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Printable invoices provide a personalized touch to your business invoicing. Create, customize, and send professional invoices with the free Printable Invoice Template from Bonsai.

What is a Printable Invoice Template?

A printable invoice template is a pre-designed template that businesses can use to create, customize, save, and print professional invoices. Rather than design invoices from scratch, business owners, freelancers, contractors, and the like can use the ready-made template to generate invoices in a matter of minutes.

With the downloadable Printable Invoice Template, creating invoices is simple. Just download the template, add invoice details (invoice number, services, costs, totals, and payment terms), print the invoice, and send to your client. Also, you can customize the template for your unique business, adding your brand colors, fonts, logos, and business information.

Downloadable Free Printable Invoice Template

Save time and money on your business invoicing with the free, downloadable invoice templates. The Printable Invoice Template has everything your business needs to draft, adjust, and share invoices, without the need for complicated tools.

We offer templates in a variety of formats to suit your needs. Just download the document that works best for your services and clients, add your company name and details, include invoice details, and save a copy as a receipt of your transactions.

Word Invoice Template

The Microsoft Word Invoice Template is perfect for business owners who prefer the functionality and features of Word docs. Download the template, finalize the details, preview your invoice, and print it off to send to your customer.

Google Docs and Sheets Invoice Template

Google Docs and Google Sheets are other popular platforms for creating business documents. The free Google Docs and Sheets Invoice Template allows you design invoices in seconds, with all your favorite features from Google Workspace.

Excel Invoice Template

The built-in formulas with Microsoft Excel makes it easy to calculate totals, taxes, discounts, and more. Get started with the Excel Invoice Template to create spreadsheet invoices and work statements.

Key Features of a Good Printable Invoice

What makes a great printable invoice? Glad you asked! At Bonsai, we are all about helping businesses streamline their invoicing with helpful tools, tips, and templates. Our Printable Invoice Template is a great file format for creating printed invoices that can be sent via email or standard mail.

The Printable Invoice Template includes a range of key features. Our free template:

  • is customizable to your business
  • can be downloaded
  • is designed for easy printing
  • supports various formats
  • is user-friendly
  • includes essential fields
  • is compatible with different printers
  • offers a professional look
  • can be saved for future use
  • is available in multiple designs
  • is suitable for various business types
  • has a section for terms and conditions
  • allows for logo integration
  • is easily shareable
  • supports digital signatures
  • has a date and invoice number section
  • can be filled out manually or digitally
  • is designed for clarity and readability
  • can be previewed before printing
  • is available for free or at a cost

If that’s not enough, our free Invoice Generator makes it even easier to create business invoices, fast. Check it out.

Try Our Free Printable Invoice Generator Today

Essential Elements to Include in Your Invoice

Every time you create an invoice, there are a few essential elements you should include to ensure accurate invoicing. Adding these details will also support organized record keeping and will help provide a record for all past transactions.

Here are the essential elements to include in your invoice:

  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Due date
  • Your business name
  • Your business contact details
  • Your branding (image, logo, colors, etc.)
  • Your customers contact details
  • List of products or services rendered
  • Itemized costs
  • Subtotal
  • Amount owed
  • Taxes and fees
  • Accepted payment methods
  • Business bank account details (for transfer, if applicable)

Tips for Printing Your Invoice

The fillable invoice template makes it super easy to create your own invoices, even if you have no accounting experience. To print your invoice, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Download the Printable Invoice Template to your computer
  2. Open the software or file editor of your choice (e.g. Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc.)
  3. Save a copy of the template and duplicate it for each new client
  4. Fill out the invoice details
  5. Convert the final invoice to a PDF
  6. Print off the invoice
  7. Send the invoice as an email attachment, via hand-delivery, or via standard mail

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Check out our Help Center for more tips on how to streamline your business invoicing.

Customizing Your Invoice

Our free online invoice maker allows you to create and customize professional invoices without the need for fancy design tools.

There are so many ways to customize your invoice. Add your business branding, such as your logo, color palette, and fonts. Update, adjust, or remove the fields based on your business needs. Distribute the final invoice via a variety of methods, including PDF, direct link, email, printed, or cloud-based software.

Create your first invoice free with our Online Invoice Generator

Explore More Free Invoice Templates

Different types of businesses have different invoicing needs, and require different types of reports for accurate bookkeeping. That’s why we have created a complete library of industry-specific templates, tailored to different kinds of businesses. Browse our free invoice templates below.

Freelance Invoice Template

The Freelance Invoice Template provides independent contractors with an easy way to bill clients. Capture all the necessary details like hours worked and services provided to get paid correctly by your clients

Consulting Invoice Template

Our free Consulting Invoice Template is designed to help consultants from various fields to accurately bill for expert advice and time, with fields specific to consultation services.

Photography Invoice Template

Ideal for small photography businesses, this template simplifies the billing process by providing a clear layout for session details, print orders, and additional costs. Try the Photography Invoice Template to get started.

Graphic Design Invoice Template

Small graphic design businesses can benefit from a template that reflects the creative nature of design work. Add detailed descriptions of your design services and project-specific charges in the Graphic Design Invoice Template.

Contractor Invoice Template

The Contractor Invoice Template makes it simple to bill for your contract services, providing a clear breakdown of work completed, expenses incurred, or hours logged.

Rental Invoice Template

Use the handy Rental Invoice Template to bill for event space rentals, equipment rentals, property rentals, and more. Simply edit, customize, and export in the right format for your clients.

PDF Invoice Template

The PDF Invoice Template offers small businesses a secure and uneditable format to send itemized bills and service charges to clients, ensuring consistency and professionalism.

Pro-Forma Invoice Templates

Pro-Forma Invoice Templates are crucial for businesses that need to provide preliminary billings of sale to clients. Use this template to outline the value of goods or services before delivery.

Itemized Bill Template

An Itemized Bill Template is particularly useful for businesses that require detailed billing for multiple goods and services, helping to prevent disputes by listing each charge separately.

Professional Invoice Templates

Professional Invoice Templates help your business establish credibility and trust by presenting clients with clean, branded, and formal requests for payment.

Blank Invoice Template

Keep things simple with the Blank Invoice Template. This template serves as a customizable starting point for businesses of all kinds, allowing you to add specific details relevant to your services and clients.

Free Printable Invoice Template
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

What's the Difference an Invoice Template and Bonsai?

An invoice template is a preformatted document businesses can use to create simple online or paper invoices. While these templates are low-cost and easy to use, they don’t offer the robust functionality provided by automated invoicing tools. Invoicing software applications like Bonsai allow you to quickly replicate existing invoices, automate invoicing, send payment reminders, track status, save client details, schedule recurring invoices, and monitor your business finances all in one place. These helpful features make it easier to scale your invoicing process, save time, and make a professional impression with new clients.

How Can I Ensure My Printed Invoice is Legible and Professional?

Formatting your invoice so that is legible and looks professional is critical when it comes to avoiding miscommunication or missed payments. Your client must be able to read the description of services or products provided, the costs for each, the total amount owed, the due date, and the accepted payment methods, at the very least. Using a pre-formatted invoice template will help ensure that all text is legible and that the client has easy access to the invoice. Simply fill out the fields in the template; no need to handwrite the details. Then, upload the invoice to your preferred invoicing platform or send via email or standard mail.

In Which Formats are Printable Invoice Templates Usually Available?

There are many formats in which printable invoice templates are typically available online. At Bonsai, our printable invoice templates come in a variety of formats, including but not limited to Microsoft Word format, Google Docs format, Microsoft Excel format, and PDF format. We also have a variety of industry-specific formats, such as the Construction Invoice Template, Freelancer Invoice Template, Contractor Invoice Template, Rental Invoice Template, and more.