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Over the last few year, working as a website or app designer has become very profitable. This is because the internet deeply affected each aspect our lives, and the way we communicate. Small and large businesses rely on freelance designers who help them to create a website which is responsive, and that meets their potential customers' needs. Don't miss the opportunity to start a brilliant career, and protect your interests with a regular design contract.

A freelance professional must be able to create a design which immediately catches users' attention. If your design fails to be attractive, users will get out of the website in a few seconds, which results in a potential loss for the company who runs it. Don't waste your time thinking of what can go wrong: trust your design contract and do your best to satisfy your client's needs.

When you and your client sign up a design contract, make sure you both agree on what you will do. Sometimes freelancers do not get paid because clients say that they didn't respect the agreements, but if you put everything on paper there won't be problems like this. Also, remember to set clear deadlines and terms of payment (including how much you will be paid, and how). Finally, add a clause about intellectual property, specifying that its ownership will be transfered over to the client once your work is done and paid.