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Distributor Agreement Template
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Although distribution has been unsung in the past, it has been the lifeline of businesses and global organizations. It is the reason why people can get a product almost at their step even though it is produced far away, sometimes from another continent. Also, distribution makes products available to people in different regions regardless of distance and season. Companies can only get their products to customers via distribution networks.

Usually, organizations focus on their core business aspects while other firms and individuals come in as distributors to supply the products to ground level consumers. Here is where a distribution agreement comes into play. You need a distributor agreement PDF to establish a relationship with a manufacturer or reseller to distribute their product. 

Distributor Agreement Template
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How distributor agreements work

Distribution simply works in channels. It starts with the manufacturer who makes the goods to be distributed or a reseller who gets them and passes it to another distributor. The manufacturer employs the services of a distributor, who is expected to get the goods across to the consumers in the specific region.

In a bid to seal the business relationship, the manufacturer enters into an agreement with a distributor. Established dealers need a distributor agreement PDF with set expectations, guidelines, and how to achieve the goal of the contract. 

The distribution agreement may either be exclusive or non-exclusive, depending on the nature of the business relationship. A manufacturer or supplier grants a distributor exclusivity over a particular region and a product line or sales channel in distribution agreement PDF.

It means only one distributor has the full right to distribute part or all of a company's products across a particular region. Exclusivity terms plus rights and obligations of suppliers are defined in US distribution agreements. and The document should cover supply information, return, delivery, terms, and conditions, among other relevant information. 

Distributor Agreement Template Sample
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Essential information in a distributor agreement in PDF format

A distribution agreement is also known as a contract. It outlines the services and boundaries of a distribution partnership between a manufacturer and a distributor. Sometimes, a distributor agreement PDF can set a business relationship between two or more parties. So, the document should contain information that would rule out uncertainties between parties in the business.

See common information that must be contained in your distributor agreement template below. 

1. Distribution details and terms in a distributor agreement in PDF format

Distribution agreements are always clear on the product that needs to be distributed and territory. The territory must be stated because some companies often employ more than one distributor to handle their products in different regions. 

2. Duration of contract in a distributor agreement in PDF format

The distributor agreement PDF must answer the question of how long will the business relationship last. The timeline can be in weeks, months, or years depending on the agreement reached. The starting time of the agreement should also be included in the contract. 

3. Terms and conditions in a distributor agreement in PDF format

The terms of a contract cover information like compliance law, cumulative rights and proprietary information, etc. That of a distributor agreement would include what must be supplied by the distributor, the quantity, and the regions that must be covered. Other information here includes pricing models, preferred payment window, and method. 

4. Exclusivity in a distributor agreement in PDF format

 Exclusive distribution agreements often demand higher performance requirements from the distributor, and they are common with a luxury product and high-tech markets. The distribution agreement PDF must state if you hold the single right to distribute the company’s goods across a specific region as their sole dealer. 

5. Products and pricing in a distributor agreement in PDF format

Include license fees and other expenses associated with the distribution agreement. 

What you must consider when drafting a distributor agreement PDF

It is not uncommon for distribution agreements to default in completion law and government compliance policy. Below are factors to consider when crafting your distributor agreement PDF:

  • Marketing rights
  • Government regulations & compliance
  • Exclusivity & non-exclusivity 
  • Reporting obligations
  • Scope and territory
  • Trademark licensing
  • Conditions for termination
  • Minimum performance obligations 

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