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The best architect online banking account: Bonsai

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Open a Bonsai's business account account today. Our business bank account is guaranteed and free.
Open a Bonsai's business account account today. Our business bank account is guaranteed and free.
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Updated on:
December 12, 2022
December 12, 2022
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Open a Bonsai's business account account today. Our business bank account is guaranteed and free.
Discover Bonsai all-in-one business management software.

If you're a freelance architect or are running your own architecture firm, you know how important it is to have a firm grip on your business finances. You are wasting your time and business resources if you're still mailing invoices, writing checks, and collecting payments with paper statements. You need to make some changes, and a great place to start is by getting an online business checking account that puts an efficient solution to all of your architect banking needs at your fingertips.

Mobile banking services provide quick access, safe transactions, and 24-hour financial service anywhere, anytime. To help you make the transactions, we'll go over the main benefits of managing your finances online and discuss the best option in the market to get you started.

Note: Try Bonsai's business account if you want to open the best business bank account services available to architecture professionals. It's a simple setup process and a terrific tool for managing your company's finances. Get started today!

Benefits of Mobile Banking Services For Architects

How you handle money matters more than you may realize. It might make the difference between your company surviving or not. The digital age has dramatically impacted the banking industry, and migrating to an online/digital banking platform is good common sense. It is a more effective, convenient, and affordable, creating value and saving time and resources.

Here are some of the benefits it will bring to your architecture firm.

Digital Banking Convenience

Aside from skipping the usual long lines at the bank, you can check your balance, accept and send payments, transfer money between accounts, and more. Your online banking system would be genuinely global since you can use it at any time from anywhere in the world through a variety of gadgets at your disposal without needing to wait for a teller's assistance.

You'll be free to handle your money any way you see fit. Additionally, platforms for online banking, also known as e-banking, are usually very simple to use and navigate.

Instant Access to Funds

Using an online banking system, you can send and receive payments instantly, eliminating the need for you to write cheques, purchase stamps at the post office, and mail bills, all while worrying about whether they will reach in time to avoid incurring late fines.

Online banking makes it simple to transfer money across your accounts, such as from checking to savings, plus, your account balance is always accessible with a few clicks. Additionally, you may verify that a transaction has cleared and keep an eye out for unlawful transactions so that you can instantly dispute them.

Lower Costs For Services

Finding as many ways as possible to save money is crucial for your architecture firm. Fortunately, since banking prices are frequently based on resource requirements, online banking minimizes banking charges and corporate overhead. Additionally, it allows you to take advantage of automated systems like Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT), which enables you to make/receive your payments swiftly and without incurring additional fees. Automating your finances can save you both time and money by improving financial management and helping you avoid unnecessary late penalties.

Environmentally Friendly

Since both your company and the bank use less paper when you bank online, being green is simple. Given the rise of environmental concerns, this is a small but significant way to contribute to the cause. Managing your business finances online is an eco-friendly approach to eliminating the environmentally harmful paper checks, statements, and bills.

Bonsai's business account - Your Best Bet For The Architect Industry

Bonsai's business account is the business checking account that is currently booming in the market of banking products. We make it super simple for freelancers and small business owners to handle money by keeping everything in one place. Here's why Bonsai's business account is the way to go for your architecture firm.

Note: If you sign up for Bonsai's business account, you'll also get access to our full suite of freelancer tools. You'll also get free architect invoice template, proposal software, and legally reviewed contracts. Try Bonsai for 7-days at no cost.

The Fee-Free Option

Since Bonsai is free to use, it is a beautiful choice for small enterprises that are just starting out and have limited resources. There are no transaction fees, monthly service charges, minimum balance limitations, or opening requirements.

Bonsai's business account also allows you to receive payments directly into your checking account by integrating the account with any payment software you use, which can significantly lower payment fees.

Full-Service Online Banking

Many financial institutions offer an online banking experience. However, not everyone will give you a fully-online banking service. At some point, especially when opening the account, many banks will require you to visit a physical branch, and there may be some core banking transactions that cannot be completed without visiting your bank.

But with Bonsai's business account, you can forget all about brick-and-mortar banking, manage your business finances, and get online support. It's a hassle-free solution. If you would like the ability to withdraw money with a physical debit card, Bonsai gives you that option too at no cost.

Easy Tool Integration

The Bonsai's business account business checking connects you with multiple business tools to help you manage your finances efficiently, save on taxes, and get paid faster. For example, our architect invoicing software allows you to link your checking account to all your invoices and seamlessly receive online payments with instant fund access enhancing your customer experience. You can also link it to our accounting software to track your expenses and calculate tax write-offs.

Efficient Money Management

A stand-out feature of your Bonsai's business account checking account is the "envelopes" function which makes managing your money incredibly easy. You can create distinct savings sub-accounts for retirement, taxes, or even vacations and set up your checking account so that a portion of every payment you get is automatically transferred to a particular envelope.

So, everytime you receive a payment from clients, you could automatically save for taxes, retirement, or vacations.

Additionally, you will have access to a virtual and physical debit card that you could use to make purchases for your architecture firm and link it with Apple Pay or Google Pay for mobile payments.

Starting your Bonsai's business account account is extremely easy, sign up today and see for yourself! Download core banking account information in a matter of seconds.

Open a Bonsai's business account account today. Our business bank account is guaranteed and free.
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