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Writer Agreement Template

All freelance writers look for ways of developing long-term relationships with their clients. Some writers excel at this while others encounter difficulties. However, the truth is all writers can achieve this goal without having to do bone-crushing work, especially if they are using appropriate agreement templates. Freelancers can learn to keep the flame with their clients burning for several years. The secret is in finding ways of keeping these types of clients happy. To this end, the writer agreement template or freelance writer contract template could prove beneficial to both parties.

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How can a writer agreement template or a simple freelance writing contract template assist in developing long-term relationships with freelancing clients?

1. A writer contract template encourages fair compensation

Yes, all freelance writers deserve fair compensation, which could be psychological or financial. Many times, freelancers thrive when they receive both. However, for most of them, financial compensation is the more important of the two. For this to happen though, freelancers have to learn how to encourage clients to pay them fair compensation. That is where the writer agreement template plays such a critical role. Use the writing contract template to define what you expect from the clients as fair compensation based on the following factors:

  • Type of content
  • Your experience and training as a freelance writer
  • The quality of the work you deliver
  • Turnaround time
  • Extras

As long as everything is written in the agreement, freelancer-client relationships will last years.

2. A writer contract template helps understand the importance of recognition

Many freelancers have encountered clients who seek to reward them through exposure. Now, exposure is not all that bad. However, it compares unfavorably to money, which is one of the most important ways of recognizing a writer’s input. That said, money is not the only form of recognition that writers value. They appreciate other ways of recognizing the effort they put in to deliver quality work. The best writers know how to earn recognition without necessary being too upfront about it. To this end, clients have to use their creativity to show their appreciation.

Other ways of showing appreciation include through:

  • Bylines
  • Compliment
  • Free gifts
  • Financial tips
  • Get well or congratulatory messages when writers are unwell or pass exams

3. Asking for the right tools

Freelance writers should not be afraid of asking clients for the right tools. For example, let clients provide more information or instructions that give you a better understanding of what to write - and make sure to mention that in your freelance writer contract template.

Additionally, you could also ask clients to clarify the style or tone they prefer for the articles you write for them. Here, the goal is asking for the right tools is to avoid wasting too much time, which often leads to frustration, slow turnaround time and poor quality. It is upon the writers to let clients know that they lack psychic abilities to know what customers want.

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4. Keep everything fresh

Many times, some of the ideas on the client’s website could get stale. In such moments, a bit of fresh content would be important to keep clients coming back for more. Despite all that, you could mix the content up a bit to ensure that the site has fresh content always. Stale content drives your clients’ readers away thus affecting traffic. Therefore, define the type of content that ought to appear on the client’s website in the writer agreement template. This way, you avoid disappointing your clients. More crucially, you keep everybody excited with the content.

Occasionally, many freelance writers experience writer’s block. When this happens, writers can go a long time without writing anything of note. Early in the freelancing career, ideas never stop flowing and the writers churn out fresh content all the time. However, several years in their trade, things begin to change thus making writing a bit tedious for many writers. Most writers have found ways of dealing with this phenomenon. Many of them rely on the freelance writing contract template to keep themselves motivated and avoid the writer’s block.

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Below are several ways the template can help writers to avoid or overcome this problem.

1. Identifying the root cause of the problem

Do you know that your freelance writing contract template determines the amount of success you enjoy in your career? Yes, it does! For starters, look at the contents of the contract template. Does it protect you? Does it make you vulnerable to clients who keep changing their terms thus leaving you frustrated? If the contract doesn’t offer all the protection you need, then it could very well kill the motivation you need to start writing for your clients. Find a way of writing for fun once more. Alternatively, take a break if the contract allows it!

2. Returning to the basics

Here, the focus is on returning to the place of writing for fun once more. It means writing from the heart, if that’s what it will take to return you to the love you once had for writing. Yes, all that writing is necessary because you run a freelancing business. However, avoid getting to a stage where you lose all the fun simply because there are bills to pay and money to make. Find a way of dealing with the pressure of writing for the readers and enjoy what you are writing. Nobody else will enjoy reading what you wrote if you considered the whole thing a chore.

3. Switch things up by trying something new

Perhaps, you have excelled as a freelance technical writer. That career has probably helped you to earn so much money and enjoy all the perks that come with it. Lately, the situation seems to have changed to a point you no longer feel passionate about technical writing. If that is the case, then there is no shame in actually switching things up by moving into a different type of writing. Before doing that, make sure that the freelance writing contract template captures your newfound love for a different category of writing.

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4. Be willing to learn new stuff

All the best freelance writers never consider themselves the library that carries all the knowledge regarding writing. Instead, they are never afraid to learn new stuff. For this reason, create a simple freelance writing contract template that allows you to take time off to seek more training. Take time off to study or learn new stuff. The fresh knowledge that you acquire is probably all that you need to overcome the writer’s block that seeks to cripple your creativity and freelance writing business. Read books if the contract does not allow long breaks.

The last thing you can do is to stop writing altogether. Your love for freelance writing will not return if you forget to write. Essentially, writers never stop writing. Keep grinding until the passion returns. As you may have read in this article, breaks are necessary to overcoming writer’s block. However, take them only if the freelance writing contract template permits. Otherwise, your clients would consider you rude and outright unprofessional for going off right in the middle of a project. Apply these tips to enjoy your freelance writing career!

In conclusion, freelance writers should never deliver substandard work simply because of a not-so-good relationship with clients. Nothing warrants writing poor articles. However, motivate yourself to deliver topnotch stuff by developing healthy long-term relationships with clients. Find the sort of customers who ensure that your heart never stops going pitter-pat. Treasure such clients by crafting customized a writer agreement template or a simple freelance writing contract template for them. In the end, your freelance writing business will thrive!

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Writer Agreement Template

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Writer Agreement Template

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