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Designing websites is one of most in demand skills for both freelancers and full time employees.  According to Indeed, HTML5 and jQuery are two of the ten most in demand skills today.

Freelancers who design websites for clients can be involved at many stages of the process, from conceptualizing the website's information architecture to designing the user interface and user experience to actually doing visual and graphic design and even coding it.                  

No matter what part of the website design process you're involved in, it's critical that you have a contract between you and the client before you start work.  The three most important important parts of website design contract are: (1) what exactly will you do: clearly defining the scope of work and deliverables, (2) how much and when you will get paid: clearly defining what you're going to be compensating for, and (3) who will own the intellectual property of the website once your work is done and paid for.                  

Remember, it's best for your agreement to be specific to the type of work you're doing.  We also provide contracts for freelance mobile design, which includes work done for iOS and Android apps as well as websites