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Simple Proposal TemplateSimple Proposal TemplateSimple Proposal Template

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Independent contractors and freelancers have better control over their work, time, and rate for each service. The benefits of being your own boss are enormous, and that has seen the number of freelancers increase over the years in the US, Asia, and other parts of Europe. However, the flexibility of working for yourself comes with the challenges of managing administrative tasks and bidding for new projects.

You must be on top of your game if you must win top jobs in your niche. However, getting new projects should not be a pain if you have a simple proposal template. Using a template to bid for new projects makes it easier, closing deals faster and winning over more potential clients. 

Simple Proposal Template Example
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Creating and sending a convincing proposal to proposed clients presents you with more business opportunities. A quality simple proposal template presents the problem, goal, and solution to a client. An effective proposal outlines the steps to achieve the goal of a project plus cost and schedule from start to completion

How to create a simple proposal template

A proposal has a lot of purposes, but there's just one right way of creating the document-the way that pulls all relevant information concisely and persuasively to get what you want. A simple proposal template that wins should clearly set out the reasons for the letter and what it sets to achieve. Here are vital sections to include:

1. Introduction

This should hook your reader and make them want to continue. Use the introduction section of your simple proposal template to establish your agreement about the service you offer before setting the tone for the next part of the proposal.

2. Problem statement

State the problem you wish to work on in relation to what your client is experiencing. It would help if you use the language or terms of the potential client here and then let them know what would happen if the problem is not resolved. You will convince your reader that your solution is necessary if you provide valid evidence to support your claim.

3. Solution and strategy 

The content of this section will vary depending on the type of proposal or service you are offering. Whatever the type of simple proposal template you are crafting, do note that this section is one of the most important to your proposal. Ensure you define your solution and paint a picture of the outcome. You may also highlight the strategy and tools needed or provide supplementary information as annexes to the proposal.

4. Compensation and schedule

This section may not be applicable to all types of proposals. However, it needs to be very descriptive if applicable to any proposal letter. It should highlight all the services and the cost for each activity to complete a service/project. It is also vital to add a schedule like a start and completion time to a simple proposal template if applicable. It shows a sense of coordination and strategy to work.

Simple Proposal Template Sample
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5 tips for using a simple proposal template

  1. Provide all relevant information but be concise in your approach
  2. Ensure you put the document in the format required or acceptable to your client
  3. Go through your proposal ruthlessly to ensure you've presented all the needed ideas and see that your content flows. 
  4. Proofread the work once you have edited and arranged your idea in the simple proposal template. Get rid of spelling and typo errors.
  5. Submit the proposal on time, and be sure you do that before the deadline if one has been set.

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