Freelance Marketing Rates Explorer

Bonsai has been recovering thousands of Marketing Consultant rates in the US to bring together this industry guide. We compiled the results and split them into different specialists to help digital marketing consultant know their worth.

SEO Consultant Rates

Freelance SEOs are some of the highest paid marketing consultant. With rates ranging from $65 to over $250 depending on the experience level and location, it seems to be very demanded by current customers. However, be sure to always stay on the safe side and sign an SEO contract with all your new clients.

SEO Consultant Rates

PPC Consultant Rates

Based on our research, PPC consultant rates (Adwords, or other plateform) can vary based on the client location but also client account size. The larger the ad budget is, the higher the consultant fees can be. With rates ranging from $50 to over $175 it can sometimes be difficult to find the right price point, but make sure to clearly mention it, and how you expect to get paid, in the PPC contract you sign with clients.

PPC Consultant Rates

Social Media Strategist Rates

With rates ranging from $15 to over $80, Freelance Social Media Strategists have some of the most versatile fees. Those rates can vary based on a number of factor such as the number of network managed but also on the tasks asked by the client (monitoring, content creation, etc). No matter how big your client is, protect your work with a solid social media contract. And if you're role is more on the influencer side, it is equally important to stay safe, and in such cases an influencer contract template will do the job.

Freelance Writer Rates

Finding a per hour rate for freelance writers is not easy. Most of the writers like to charge either per project or per word when they sign a freelance writer contract template. However, looking at the overall industry it seems that most of them charge between $25 to $70 depending on the project size, the research work needed, and the clients.

Freelance Writer Rates

Email Marketing Consultant Rates

From A/B testing some elements of client emails to creating nurturing campaigns, Email Marketing Consultants can be doing a broad amount of tasks. In the past few years, it quickly became a very on-demand kind of freelance marketers. Their rates usually vary between $45 to over $200 depending on the project difficulty, email list size, and clients.

Email Marketing Consultant Rates

Brand Strategist Consultant Rates

Freelance Brand Strategists are not as common as other marketing freelance workers. However, after speaking to some of them we were able to find out that their rates usually range from $65 to $185 depending on the clients, locations, and experience level.

Brand Strategist Consultant Rates

How to Increase Your Marketing Consultant Rates?

Combine different expertise

As a freelance marketing consultant your number of billable hours is limited to the number of hours in a week. For you to increase your revenue, you must be able to charge more to your clients. If you own an agency be sure to protect yourself with a marketing agency contract template.
By offering a broader skillset to your clients, it becomes easier to justify higher rates. You could for example offer SEO services combined with PPC services. Before learning something new, do some research on the market, and try to differentiate yourself from other consultants.

Stop Billing Per Hour - Charge per Project

As mentioned above, you only have that many hours in a week. What many marketing consultant do to increase their marketing rates is to charge per task or per project instead of charging per hour. Some Social Media Strategist charge "per network", meaning that the client is charged a fixed monthly fee for the management and monitoring of, for example, it's Facebook page. By having a project based rate instead of an hourly one, marketing consultant tend to see their bottom line increase.

Research Your Clients

Having a basic flat rate is always important. However, you should always research your potential clients before making an offer. From the size of the company to its location, different factors can impact the rate that you might be able to ask for a specific marketing project. In some cities, agencies could charge as much as twice more than in other cities. Based on those information, you should adapt your freelance marketing rates accordingly if you wish to win the contract with this new prospect.

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