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Artist Proposal

The artist proposal is a tricky piece of work in which different people will provide various pieces of details on how to write it. In this post, we have discussed simple rules to follow when writing your artist proposal.

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1. Description of your proposed project 

As a freelancer, you should provide a title for your work, such as the media, genre, play, and many more. Put your title in an active and present tense. For instance, the project I am currently working on during the contract period will keep use this title.

2. Write the introduction

In this section, write a brief description of yourself as an artist that offers freelancing service in artwork with your skills and specific areas of interest. This section is to identify yourself, your skills, and your artistic process. You may also indicate the problem statement in the artist proposal. 

3. Write a significant sentence about your piece

For instance your artist proposal can include: I intend to finish a triptych of three twenty minutes movies, which will rework the same narrative using four different sets of actors in four various venues in Chicago. In this work I will always question ways that we see conflict with regards to urban and ethnicity location. 

4. Narrate or give a description of the work 

This will serve as a pragmatic map of the mechanics of your work. This is crucial when you begin to theorize about the least active part of the film. Though in most experimental work, there are words, structures that should not be used to describe characters in an artist proposal such as a loner, a stereotypical, horny, real male, and a lot more. Also, instead of saying a city, say Youngstown, California. 

5. Discussion of central themes

This will be the cause or the roots of the project, like the real issues in our world that your artist proposal is about. This may seem lofty, but it is a real thing that the metaphor represents. For example, the Old Man and the Sea, it is not about a guy catching big fish. Also, this a better place to write why you have some legitimacy in the inquiry. 

6. Material elements of the work 

List required items for the job, such as secured equipment, specific locations, and talent names. You should describe a particular treatment for particular elements of the work that you have highlighted in the narrative theme. The client must visualize this work coming to completion. Thus, if you intend to shoot some short footage in Afghanistan without giving contact or the way to go about it, then the project may not be funded. Specify the availability of your Materials.

7. Closing statements 

End your freelance artist proposal with a hopeful goal for your work in the present tense. For example, I am pleased with this work. I feel that the project will address the ideas that affect us daily. I hope this work can reach a diverse broad audience and challenge people's views on the subject matter. I will approach the film in both national and international festivals and then hope for a commercial release in cinema venues. Thanks for your consideration.

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Stick to our recommended steps of writing an artist proposal. You can as well get a free template on artist proposal writing as a guide while writing your proposal. To conclude, remember that a good proposal is a crucial element in landing any artist's service as a freelancer. 

Create your own
Artist Proposal

Create your own

Artist Proposal

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