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As an auto repair business owner, updating your knowledge of auto repair invoice templates is one of the first things you should concern yourself with. Not only does that help to establish professionalism, but it also strengthens your brand identity.

Drafting and sending professional invoices using an auto repair invoice template might seem like something only a financial expert should handle using expensive accounting software, but that's not always the case; anyone can learn to draft an invoice themselves.

So, how can you create your professional invoice? This piece will answer that, as well as quick invoicing steps, what a billing process is and when you need to issue an invoice. Let's dive right in!

What Is an Auto Repair Invoice Template?

Auto repair businesses and auto body services owners are in charge of both repairs and payment terms. To make payment easy, you need professional invoices and this is where the auto repair invoice or body shop invoice template comes in.

The auto repair invoice template is a document that you issue to your clients. It shows the total sum of money they should pay for an oil change, engine repair, or general car maintenance service you offered.

In most auto repair shops, vehicles are not released until the car owner fulfills the terms of the invoice. Hence, you mustn't leave out any information in the invoice template; all items such as materials, labor, parts, and delivery fees should be duly included. Also, give room for any changes.

When to Issue an Auto Repair Invoice

An invoice is meant to come just after a service has been carried out. This means you shouldn't give out an invoice before you start working on the car.

An auto repair invoice should be given as soon as a car owner comes for their car. The invoice, in this case, will serve as proof that the job has been done, and the customer will be free to take their car once you collect payment.

How Can I Create a Customized Auto Repair Invoice?

Creating an auto repair invoice is simple and can be done with a predesigned template; all you will need is to fill in your information. A simple google search with the keyword " Free Auto Repair Invoice" will bring up different free auto repair invoice template options for you to choose from.

Below are the steps to customizing your auto repair invoice templates:

  • Download a free Auto Repair Invoice Template and select your desired format i.e google docs, google sheets, PDF, etc.
  • Upload your business or brand logo (not all free templates have this feature).
  • Add your name, contact details, and business name in the appropriate section.
  • Highlight all the services that you provided along with how many hours you spent and the unit price of each service.
  • Fill in the client's details and street address in the appropriate section.
  • Indicate an acceptable method of payment.
  • Outline all the necessary terms and conditions
  • If there is a need for a privacy policy, you can also include it.
  • Conclude with a few lines of a personal message (you can recommend future auto maintenance services in this section)
  • Save and send the auto repair invoice using via the client's email.

Note, that your auto repair invoice template should contain important information like; due date, hourly rate, and total price.

Types of Auto Repair Invoice Template

This is a crucial factor to consider before you draft an invoice. Make sure that the invoice you are using tallies with the services you provide and your desired payment method. The following and some free invoice template types most auto repair business owners use:

  • Hourly
  • Contract
  • Hourly
  • Project-based
  • Deposit
  • Service plan

Each auto repair work invoice must have the company name, business info, a brief description, customer information, vehicle information, invoice number, tax calculations, and in some cases, insurance information.

How to Bill Auto Repair Services

Some steps to follow when charging for your auto repair services include:

Agree on a Fixed Price with the Client

This is the first thing to do; you should do this before starting work. As a standard, many auto repair businesses set their prices most times to cover everything that went into the repairs of the customer's car.

In some cases, a client may complain about the cost of your services. What to do on such occasions? you two can negotiate a price.

In all, you must strive to impress your clients, and being flexible is one of the surest ways to do this. If a good number of your clients end up being happy with your services, there's a high chance that you will gain valuable referrals from them.

List Out The Replacement Parts

In this step, you outline all the auto parts you intend to replace while working on the job. Running an analysis will help to provide you with a clear view of everything that can make the repair process smoother.

For example, an aluminum car part would cost more than steel. Due to that, you want to avoid making random guesses. Avoid doing guesswork.

Consider the Cost of Licensing and Insurance

Beyond your expert skills, what makes you stand out as an auto repairer is the various licenses, liability insurance, and registered trademarks that improves credibility.

Now, acquiring these licenses isn't exactly cheap. That's why you should factor them when costing your services, especially if you are required to constantly pay for them. You can create a customized invoice for this purpose.

Cross Check the Invoice

Great invoices are often vetted for correctness before they are issued out. One more look at your invoice enables you to see that the total amount, client's email, and other important details that ordinarily would have been overlooked are all error-free.

Finally, do a follow-up to ensure that the invoice gets to the intended customer.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the kind of business you do, having a means of creating invoice templates makes a perfect combination with the service that you offer. That said, every auto repair shop needs a system that generates an invoice for every service done on a customer's vehicle. This will help the business to maintain a professional image in the minds of their potential and existing customers.

Auto Repair Invoice Template
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

Is there a free invoice template?

Try Bonsai's free invoice template to send professional looking billing requests today. Our auto templates come pre-made and are simple to edit and personalize.

Is there an invoice template in Google Docs?

Yes, Google Docs has invoice templates. A faster and easier alternative is with Bonsai. Send car repair invoices in a matter of minutes.

How do I make a simple invoice?

A simple invoice could be created on a blank document with the following information: contact details, client info, business address/name, due date of the invoice and payment info.

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