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Time tracking is essential to improve your productivity, as a freelancer. Otherwise, you may spend most of your time on non-productive issues to the detriment of your clients’ projects. Today, you have more options in terms of the tools you can use online and offline to track your time. With these tools, which include online time tracking software, you can dissect how you spend each minute in your consultancy office.

Online Time Tracking Software
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Below are some benefits that such software guarantees you.

1. Online time tracking software is usable across multiple devices

You can use the online time tracking software on more than one software. This benefit is crucial for your consultancy work, which could take you outside the office many times. The fact that it’s usable on different devices makes the software easy to manage. Download it on any device you intend to use. However, make sure that the software is compatible with the device you intend to download and use it on, which often includes:

  • PC
  • Mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones
  • Mac

2. Online time tracking software improves productivity while working from home

Many freelancers struggle to remain productive. It may be hard, in such a case, to put the right systems in place to improve productivity while working from home. The online time tracking software is a powerful tool in this regard. It motivates you to put in the hours and effort needed to find clients, focus on providing the services they need, and grow your business. You spend your hours more productively with this tool.

3. Keep all projects on track with online time tracking software

Most of your clients need assurances that you’re working on their projects. They need to know that the projects are on track. You can offer them peace of mind with this time tracking software. Synchronize it with the clients. Configure it in such a way that the clients can check what you’re doing too. With this tool, you’re likely to have little difficulty in managing or completing multiple projects at a time.

Use the software to stop limiting yourself to one project at a time.

4. Work efficiently and professionally with online time tracking software

Freelancers have to learn to work efficiently and professionally. It’s important to learn how to be more efficient and professional while working. This would often involve doing away with your urge for multitasking. You could also learn to delegate some of the work, even though your freelancing business needs all the clients and money it can get. With the online tracker by your side, you can structure your schedule better too.

4. Online time tracking software is perfect for billing

The online time tracking software can be a great tool for billing clients too. More importantly is the fact that it is compatible with various currencies. This enables you to work with different clients from various parts of the world, which is great for your freelancing business. You can use the software to bill in US dollars, Canadian dollars, Euros, Japanese Yen or any other major currency from any part of the world.

5. Online time tracking software is great for invoicing

You may think the online time tracking software is only good at tracking how you spend your time consulting. However, it does more than that. It is a great tool for invoicing as well. Set it to retrieve all the billable hours on specific dates before invoicing your client. What is more, you can use it to select the types of invoice you wish to create for each client. This way, your consulting business would generate customized invoices for different clients.

Your freelancing work or business benefits greatly from having an online time tracker in place.

Therefore, look for a good one to use to grow your consulting or freelancing business.

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