Free Monthly Invoice Template

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An invoice is an important document that makes it easier for payment to be processed. An invoice template is basically a layout that enables you to add your details with stock information. In it there are necessary fields that make it easier to fill customer details and information about what the company offers. They help build lasting relationships with your clients, track your accounts and ensure that you are paid at the right time.

As a freelancer the invoice is what directly results into your getting paid. This is how you legally make income as a freelancer. There are certain requirements for a professional monthly invoice template depending on the state or region.

Monthly Invoice Template
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1. Name of business in the monthly invoice template

Your business name is very important when drafting a monthly invoice template. This gives you as a freelancer a professional look and establishes your brand or expertise. Remember that this is part and parcel of the interaction you will have with the client. How you present it also determines how serious the client takes you and the services you offer. After all, the first impressions matter in all areas, even in a monthly invoice template.

2. Seller contact information in your monthly invoice sample

Now, keep in mind that the monthly invoice is to enable payment for work or a service you have offered or are offering. But you also want an opportunity to continue the working relationship or to have another opportunity to work with the client in the future. Therefore ensure that in the invoice, you include seller contact information so that the client can know how to contact you in future. They may also have questions regarding the information you have entered in the monthly invoice template, this will make it easier to reach out.

3. Invoice number in your monthly invoice sample

The monthly invoice template is one way to track your accounts and remain organized. When you include a unique number for every invoice you send to the client, it becomes easier to resolve any payment query. It can also come in handy during tax season. A sequential number therefore will be helpful to both you and the client for tracking and accountability purposes.

4. Payment terms in your monthly invoice sample

Payment terms differ from one industry to another and also depend on your relationship with the client. In order to ensure that there is no gas in cash flow, be very specific on payment terms. An example of a payment term is “Net 30”which translates to payment being due 30 days after the invoice date.

5. Due date in your monthly invoice example

Due date is the invoice date plus the payment term days together. Meaning this should clearly state when you expect the client to pay you. It is important as a freelancer to have an established understanding with your client regarding payment dates.  Due dates are therefore a tactful way to professionally tell the client when they should pay. This makes everything smooth and leaves both parties satisfied in the long run.

Monthly Invoice Template Sample
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6. Client details in the monthly invoice template

This is also an important part of the monthly invoice template. You don’t want to send an invoice to the wrong client and cause a misunderstanding. As a freelancer you probably will be having several different clients of contracts, ensure that you have the client information on the invoice.

7. Service details in the monthly invoice template

This is where you state the details of the payment you are requesting for. Describe and specify the quantity, rate, amount and subtotal. Give as many details in the invoice as possible. This will enable your client to understand what they are paying for when they receive the invoice.

8. Concluding notes in the monthly invoice template

It is both professional and respectful to include a personalized note to the client. This will leave a good impression and open up the possibility to work together in future. And better yet a good, simple note can make the difference between late payment and an invoice getting aid faster.

Free Monthly Invoice Template
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