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Graphic design projects are useful for effective market promotions and different aspects of a business. Right from the logo of an organization, letterheads, visiting cards, brochures, presentations, and marketing souvenirs need the help of a graphic designer. Website and email marketing are key business strategies in this business era, and such also requires the expertise of a graphic designer who has a unique creative visual ability.

If you work a freelance designer, you often meet clients that request your graphic design quotation before giving you the green light about a project. Hence, you need to ace your quote template drafting skills along with your design prowess if you must win top contracts in a fiercely competitive market. This can also be your guide when writing graphic design contracts or you can simply use our freelance graphic design contract template.

Graphic Design Quote Template
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Another way to come up with a reliable graphic design quotation is by downloading a ready free estimate template and then customize for your use. We have different templates and format of the quote you need; provide a few information about your business, download, and get a ready sample for your client.

Besides, if you still need to draft yours from scratch, we can help you do that. Go through this guide to create a professional graphic design quotation template. 

What is a graphic design quotation template, and why is it needed?

First, a quotation is a formal statement or document that sets out the estimated cost of a particular project/service. A graphic design quotation is a document that estimates the price of a graphic design project. Usually, you'll submit it along with your plan for the project. Check out our graphic designer proposal example to give you ideas on what it should look like.

Quotes are essential documents for freelance designers such as interior decorators, web designers, and other design professionals. The quotation is needed because a prospective client would review it following the budget and goal of a project at hand before choosing whom to hire. Graphic design invoices are also an essential part of the process.

Besides, quotations of different kinds also serve other purposes, such as tracking workflow, clarifying budget, and record keeping. Perhaps the client wants ongoing work and you can offer a discount in your graphic designer retainer proposal.

When a company wants to introduce a new product/service, it needs to come up with a unique and compelling advertisement idea, which would publicize the product/service. More often than not, organizations that are not inclined to marketing and publicity often need the help of an advertising agency for radio and cable publicity.

But when the advertisement is about print media, a skilled graphic designer is needed to create a visual message for the public. To achieve this, the organization need to get graphic design quotation from different freelance designers who may have a team of professionals that could come up with an idea, color mix, and design to bring the project to life.

Graphic Design Quote Template Sample
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If your graphic design quotation must stand out of the crowd, it must be clear with just enough information to give you the job. Below are the guidelines to craft a solid quotation.

  • Put the quotation on the official letterhead of your business.
  • Include your name if you are the chief designer plus your skills along with your team members.
  • Include the information of your prospective client, including name, address, email, website, and phone number.
  • List all the design services you offer and the small description of each sub-task. State your techniques, but ensure it is easy to understand.
  • State the prices for each of your services and let the client know if that price is specific to them.
  • Give your quotation a unique tracking number and include the date you will be sending the graphic design quotation to your prospect.
  • Mention if you will be offering a discount and the amount your prospect will be saving by hiring you.
  • State your working terms and conditions as well as those related to pricing.
  • Approve your graphic design quotation by appending the appropriate signature and then hand it to your prospective client. 

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