manage your company finances.

The Benefits of an Invoicing Software for Architects

An efficient invoicing software will help you manage your business like never before. It's a great option to streamline many company procedures affordably. By reducing your workload, you'll have more time to stay on top of case studies, designing, planning, and building projects for your clients. Here's why you must invest in invoicing and accounting software for architects.

Time and Expense Tracking

Keeping track of your expenses is essential to maintaining a good grip on your business finances. Full-service invoicing and accounting software makes tracking and categorizing your spending easy so you can see exactly where your money is going. This way, it is simpler to bill clients for the costs you incur on their behalf. Additionally, having access to timesheets will help you manage your tasks, including budgeting, time tracking, and customer billing.

Timesheets will also allow you to compare the number of hours spent to the budget when a project is over, so you can plan more precisely going forward.

Smooth Tax Season

A decent invoicing and architecture accounting software should help you comply with your local tax laws and make handling taxes simpler. Using this type of administrative tool can speed up tax calculations when dealing with different tax rates and assist you in applying the proper tax to your transactions more precisely. To help you stay organized and prepared for tax season, it may also assist you to comprehend your taxes by providing tax summary reports.

Automating this process will save time and frustration from filing your quarterly tax estimates and yearly reports. Try the best accounting software for freelancers here.

Online Billing

Collecting money might be overwhelming if your clients are not given a suitable method for making payments. But by using an invoicing software, you can integrate multiple online payment options including online bank transfers and credit and debit cards. This gives your customers a quick and secure option to make payments and it helps you keep track of the payments you receive updating them automatically under the relevant invoice in your accounting system.

Improved Cash Flow

When using a complete invoicing software, you may see a considerable increase in your cash flow. This is because there will be faster (and professional) invoice production, allowing you to bill in a timely manner, therefore getting paid on time or even earlier. Plus, invoicing software can automatically fill in dates and fit layouts, and among other things, it can increase the accuracy of invoices. They enable you to focus more on the bills' content, which will raise the quality of the invoices you produce.

Looking for the Best Invoicing Software? Bonsai Has Your Back!

Bonsai is the ideal tool for freelancers and small business owners looking to optimize back-office operations in one single platform. Our invoicing and accounting software provides many advantages to architecture professionals who don't know where to start. From creating and sending an invoice, to receiving payments and doing taxes, using Bonsai's invoicing software will do wonders for your business. Take a look at what we can do for you.

Note: Try Bonsai's invoicing software at no cost for 14 days and automate the entire billing request process. Along with our stunning invoice templates, Bonsai lets you send recurring invoices and partial payment requests to clients.

Perfect Invoices

With our invoice generator, you'll get fully customizable and professional-looking invoice templates especially designed to fit your architecture business. We help you create perfect invoices that cover all necessary information and provide consistency to your billing process. You'll be able to add your architecture company branding elements such as logo and slogan and create a numbering system to help you track payments.

Easy Follow Up

With Bonsai, you can easily follow up on payments once an invoice is sent out. Our invoicing software allows you to automatically send payment reminders, receive partial payments, and apply late fees to overdue accounts. You will also have a convenient dashboard to track whether invoices have been paid, seen, or opened.

Project Management

Bonsai's smart automation will take the burden out of business management so you can reduce the time spent on paperwork and focus on growing your architecture firm. We go beyond simple billing software, offering a winning all-in-one project management software that helps you automate every aspect of your business, covering customer relationship management (CRM), pitches, proposals, contracts, financial management, taxes, and even managing payroll.

Global Payments

Architecture firms servicing international customers must be prepared to deal with various currencies. Using Bonsai's invoicing software, you can accept payments in over 180 currencies while still handling your accounting on your own, eliminating inconsistencies and additional calculations. You can also incorporate a variety of internationally known online payment options, such as PayPal and Stripe.

Get Paid Faster

Freelancers receive payments on average 13 days sooner and deal with three times fewer late payments when using Bonsai's global payment options and innovative invoicing capabilities. With our easy-to-use software, you can immediately invoice your clients once a project is completed, clearly communicating when and how you expect to get paid and making it very easy for them to complete the transaction.

Sign up today and discover the ultimate invoicing efficiency that will make you wonder how you ever did business without it.

Try our invoicing software today at no cost here
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