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How to write the perfect marketing contract

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December 11, 2022
December 11, 2022
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When heading out into the world of marketing to promote your digital marketing services, it is of the utmost importance to create a perfectly written marketing agreement engineered to close more sales and give yourself more choice of clients.

If you're looking to learn how to write the perfect marketing contract to attract and nurture customers and neutralize any competitors, you have come to the right place.

In this guide, you will learn how to make a marketing contract template and why it is necessary to build a strong business relationship with your dream customer.

Proposals are a critical part of any business whether you're a marketing professional or social media marketing expert - you'll need to have an editable marketing agreement template to maximize your client base.

What is a marketing services agreement?

Creating a proposal template with best practices in mind can seem daunting, especially when you are new to the game and haven't written a proposal before.

A marketing agreement template is a marketing proposal document of the services you want to offer to potential clients. For example, your agency wants to promote a clients business to boost sales by marketing their product online, which you receive payment for the work undertaken.

The agreement is a binding contract for the specified services that both parties agree on. Let's say you agree, to create 10 campaigns a month that will bring more leads for that client, and the agreed rate is $2000 a month.

The contract should show:

  • Details of the work to be performed,
  • The payment details,
  • The time-line of when each job within the project will be completed,
  • The terms and conditions of termination.

Take a look at our free contract templates and resources for digital marketing to help you attract your dream clients.

Why is a marketing agreement so important in 2021?

As a marketing consultant, you often need many touchpoints with a prospective client before they’re comfortable contracting you for your expertise and marketing materials.

As the year of 2021 is starting, and the marketing business is booming, you will need a marketing agreement that will create clarity for both parties.

Professionally written proposals also say to your potential client that you are serious and professional about your work. It helps you set expectations with your client.

A marketing agreement makes sure all parties are accountable, making for a productive working relationship.

The considerations that all excellent marketing agreements must-have!

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Here's what marketers should include when writing their proposals;

1. Deliverables

This is the foundations of your marketing proposal. Here you will summarize in detail the scope of work to be undertaken as part of the marketing agreement.

2. Timeline

A project timeline is a time-frame of the scheduled work between either party. Say you agreed with the client to make a social media campaign every week or to make 5 posts a day on the client's company page. This marketing plan needs to be outlined and completed by the given agreement terms.

3. Ownership

Here you will need to create elements of trust. As advertising on behalf of the client, most assets you will be working with as a marketing agency will be owned by the clients business.

Provide a list of the owned assets in the marketing proposal. That will give the client confidence that you will not undertake any tasks on any assets, not in the agreement.

4. Payment

This part will explain the payment terms. Clarifying at which stage of the contract you will be paid for the agreed completed work.

Payments can be made at the end of each month, partial payment at the start of the marketing agreement, or after a milestone has been accomplished on the project. Once the payment schedule details have been ironed out with the client, it needs to be outlined in the contract as clearly as possible.

5. Confidentiality

As the marketing consultant, you may have a proprietary process for any work you wish to undertake which involves sensitive information. The client may also request confidentiality for private intellectual property or information about customers or employees that they want to remain private.

Proprietary information covers stuff like trade secrets or other confidential information the company might not want to disclose.

6. Termination

This is where the terms and conditions of the marketing agreement go. All business contracts have to end at some point and discussing the options each party has for terminating the contract should be provided in case something goes wrong.

For example, if there are any issues with prior agreements made in the contract which the marketer or client did not uphold.

It is always a great idea to set expectations so both parties can repose knowing their options if circumstances change in the agreement.

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Can I terminate a marketing agreement?

All marketing agreements can be terminated if there has been a breach of contract responsibilities.

For example, if one of the parties is dissatisfied with the services provided, which were agreed before the contract proposal commenced.

A dispute resolution plan can be negotiated, which would indicate a formal written notice of all issues to be amended or for the marketing agreement to be terminated.

Do I really need a marketing agreement contract?

Yes, as a marketer that does your advertising, public relations and promotions. A marketing agreement contract is vital for getting being paid for the scope of duties performed.

It legally binds both parties to information agreed in the written contract so neither party gets any unwanted surprise, like not getting paid by the client or the marketer using confidential information about the company without permission.

Without the written agreement, the client may use another marketing firm at the same time. Whereas with a contract you can state that no other marketer consultant or firm will be used, during the time-frame of the written agreement. Don't forget to sign your contract to make it official. If you need to sign it electronically, check out our guide on how to insert signature in Word and how to digitally sign a PDF.

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