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W-9 form are used for self employment tax purposes and needs to be filled by US-based contractors working with US companies. At the beginning of each year, W-9 forms are used by companies to generate 1099s tax documents.

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What You Should Know About This Online W9 Form

What are the W9 form requirements?

The W9 form is the equivalent for self-employed & contractors to W4 form for employees. The W9 requirements are pretty basic. It should contain the following information: your name, your mailing address, social security number, and how you plan on classifying your business (independent vs. sole proprietor, for example). There is also the option of providing an EIN (Employer Identification Number) instead of a social security number. W9 forms should be filled by 1099s and sent to their client. A single form per client is enough.

Do I need a W9 form for 2023?

It depends of your situation. If you are working as an independent contractor with a client, then you should be providing a W9 form to this client. If you already worked with this client in the past and none of your information are different, then you don't need to them them a new W9 form. They can use the one that they already received from you.

Can I download a copy of my W9 form?

Yes, by using Bonsai, you will generate a pdf version of your w9 form. By downloading a PDF version of the form, you will also be able to print it if you need.

Is the W9 for still the same as the ones from 2022?

A new revision of the form was released since 2023. If you are still using a 2022 W9 form, you might want to update it with a 2023 one.

Is the form different based on the States?

W9 forms are federal. Which means that W9 form in Colorado & W9 forms in Illinois are the same ones. You can use of digital W9 form without any worries.

How much self employment tax do I owe as a contractor/self-employed professional?

You can calculate your self employment tax using our 1099 tax calculator. Check out some self employment tax deductions that could reduce your taxable income and increase your profits.

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