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Bid Proposal TemplateBid Proposal TemplateBid Proposal Template

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Freelancers have to learn how to prepare different kinds of documents. The consultancies they run depend on this skill. A good example of one document consultants should learn to prepare is the bid proposal. You will not always get freelance clients the way you want. At times, you would have to prepare and submit bids to the clients whose projects you wish to get a chance of handling. This wouldn’t happen if you fail to create the best proposal.

As you know, there’s so much competition in the freelance business. Every day, we have new freelancers coming on board, and they too need to scramble for the few projects available. It’s up to you to device means of surviving the competition. While you might the most skillful freelancer around, prospective clients don’t know this. It’s you to tell them, and you can only achieve this with a bid proposal. If you’re a newbie in the freelance world you might find it challenging to write your first proposal. However, with a bid proposal template, the deal is almost done.

What measures have you put in place to increase the likelihood of clinching deals with your clients? How much focus do you place on the quality of the bid proposal that you prepare and submit? Success never comes easily to anybody. Preparing and submitting bids takes a lot of work. Every bid proposal you write has to stand out from the crowd. The contents on your bid are just as important as the price you quote for your services, as you will learn by studying a good bid proposal sample PDF.

How does the sample improve your bid and guarantee a win rate of 100%? On top of a bid proposal example, you need to know how to write an outstanding proposal to get the best results.

Bid Proposal Template
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Learn how to do that below.

1. Include your qualifications in the bid proposal template

Generally, the purpose of the proposal is to inform the client about your qualifications. The proposal shows why you’re the best qualified for the project in question. Here, qualifications are not limited to skills and education alone. The best consultants can prove that they possess the right experience in tackling the project. More importantly, the freelancer’s ability to handle the project must come out clearly in the proposal.

Use the proposal to show your record regarding other similar projects you have handled. While doing this, remember to keep it brief. Your client will be going through several proposals and they may not have time to read through everything you’ve written down. Here, lengthy explanations aren’t needed. Just go straight to the point and highlight the skills you think are relevant to the project. If you aren’t sure how to go about this, you can borrow ideas from a bid proposal sample. Most of the bid proposal template PDFs you find online have been done by gurus in the freelance world. As such, they’ll guide you on this. 

2. Focus on specific results in your bid proposal template

The bid proposal should never be all over the place. Its focus should never be on creating more confusion. Instead, it should be on the need for specific results. This would require proposing the kind of work or service that has specific goals. It’s not difficult to stay focused on your goals. You would need to stop multitasking, set aside days for specific tasks, and be psyched up for work. With this in place, your freelance operations would be on a good footing.

Just as we mentioned earlier, the bid proposal should be as brief as possible. In most cases, you’ll be writing within a specific word limit, and, therefore, you may not have the freedom to write all you want. As such, focus on specific achievements that are relevant to your client’s needs. A bid proposal template should guide you on this. But even then, you need to go through the project requirements properly before drafting your bid. Don’t be in a hurry to send out your bid proposal example as many freelancers do. Your clients want to know if you’ll help them achieve their goals, and if your bid proposal template doesn’t cover this, you’re missing the point.

3. Submit bid proposals for what you can do

Don’t waste your bids on projects that you know you can’t handle. Freelancers can struggle with the urge to bid on every project they see. Consultants who do this feel pressured to find work to keep the businesses afloat and ensure the bank accounts are full of money. Often, this leaves them with a load of work that they can’t handle. That can be terrible news. A good habit to develop is to bid only on what you’re capable of handling well. Leave everything else alone. This way, you would be building credibility with your clients.

Remember, at the end of the day, clients will be giving reviews about your business, and the last thing you’d like to see is a negative review. It’s good to keep your bank account full, but why should you compromise services? To be successful in the freelance world, you need to deliver just as you’ve promised and clients will not accept anything less than that. Therefore, use the bid proposal template to bid for projects you can handle. While a good bid proposal example will land you the project of your choice, take only what you can handle.

4. Understand the project well before sending the bid proposal

Do you understand the project you’re bidding on? If the answer is no, then you’re making a big mistake by bidding on it. The truth is, most freelancers don’t take time to go through the project details before bidding. While bids that appear first on the list tend to be awarded first, it’s not always the case. Just by reading through your bid proposal example a client would know whether you’re the perfect fit for the job. 

In freelancing, timing is everything. However, you have to be careful not to rush through some crucial steps. For example, don’t rush to submit the bid proposal before going through the client’s instructions to ensure that you understand everything clearly. Otherwise, you may find yourself presenting a proposal that’s nowhere near what the client expected. In such cases, the clients would have no option than to turn to a different freelancer. If your bids never bear fruit, then you may be bidding on projects you can’t handle. So, you need to make changes as soon as possible and it starts with your bid proposal template.

Bid Proposal Template Sample
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5. Create customized bid proposal templates

It can be tempting to copy a bid proposal that you saw elsewhere, especially when the instructions and requirements seem similar. It’s a common mistake most freelancers make. Keep in mind that creativity matters in the freelance world. If you keep copy-pasting proposals, you may never win even a single project. Well, you want to be the first to bid on the project, but that doesn’t mean you compromise your bid proposal example. Aim at creativity whenever you’re writing a bid proposal. 

A better approach would be to create a unique proposal. Customize it based on the clients’ instructions and requirements. Hackneyed proposals are bad in freelancing. The last thing your freelancing needs is copy-and-pasted content on the proposal. Clients are suave enough to notice hackneyed content. With a bid proposal sample, you should be able to create a unique proposal for every project. The good thing is that you don’t need to start from scratch every time you’re writing a proposal. Just make necessary modifications depending on the client’s project requirement.

6. Avoid sounding impersonal in your bid proposal template

This point ties in well with the previous ones. The proposal should be professional, as much as possible. Nevertheless, it’s important to portray that without sounding impersonal. Any bid proposal that sounds forced always comes out as artificial. Such proposals never create the kind of impression you need from your clients. In fact, clients never approve proposals that come out as artificial, impersonal and forced.

If you’re writing a bid proposal for the first time, you may be tempted to copy one from a fellow freelancer. In case you do that, forget about the project. It’s, therefore, important to read through a bid proposal sample to familiarize yourself with the language before writing one. A good bid proposal sample goes a long way to help you create a unique proposal that doesn’t sound artificial.

7. Avoid underbidding through your bid proposal template

Lastly, it’s normal for freelancers to do whatever it takes to convince clients to hire them. Many times, this involves underbidding. You may get the project by underbidding. However, that doesn’t guarantee you the profits you need to sustain the business. Bid too low, and your clients would be left wondering if the quality is good enough. Prepare the proposal based on the strengths and the credentials that you bring to the table. But even then, don’t overbid. You may just drive a client away. Take a look at the bid proposal sample PDFs done by other freelancers to get ideas on bidding. Better still, what other freelancers are bidding before placing your bid.

8. A bid proposal template highlights your USPs

First, you will notice one thing on the bid proposal sample PDF – the emphasis on unique selling proposition (USP). USP sets you apart from the crowd and grabs the client’s attention. The bid proposal should have detailed information of the unique solution you provide to a client’s problems. The bid should contain the distinctions between your bid and the rest. Your focus ought to be on your strengths. Also, do not forget to highlight the competition’s weaknesses.

A well-written bid proposal focuses on the following:

  • your experience
  • your fit
  • ability to finish the project on time

9. What the bid proposal should not focus heavily on is your marketing spiel or reputation

Generalizations and boilerplate sales talk will not do your bid proposal any favors. Instead, what comes out is the fact that you have nothing important, relevant, or useful to say to the client. In such cases, your bid proposal will be nothing other than numerous meaningless words and sentences. The language you use, as you will learn by studying the bid proposal sample PDF should communicate your solid performance, consistency, and emphasis on providing quality work all the time.

10. A bid proposal template has clear goals and objectives

The bid proposal you write should not be an abstract document. It should be a response to the client’s needs. It should be answer to the questions the client has asked – either directly or indirectly. Read instructions carefully to avoid writing a proposal that is off the mark. In fact, some clients have specific instructions they want all bidders to follow. Some want each bid written in a particular way. Again, learn from the bid proposal sample PDF.

11. A bid proposal template helps you avoid shortcuts

Avoid shortcuts. Find ways of meeting all the requirements explicitly without fail. Every response you include on the bid proposal should show your understanding of the client’s requirements regarding the project you wish to do. Do not avoid the technical specifications too. Let nothing slip through your fingers when writing the proposal. This way, the client will take note of your bid because you display your expertise in the matter. Meeting the requirements and in intense thought.

As stated above, avoid generalizations. The bid proposal sample PDF has none. 

Therefore, you now possess the knowledge required to write exceptional bid proposals. Write the bid proposal so well that the client has no option other than approving it. Use the tips mentioned here by following the example in the sample PDF to write a knockout bid proposal. Remember to write a bid proposal that focuses on addressing the client’s problems. Provide the client with your unique selling proposition. Let clients know the value you will be bringing to their businesses.


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