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Animation Proposal TemplateAnimation Proposal TemplateAnimation Proposal Template

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Freelancing has many benefits, as most freelance animators continue to discover. Arguably, the biggest benefit is the opportunity it offers you to be your own boss. Two, it also gives you the freedom to work anywhere. You can work from the comfort and safety of your home.

In fact, you can work while out traveling around the world too. All you need to make it in the freelancing world is the right skill, tenacity, and patience. The animation proposal template gives you a chance to apply other measures that increase your likelihood of being massively successful too.

Like most freelancers, you need an animation project proposal to kick-start your freelancing career if you’re a newbie in freelance animation. You need to let your prospect clients know what services you offer and how you can help them achieve their business goals. While much of this is contained in the freelance contract, it’s important to do a brief introduction of who you are and your experience in handling the given task. You can best achieve this in the animation proposal.

Usually, you’ve got the opportunity to highlight your skills and let your client know how good you are on the job. Remember, the animation proposal determines whether the client will award you the project or give it to someone else. So, to stand out, make sure your animation project proposal is convincing to the client.

Don’t make the mistake of listing your skills. That would be terrible. Every other freelancer possesses the same skills, and so, try to spice up your animation proposal template to make it stand out. Instead of mentioning the skills, go ahead and explain to the client how you’ll help them achieve their business goals. That would set you above the competition.

The freelancer world is becoming competitive every day, with many people working so hard to gain new skills. Whether you’re a newbie or a guru in the field, you need to keep this in mind. Advancing your skills in the given area is part of improving your freelance business to remain competitive. However, a client may not be aware of this, not until you include it in the animation project proposal. As a freelancer, it’s up to you to keep updating your profile to match the rising needs in the market. Remember that every other freelancer is doing the same thing. 

Therefore, you have to find ways to talk about it in your animation project proposal. And as we mentioned earlier, don’t just list the new skills, but rather highlight them properly in the proposal. A good animation proposal template should have a section for newly acquired skills to simplify your task.

Animation Proposal Template
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Why do you need the animation proposal template?

1. Using an animation proposal template to ask for down payment

It is important for freelance animators to protect themselves from likely abuse, especially in the form of clients who are unwilling to pay for services rendered. You’re going to work with a perfect stranger, and not unless you’re clear on the payment terms, you may end up rendering services that the client isn’t ready to pay for. In freelancing, you will encounter many people who have no problem paying what you charge. Similarly, you will meet many others who want to avoid paying you.

While you trust that a client will pay you after completing the project, most of them may not live up to this. That’s why you need to find ways of protecting your freelance business. Payment terms will mostly be covered in the contract, but there’s no harm in talking about it in the animation project proposal. Whether you want to break the project into milestones or expect a lump sum at the end of the task, you need to include upfront fees in your animation project proposal. Most freelancers shy off from talking about payment at the start, but a good animation proposal template should have a section for this. If possible, the task should be divided into different portions and how much you’d expect from the client after completing each part.

Down payment protects you from the latter. For this reason, it is important for you to use the animation proposal to talk about down payment. So, play safe by making everything clear in the animation project proposal. Well, it may not be 100% guarantee for payment, at least it can help you get paid for what you’ve worked for. So in case, the client is planning to change their mind along the way, you’ll not incur any loss. More than 90% of freelancers work with a down payment. So, don’t shy off from including upfront fees in the animation proposal template. Even so, don’t quote high fees. 

Remember, other freelancers will also be submitting their proposals, and a client may choose someone else if they think your rates are too high. It’s advisable to check the quotations of fellow freelancers before filling in these details in your animation proposal template.

Boost your chances of success with money in your pocket, even if it is not the whole amount. At least even if the client misbehaves along the way, you’ll have something little to compensate you for your toil.

2. Use the animation proposal template to limit yourself only to what you can do

The animation proposal also offers you a chance to tell clients what you can do. The truth is, that’s what every client would like to know before hiring you for the job. So, don’t miss this opportunity. It could land you a good animation project.

Here, you get the opportunity to indicate all your freelance animation skills. In this way, nobody would force you into doing something that you are not trained or equipped to do.

Let your client know how skilled you are in animation and how relevant your skills are to their project. As we mentioned earlier, don’t just list down the skills. Make sure the skills are aligned to the project requirements and the business goals of the client.

The more this happens, the more your customers will trust you with all their future projects. In fact, you should not be afraid of saying “No” when requested to do strange stuff that is not related to your expertise in creating good animation. Actually, there is nothing wrong with learning to say no.

It’s tempting to accept a project that you’re not good at, hoping to find your way as you work on it. Well, it has worked for a few freelancers, but that’s not always the case. Since you’re working hard to build a strong reputation, it’s essential to go for what you can do best to demonstrate your skills. Who knows? They may consider you for future projects or recommend you to a friend. Don’t try to please a client when you know you can’t live up to your promises. It will only work against your freelance business.

3. An animation proposal template can help you pay more attention to your business

Freelance animators are some of the most gifted professionals. They are always busy with various projects. However, some clients expect them to handle more than the regular stuff. Such arrangements can be good for enhancing one’s reputation. Most clients value creativity and are interested in the extras that you can offer to their business. So, it’s not a bad idea to go beyond the regular stuff.

Nevertheless, the freelancer can easily get distracted with work that is not crucial to the core business. For this reason, it is important for this group of freelancers to learn to give their consultancies all the required attention and focus. The animation proposal is a perfect tool for doing just that.

Focus more on your core business as you’d also like it to grow. Make sure the animation project proposal highlights your business’ goals and the services you promise to offer. In case of any extra services, don’t hesitate to mention this in the animation proposal  and include any charges if you’re doing it at an extra cost.

Things can get tight in the freelance world, and to be on par with the competition, you may want to learn new skills, which isn’t bad. However, don’t forget that you need to keep sharpening existing skills to become better in your area of expertise. 

Therefore, as you explore new ways of doing things, be sure to stick to your core business. You can strike a balance by setting aside a few hours a day to handle other tasks that aren’t related to the main project, but of course, depending on the instructions issued by the client. Since you have friends in the freelance business, you can also learn a few things from them to improve your skills. Your animation project proposal, should show the client that you’re open to new roles, but with limitations, depending on your capabilities.

Animation Proposal Template Sample
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4. Use the animation proposal template to embrace openness

Equally important is the need for openness. Again, this ties in beautifully with the need for learning to say no and limiting yourself only to what you can do. Don’t promise more than what you can offer. That may end up ruining the relationship between you and the client. There’s no harm in letting your client know the limits of your services.

Freelance clients are becoming ever more adept at identifying animators who constantly feed them with false promises. Any freelancer who values his trade should stop beating around the bush and be as open with the clients as possible. Failure to practice transparency with your clients only creates exceedingly high expectations, which eventually lead to disappointment. 

So, do not disappoint your clients by trying to offer false promises. Make sure everything you include in the animation proposal template is achievable within the given time frame. Remember, there are many freelancers in search of similar projects, and, therefore, safeguard your reputation as a freelancer to be on top of the game.

Don’t focus so much on increasing your earnings. You may end up losing the entire project and get nothing out of it. As a freelancer, you should aim at building a strong reputation to secure more projects in the future. It’s tempting to exaggerate your skills to win a client, but it’s of no benefit to them if you’re not going to live up to your promises. Surprisingly, some clients prefer working with newbies, and they’re patient with them until they get the hang of it. Well, they still like working with skilled freelancers, but if you’re lying about your expertise, they’ll not take it kindly. So be as honest as possible when talking about your experience.

5. Use the animation proposal template to continue working

Lastly, freelance animators have to embrace the importance of working. Actually, you earn more respect from your clients every time you show that you are ready and willing to put in a proper shift. Many freelancers choose and pick their clients or projects based on money or other factors. That is all good, but only if your finances are in a healthy state. Otherwise, you would say no to some projects only to fall into a financial disaster. The best solution for this is to set your rates based on the type of project and the client’s budget: that is, if you can afford it! Remember, at the end of the day, it’s not about how much you’ve earned, but rather kind of reputation you’ve built. Therefore, focus more on adding value to your client’s business and not maximizing your income.

Just as we said earlier, the freelance market is growing day after day, and that means the competition is becoming stiffer. So, be flexible with your rates. It’s good to go for higher-paying projects but even the lower ones can be of great help in the time of need. Therefore, have a variety but of course take what’s manageable.


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