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Best Invoice Templates 2024

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Updated on:
July 25, 2023
July 25, 2023
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Any professional – whether you’re a builder, marketing agent, or anything else – will eventually need to invoice a client. And when it comes to billing time, writing a professional invoice is a top-of-mind consideration!

While having something that looks visually appealing and personalized is a nice way to subtly demonstrate your professionalism, we understand that there are times when you really just want to send the invoice to the client as soon as possible.

In those cases, automated templates are a lifesaver! Not only will these save you time, but there are also plenty of existing designs out there that will wow your clients. You could also use an Invoice Generator to go even faster.

Not sure where to look? Don’t worry, because today we’ll explore some of the best invoice templates for 13 different purposes including freelancing, tax, and consulting. We’ll talk about:

  • What makes each template the best for its purpose

  • Ways for you to effectively use each template

Let’s get into it!

Simple Invoice Template

There are a wide variety of invoice templates designed for general purposes available on the internet. It can be hard to know which one to choose!

Functionally, most of them display very similar information, so it’s really down to ease of use as a template and the aesthetics and customizability that come with it.

This simple invoice template allows you to fill in various boxes with relevant information, as well as easily customize color and branding. Overall, it's a clean, straightforward template you can use for those simplest invoices!

Industry-Specific Templates

Having an invoice template specific to your industry is incredibly useful. An industry-specific template will speed up your invoicing process significantly due to its pre-populated fields with all of the categories you’ll need to invoice a client for.

Additionally, it will help to ensure that you are compliant with the various regulations in your particular industry (provided you pick the right template).

For example, if you work in tech support, you can create an invoice that looks something like this:

On the other hand, a law firm template such as this will also work wonders:

There are plenty more other industry-related invoice templates out there – there’s sure to be one for your line of work as well!

Sales Invoice Template

For those of you running a business, here’s a sales invoice template that’s straightforward and effective!

With easy filling of items and descriptions, quantities, and price per unit (rate), this template has all the different fields you need right at your fingertips.

Plus, it will automatically calculate your totals and add tax based on the tax rate that you provided!

Freelance Invoice Template

This template from Bonsai is ideal for freelancing. It allows you to bill by the hour and have this clearly displayed clearly to the client, along with giving you plenty of space to describe the unique work that you do.

The template will also auto-fill your invoice total for you based on your hourly rate and the hours you have worked, and wraps it all up by giving you a nice space to enter your payment information.

You can even include more than one hourly rate in the same invoice, which is perfect if you’re discounting the first few hours of your work without having to send multiple requests for payment!

Consulting Invoice Template

Attention, all consultants! Here’s a great template made just for you.

Our consulting invoice template provides clear areas for you to itemize your consulting work, as well as the ability to set variable pricing for each item.

The template also automatically calculates your total based on the inputs you have provided.

Hourly Invoice Template

If you set your rates by the hour, having a clean, clear hourly invoice template that shows the bill particulars and the total amount at a glance is ideal.

Here at Bonsai, we also have an invoice template for hours worked so you can quickly send it to your client.

Even better, we even provide the ability to send recurring invoices, which is perfect if you work the same number of hours each week! You can also specify tax and other expenses as there are spaces provided for those aspects as well.

Proforma Invoice Template

Businesses that act as suppliers can benefit greatly from sending proforma invoices.

These preliminary invoices are meant to provide the buyer with an idea of how much they’ll pay before the actual order is placed.

Bonsai’s proforma template allows you to send invoices quickly and facilitate the order purchase! It makes sure everyone is on the same page before the goods are delivered and makes the final invoicing process so much faster.

Tax Invoice Template

This easy-to-use template from Bonsai is a great choice for those looking to whip up a tax invoice for their sale.

Using this template allows the buyer to see just how much tax they paid for the purchase of goods.

While you can include this information in a sales invoice, a tax invoice is especially useful when you’re preparing a large order!

Commercial Invoice Template

Typically prepared for customs clearance and international deliveries, commercial invoices help facilitate the movement of goods around the world.

And for that, you need an easy-to-edit commercial invoice template!

With a variety of fields to allow for efficient shipping and information retrieval, you’ll be fully covered with this document. And like the other Bonsai templates, this commercial invoice will also automatically total your sums for you.

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Rental Invoice Template

If you’re leasing out your property, a recurring invoice is your best option to collect rental dues.

It omits a lot of the extra fields that are present on traditional invoice templates so that your tenants are presented with what they owe cleanly and correctly.

And since the template automatically calculates your tenants’ financial obligations, you don’t need to whip out a calculator or squint at a spreadsheet.

The best part is that you can even set this recurring invoice to automatically send itself to your recipients, creating a hassle-free billing process every month!

Expense Invoice Template

When all you want is to bill someone for incurred expenses, a simple invoice will work wonders. It isn’t fussy and allows you to focus more on providing details about each item billed on the expense invoice.

And because it clearly specifies the total sum, your recipient will also have a much better understanding of the bill. This template is excellent for a wide range of expenses, such as transportation reimbursements, food, and temporary living arrangements.

Project Invoice Template

And if you were working on a project for a client (such as house repairs), a simple work template will get you very far.

With this one, you’re able to itemize costs from an individual project or list multiple projects on the same invoice, as well as clearly specify what you’re charging your client for.

Customizable Invoice Template

While most of the invoice templates we’ve looked at here are customizable to some extent, sometimes you just need that extra boost.

A fully customizable invoice template gives you plenty of wiggle room to list down what exactly you’re billing someone for, the corresponding rates, and the sum total. This way, you can almost immediately send your invoice without worrying about unnecessary details.

The Only Invoice Template Resource You Need: Bonsai

Bonsai is an invoicing service that will make your invoicing process hundreds of times simpler. With extensive integrations (including payment options), this all-in-one tool will allow you to quickly invoice customers and expect hassle-free payment from them!

Plus, its invoice generator will make sure you’ve covered all your bases thanks to its high degree of customizability. It’s also ideal if you’re interested but not quite ready to jump into the full application just yet.

With Bonsai’s impressive features, you’ll never need another invoice template again! Sign up and enjoy invoice templates of your choice today!

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