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Why become an architect? The dream career for creative and innovative minds

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Access our full product suite for architects here. Invoice, proposal, contract templates, etc.
Access our full product suite for architects here. Invoice, proposal, contract templates, etc.
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Updated on:
December 11, 2022
December 11, 2022
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Access our full product suite for architects here. Invoice, proposal, contract templates, etc.
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Any licensed architect will agree; the path to get there is not easy. It takes from 5 to 7 years to obtain your professional degree, plus postgraduate training and additional jurisdictional requirements before you can obtain your license. However, successful architects often share a sense of fulfillment as this industry embraces your individuality, and that's difficult to find in other careers.

One of the most fulfilling experiences is seeing the results of your efforts. Imagining a structure, putting that idea on paper or into a computer, and then turning that vision into reality, is truly something extraordinary. So if you are considering architecture as your professional path, read on to find out if it's the best fit for you.

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Why Do People Choose to go to Architecture School?

If you enter a room and think, "Wow, that's a fascinating space," or if you're a young person walking through a city and you have to grab your camera because you notice how the sun is setting on the edge and the buildings are aligned and the banners on the buildings are aligned, then architecture is without a doubt something you should think about. But there are other reasons why people may choose to study architecture that are probably not as obvious at first.

You Like Tangible Results

If you take pride in tangible results, you're meant to get an architecture degree. Anyone who has ever witnessed a building where they worked being constructed understands this perfectly. Seeing your projects being developed is like having your own laboratory where you can experiment and perfect things that you feel to be significant and worthwhile. Architects feel a fulfilling sense of ownership over every project they work on.

You Want To Travel

Most architects will be able to travel the globe to see how your work was first conceived and to see it come to life. You'll always be driven to explore, broaden your horizons, continue to study, and try new things. So those looking for an opportunity to travel a lot, meet new people and improve communication skills should consider this career path.

Most Architects Are Artistic and Creative

Architecture school also allows you to unleash your creative side. The design and construction process gives you many chances to express your originality and artistic talent while creating functional spaces where people can live, communicate, work and play. So if you're a creative person, this will be a natural environment for you.

The Benefits of Becoming an Architect

The profession of architecture has a significant impact on our daily life. The long-term benefits of working in architecture outweigh the rigorous educational and internship requirements as well as the competitive nature of the field. Take a look at some wonderful advantages of becoming an architect!

Develop Problem Solving Skills

For one, regardless of your current drawing, sketching, and other creative skills, architecture students are required to perform activities that develop both the right and left sides of the brain. These activities will allow you to enhance your capacity for strategic and logical thought, gain proficiency with numbers, resolve challenging issues, be more flexible and perform better under pressure.

You will learn to maintain a healthy level of commitment, enthusiasm, and drive throughout entire projects, while multitasking during the day, challenging your thinking process and building performance endurance. The great news is that all of these acquired skills and knowledge will serve as your base for success regardless of whether you decide to make a rapid career move or take on a managing position.

Make a Difference

Aside from improving people's lives, you can help literally build a better world. You've probably heard about the newest sustainability trends and environmental studies that show how each industry helps to preserve and protect the environment as a whole. Nowadays, there's more consideration for future generations and environmentally friendly solutions when it comes to the use of building materials, energy generation and consumption, system design, location of buildings, etc.

This is how architects are attempting to reduce the negative impact on the environment when designing buildings. If you have fascinating, unique and revolutionary ideas to improve sustainability and create environmentally-friendly structures, architectural education is the way to go for you.

Expand Your Knowledge

One of the most fascinating aspects of studying architecture is consistently gaining a broad range of theories from various fields. Typically, an architect is an expert in many areas. Every project offers a fresh opportunity to incorporate cutting-edge methods, concepts, and technologies. Projects can incorporate effective organization theories and a variety of construction techniques.

Additionally, areas like energy consumption, the use of recycled materials, building performance and construction methods are always evolving. You will advance professionally as an architect with the landscape as a whole and you'll never have too much knowledge. Your professional development will be ongoing.

Make Good Money

An architect often makes more money than the average person because it is a prestigious profession. You can earn a lot of money working as an architect because big companies are always looking for new talent and innovative ideas. While average salaries vary depending on skills, location and experience, the median pay is $80,180 per year according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. It’s an excellent career choice if you're seeking a high-demand, high-paying job.

Is Architecture a Good Career for the Future?

In contrast to other professions, you can earn an architecture degree without needing to decide which kind of architecture you want to specialize in, and the options are constantly evolving. This makes it a great option for your professional future as you can switch between working for large and small businesses, as a project architect, structural engineering, designer, or project manager.

You can work on diverse building kinds from various building types or market sectors, such as residential, municipal, retail, and hospitality, and yet be an architect. Plus choose between contemporary, classic or modern architecture. Beyond the period of your immediate graduation, your degree will still be valuable in the job market.

Additionally, by creating places that are adaptable to their needs and enable them to live more easily and comfortably, architects have the potential to improve the lives of others. In fact, according to Forbes magazine, architecture is one of the most admired vocations for this very reason.

Do You Want to Be an Architect?

To sum up, becoming an architect is a great opportunity to obtain a professional job that will pay well, is enjoyable to study, allows you to be creative, affects the lives of others, and presents challenges in your day-to-day work.

After all, you've decided this is a great career for you, and are ready to take on this challenge. Keep in mind, as you research the best architecture programs, consider those accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) as this is a great signal that the program will meet basic standards regarding faculty, student services and curriculum.

At some time, everyone makes a sacrifice to further their career ambitions in design by becoming an architect. So be ready to take a punch at your social life, relationships, and more often than not, your time. But as long as you know WHY you want to become an architect, it's not such a big deal.

Are You Ready To Work?

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Access our full product suite for architects here. Invoice, proposal, contract templates, etc.
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