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Create and send professional invoices to get paid fast. The free PDF Invoice Template makes it easy to design, customize, and send printable invoices to your clients.

What are the Benefits of PDF Invoice Templates?

PDF invoice templates are simple, ready-made documents that you can use to create detailed invoices for your clients. Enhance your professionalism, increase efficiency in your billing process, and make a positive impression on your customers.

Plus, utilizing a PDF invoice template can significantly speed up the invoicing process, since the essential elements of your invoice are already in place. Simply add your business branding, fill in the product description, quantity, and cost fields, and send the completed invoice via email attachment or standard mail.

Why Use a PDF Invoice Template?

PDFs are a widely accepted document format and are easy to access regardless of the device or software. This makes PDF invoices accessible to nearly any user, regardless of their level experience with invoicing software. PDF invoices are also easily shareable and can be sent electronically, facilitating a faster alternative to traditional paper invoicing. Also, PDF files consume less storage space compared to other formats, which allows for easier record keeping.

Highlights of the PDF Invoice Template

The PDF Invoice Template by Bonsai offers a sleek and professional solution for businesses looking to streamline their invoicing process. These invoice templates are meticulously designed to incorporate all the crucial elements of a standard invoice, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any essential details. With placeholders for your business logo, contact information, line items services or products provided, payment terms, invoice number, and more, these templates allow you to present a polished and cohesive image to your clients.

Completely Free and Ready to Send to Clients

The free PDF Invoice Template is designed for easy customization, helping you put your most professional foot forward. The template can be populated with essential billing details and saves as a portable document format, so that it is shared easily via email or cloud storage. Plus, it’s completely free, allowing you to save money on your business invoicing!

Automatic Calculation of Subtotal and Grand Total Amounts

Reduce the risk of manual errors with the help of the built-in cost calculator. Automatically calculate subtotal, taxes owed, and grand total amounts to make sure you are invoicing correctly. After, the invoice can be sent directly to clients and can even be updated with new information or corrections.

Customizable to Fit Unique Business Needs

The customizable PDF Invoice Template can be edited to fit the exact needs of your business. The template easily converts from other formats to PDF, is downloadable from various online sources, and even allows for digital signatures. Update your invoice to make sure it is adjusted to fit specific business branding, and is embedded with fonts and images for consistent viewing

Professionally Formatted With Key Invoice Elements

The use of PDF format ensures that the document retains its formatting and layout, no matter where or how it is opened, providing consistency across all transactions. The templates are readily available for download and can be easily filled out, saving you the time and effort it would take to create an invoice from scratch.

The added elements of PDF template means that your invoices can be customized for any transaction. The PDF Invoice Template from Bonsai:

  • Can be protected with encryption or passwords
  • Can be viewed across multiple devices without layout changes
  • Can be merged with other PDF documents
  • Is annotated with comments or highlights (as needed)
  • Is optimized for smaller file sizes
  • Can be compressed for quicker uploads or downloads
  • Can be sent to clients as attached to emails or messaging platforms
  • Can be opened with various PDF readers
  • Can be archived for record-keeping
  • Can also be printed with high-resolution details
  • Is easy to edit and is used by businesses globally

Create a Customized Invoice

Need even more customization? The Online Invoice Generator provides a range of features that make it easier to generate, design, customize, save, and share invoices for your business. Simply add your goods or services, the costs, your company name, colors, and logo, and calculate accounts payable. The Online Invoice Generator allows you to create detailed purchase orders and invoices in a matter of seconds.

Take advantage of these features for accurate, professional invoicing:

  • Fillable and editable fields for all of your transaction details
  • Include product type, project type, company information, phone number, product descriptions, brand color and icons, fees and rates, and everything else you need
  • The template is split into separate pages or sections, making it easy for customers to understand the details
  • The finished invoice can be sent via PDF signing software, making it secured against unauthorized access
  • Perfect for freelancers, contractors, consultants, and business owners
  • Send professional invoices from anywhere with your computer, smartphone, or tablet

Try Our Online Invoice Generator for Creating Invoices

Explore More Free Invoice Templates

Bonsai offers a wide selection of invoice templates so you can choose the best option for your business. Whether you prefer Microsoft Excel invoices, Google Sheets invoices, Google Docs, printable invoices, or industry-specific templates, we’ved got you covered!

Basic Invoice Template

Collect payments faster with the Basic Invoice Template. Everything you need—nothing you don’t! Just download the free editable template to open, update, send, and organize all of your business invoices.

Blank Invoice Template

The Blank Invoice Template is a fan-favorite among business owners due to its editability, portability, and quality of design and layout. It even has layered editing options so you can customize the template to your needs. Start creating invoices right away!

Contractor Invoice Template

Contractors love the free Contractor Invoice Template because it is easy to use, fully customizable, and doesn’t require any fancy design software. Simply edit the template, add your business name, phone number, address, etc., calculate totals, and send to your clients.

Custom Invoice Template

The built-in formulas in the Custom Invoice Template help you calculate totals automatically, preventing manual errors and invoicing issues. Whether you are a commercial business, a contactor, or freelancer, you can create custom invoices with Bonsai.

Invoice Template for Email

Create and send invoices via email in just a few steps. With the Professional Invoice Template for Email, all you have to do is itemize your services and costs, add accounts receivable information, payment information, and due date to ensure you get paid the right way.

Proforma Invoice Template

Create pro forma invoices to send quotes for your projects or services. The Pro Forma Invoice Template allows you to get paid upfront, in advance of delivering your services.

Retainer Invoice Template

Get paid on a retainer basis with the help of the Retainer Invoice Template. This template is perfect for people or businesses that bill clients on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Work Invoice Template

The Work Invoice Template is customizable to nearly any type of work order or project. So, whether you run a photography business, rental business, or graphic design firm, this template can work for you!


Why are PDF Invoices Hard to Modify?

PDF invoices can be hard to modify due to the format’s design, which prioritizes document fidelity and consistency across various viewing platforms. When a document is converted to PDF, it is essentially transformed into an image, preserving the layout, fonts, and formatting as intended by the creator. This makes PDFs an excellent choice for sharing documents that need to maintain their integrity, but it also means that editing the content directly can be challenging. Specialized Invoicing Software can help you overcome this problem, allowing you to edit invoices in real-time.

What are the Limitations of PDF Invoice Templates?

PDF invoice templates, while offering numerous benefits for businesses, do have their limitations. One of the main limitations is their limited editability—once a PDF invoice template is created, making modifications to the layout can be challenging without access to advanced PDF editing software. This could pose a problem for businesses that frequently need to update or customize their invoices. Additionally, not all users may have the necessary software to fill out or sign the PDF invoice directly. This may require additional steps to print, sign, and scan the document.

How Can I Add Digital Signatures to My PDF Invoices?

Adding digital signatures to your PDF invoices can be done by using various PDF e-signature tools such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or DocuSign. These tools allow users to add digital signatures directly to PDF documents. These services often also provide additional features like tracking the status of the document and sending reminders to recipients. Using digital signatures adds a level of security and authenticity to your invoices.

Free Invoice Template PDF
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