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You might have read this story on Clients from Hell, where a freelance web developer was sued for not completing a $50,000 project. The client had been dodgy from the start of their collaboration; the developer had seen the red flags, but he chose to give the client the benefit of the doubt. The client even went as far as changing the contract terms seven times over, from paying the freelance web developer by hour to per project basis, but eventually ended up agreeing to pay the developer by the hour weekly.

Things went sour between the two when the client kept excusing himself from not paying what he owed to the freelance web developer. As the timeframe comes closer to end, the developer changed his mind and decided to not finish the project until he was paid.

The client begged but the developer refused and resorted to hiring a legal counselor to settle the matter once and for all. The issue was harbored to the court where the client changed his story by telling the authorities that it was the developer who should owe him $50,000 for non-completion; hence, breaching the contract.

Serious legal matters like this case could have been avoided if the web developer was able to prepare his own service contract. In there, he could have defined his own expectations from the project, what both parties agree to do, work details, legal implications, copyrights, and payment terms, for example. This way, he didn't have to depend on what was stated in the client's contract alone but rather could have established a solid support for his rights to the property (i.e. codes), responsibilities and liabilities with a freelance web development contract.

Bonsai can provide you with well-crafted written agreements that also take your client's best interest into account.

These freelance design contracts are derived from a beneficial perspective on both parties that can define expectations and reassurances that are crucial to preventing sensitive issues that may arise.