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Top content planning tools for effective marketing in 2024

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Updated on:
June 7, 2024
June 8, 2024
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For your 2024 content marketing game, you’ll need some top-notch tools. These include schedulers to keep your posts timely, collaboration platforms for team-based creation, and tracking tools to monitor how well your content’s doing.

They’re all about making content management smoother, keeping things consistent, and making sure your efforts hit the mark.

Plus, content approval workflows make sure only the best ideas go live, and calendar tools give you a visual on deadlines and what’s coming up.

These tools lay down a solid base for your content marketing plans, helping you do your research and create content that resonates.

Introduction to content planning tools

Content planning tools are crucial for nailing your content marketing.
They help with everything from creation to distribution, making it easier for teams to work together and keep everything organized.

You'll find features for researching content, scheduling posts, brainstorming ideas, and tracking how well they perform.

They often come with handy stuff like content approval workflows and calendar tools, making the planning bit less of a headache.

With these tools, managing content becomes super easy.

Why content planning tools are essential for agencies


Content planning tools are a must-have for agencies looking to streamline their marketing efforts. With these tools, your team can boost how they strategize content creation, distribution, and collaboration.

A content calendar helps with better scheduling and keeping things neat, while workflow tools like approval processes and performance tracking smooth out the management process. These tools also drive your content research and idea generation, making them key to a killer content strategy.

Key features to look for in a content planning tool

When picking a content planning tool, make sure it’s got a solid content calendar feature for top-notch scheduling and planning.

It should help you see your strategy clearly, keep track of deadlines, and follow your content's progress.

You'll also want something that nails content management and team collaboration, crucial for efficient content creation and editing.

And don’t skip on features like performance tracking and content approval workflows, which help you keep tabs on quality and impact.

1. Bonsai: top project planning tools in one platform

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Bonsai is a comprehensive project planning tool that centralizes essential features in one platform. It emphasizes utilization, streamlining workflow and resource management. With Bonsai, teams can collaborate efficiently, track progress, and optimize productivity, ensuring that every aspect of project planning is under control and transparent.

2. CoSchedule: the all-in-one content planner

CoSchedule handles everything from creating and scheduling to distributing your content.
This platform makes team collaboration easy, helping you put your content strategy into action smoothly.

From scouting fresh ideas to organizing your content effortlessly, it’s got your back.
The software shines in making workflow stuff like research, content approvals, and performance tracking simpler.

Ideal for planning your content marketing, CoSchedule keeps your content calendar tidy and ensures a steady flow of well-planned content.

Key features of CoSchedule

CoSchedule is all about keeping your content marketing neat and organized.
Its content calendar gives you a clear view of your strategy, scheduling, and deadlines, perfect for team coordination.

Other cool features include managing workflows, content distribution, and boosting team efficiency.

Plus, CoSchedule good at tracking how well your content performs, making it easier to see what works and plan better.

How agencies can benefit from CoSchedule

Agencies get a big boost in content marketing efficiency from CoSchedule.
This tool smooths out content collaboration with a centralized calendar that aligns your strategy.
It's also great for easing planning and organization with its content scheduling features.

And for managing content, it offers workflow solutions like content approval processes and performance tracking.

All in all, CoSchedule is a full-package deal for agencies aiming to streamline their content creation and distribution.

3. Trello: simplifying content planning

Trello can majorly simplify your content marketing planning with its unique card and board system.

This setup makes managing your strategy straightforward and organized, supporting everything from content research to distribution.

It also backs up scheduling and collaboration, helping teams work together smoothly while keeping an organized calendar.

With Trello, navigating content approval workflows and tracking performance becomes a breeze, empowering your content marketing efforts.

Unique features of Trello for content planning

Trello’s great for planning content, making collaboration, workflow, and scheduling easy.
Its board, list, and card setup provides a visual, intuitive way to manage your content calendar and strategy effectively.

By tracking updates, deadlines, and details, Trello enhances workflow management and performance monitoring.

Plus, its brainstorming features and customizable checklists help with generating ideas and planning content marketing.

Maximizing Trello for agency use

Maximizing Trello means focusing on collaboration, scheduling, and workflow for your agency.
The platform’s flexible system makes content creation organized, letting you plan and track every step from research to distribution.

Its content performance tracking also makes it easier to gauge your strategy's success and tweak as needed.

Whether it’s collaboration, scheduling, or workflow, Trello can handle all your content marketing planning needs.

4. Asana: streamlining content production

Asana helps streamline content production with its top-notch features. It supports content creation and strategy, making it easy to plan your content marketing, organize content, and schedule posts.

Asana also boosts content collaboration, letting team members work together seamlessly.
With features for content approval and performance tracking, it ensures your content is efficient and effective.

Covering everything from content management to distribution, Asana enhances your content production significantly.

Asana's top features for content planning

Asana’s features boost your content planning, especially with its robust content calendar for scheduling and task tracking.

Its organization capabilities let you divide tasks and projects into sections for easier management.

Asana also excels in workflow management and content creation tools, supporting seamless team collaboration.

Lastly, it offers content performance tracking and approval workflows, optimizing your content distribution and monitoring progress effectively.

How Asana can improve agency workflow

Asana is a powerhouse for improving agency workflow in content marketing planning, creation, and distribution.

It helps organize a content calendar, schedule tasks, and track content performance, ensuring you meet deadlines and keep tabs on progress.

Asana also simplifies content collaboration among team members with content approval workflows and organization features.

This streamlines the workflow, reducing the need for constant meetings or emails, and making content research and idea generation more efficient.


5. Airtable: content planning with flexibility

Airtable’s platform is a game-changer, ditching the old-school content calendar for something way cooler and more flexible. It’s all about making content planning a breeze, with tools for collaboration, brainstorming, and keeping your workflow on point with your strategy. Plus, it’s got this visual vibe that makes scheduling look good.

Features like tracking how your content’s doing and making sure everyone’s on the same page are part of the deal. It’s all about smooth sailing from creation to sharing your stuff with the world. Basically, it’s got your back for managing everything without breaking a sweat.

Why Airtable stands out for content planning

Airtable’s rocking the content marketing scene with its slick way of keeping everything organized and flowing smoothly. It’s like mission control for your content, where you can see the whole journey from idea to launch. You can map out your plans, get the green light on projects, and check out how things are performing, all in real-time.

And hey, it’s a piece of cake to use and grow with you. That means you and your team can work together like a well-oiled machine, making your content strategy shine.

Utilizing Airtable in agency content planning

With Airtable, agencies can take their content planning to new heights. It’s all about seamless teamwork, streamlining how you work, and keeping everything tidy and organized. You can throw ideas around, dig into research, and plot out your strategy, all in one spot.

It’s packed with nifty features for scheduling, sharing stuff as it’s ready, and keeping track of everything. And the cherry on top? A system that helps you figure out if your content’s hitting the mark, so you can keep getting better at what you do.

6. Monday.com: boosting content planning efficiency

Monday.com is the secret weapon for nailing content marketing planning, management, and creation. It’s all about efficiency, bringing together planning, teaming up, and strategy on one platform. This means you’re getting things done faster and smarter, with a setup that keeps everything in check.

Notable features of Monday.com include:

  • A calendar to keep your content on schedule
  • Ways to work together and sign off on projects
  • Tracking to see how your content’s performing

All this helps transform raw ideas into a polished content strategy that really delivers.

Key features of Monday.com for content planning

Monday.com’s got a bunch of tools that make content planning a walk in the park. Think teamwork and green-lighting projects without a hitch. There’s also a calendar to make sure your content’s timed just right. And you can keep an eye on how things are going, giving you the lowdown on your strategy’s success.

Put it all together, and Monday.com’s your powerhouse for making content marketing planning a breeze.

Benefits of Monday.com for agencies

For agencies all about content, Monday.com is a goldmine. It simplifies teaming up in a central spot where everyone can chip in seamlessly. It also makes keeping track of projects a cinch, showing you what’s up at every stage.

The platform’s a big help in cooking up and rolling out your content strategy, with tools for research, brainstorming, and getting the thumbs up on projects. 

Plus, it’s got tracking to make sure you’re nailing your content marketing planning, creation, and sharing game. In short, Monday.com’s the full package for managing and scheduling content, making agencies way more efficient and on the ball.

7. ContentCal: a social media content planning tool

ContentCal is your go-to for stepping up your content management and marketing planning game. It’s user-friendly, perfect for teaming up on some killer content creation, and nailing your content strategy. It’s got a calendar for lining up your posts and workflow tools to keep approvals running smooth.

ContentCal’s unique features for social media planning

ContentCal’s got this intuitive calendar that’s a dream for planning your content strategy. From making content to scheduling posts, it’s all about seamless sharing and team collaboration. It keeps things simple and makes sure your content’s spot-on before it goes live. Plus, it’s got tracking to guide your decisions with solid data.

It’s also great for digging into research and coming up with ideas, making your content marketing planning structured and efficient. With tools for organizing and workflow, even the trickiest strategies are easier to manage.

How agencies can leverage ContentCal

Agencies can really make the most of ContentCal for top-notch content marketing and planning. It’s dynamic, great for organizing, scheduling, and sharing content, and it gives your overall strategy a boost. The tool’s a big help in the creative process, providing a space to brainstorm and store ideas.

ContentCal makes collaboration a breeze, with built-in approval workflows to keep everything in line with your brand. It also steps up your content management game with tracking features, empowering agencies to make informed choices for their content platforms.

8. DivvyHQ: a content planning tool for large teams

DivvyHQ makes it a breeze for big teams to get their content marketing on track.
It’s all about easing the pain of juggling complex workflows in content strategy, creation, and distribution. This tool rolls out a super efficient collaboration platform and rocks a sturdy content calendar for tracking tasks and deadlines. You also get a smooth content approval system and performance tracking, which is essential for fine-tuning your efforts.

Basically, DivvyHQ has got you covered from organizing content to brainstorming those fresh ideas.

DivvyHQ's top features for content planning

DivvyHQ is your go-to for a slick, strategic approach to content marketing. Its strong calendar helps keep your content flow steady and fresh. The content organization feature pulls all your ideas into one place, making team collaboration more synced up.

Plus, it supports quality checks with content approval workflows and keeps tabs on your strategy’s effectiveness with content performance tracking.
All this makes DivvyHQ a powerhouse for managing and creating content.

Why DivvyHQ is ideal for large agencies

DivvyHQ is a top pick for big agencies because it’s packed with features that streamline the whole content marketing shebang. It’s got everything from creation tools to strategy enhancers and distribution aids, offering a smooth workflow for managing content.

And it doesn’t stop there—expect content calendar functions, collaboration tools, and performance tracking to help plan and execute your content strategies more efficiently. Its approval workflows also mean you’re only putting out top-notch content, making DivvyHQ a complete solution for creation, management, and distribution.

9. Wrike: a versatile tool for content planning

Wrike steps up to amp your content strategy and organization. It’s built for collaboration with shared calendars and approval workflows, tailored to the fast-paced content marketing scene.
This tool makes planning your content marketing easy, with features designed to keep your scheduling tight and your ideas well-organized.

And with content performance tracking, Wrike gives your management efforts a serious boost.

Wrike's unique features for content planning

Wrike shines with its standout features that support all your content marketing planning needs.
Its top-notch organization function lets you sort and find documents fast, which is a big plus for team productivity.

The content calendar lays out all your key tasks and deadlines, making it easier to keep your scheduling on point. Wrike also amps up content distribution with automated workflows and keeps content creation quality in check with its approval workflows.

Throw in content performance tracking, and you’ve got a robust system that elevates your content management game.

Maximizing Wrike in agency content planning

Wrike is a total game-changer for effective content marketing planning, especially in agencies.
It’s great for beefing up content collaboration and smoothing out approval workflows. With features like a content calendar, you can plan and visualize your schedules easily.

The platform also lets you organize, manage, and automate your content processes, keeping everything running smoothly.

And with tools to analyze and track your content's performance, Wrike ensures you’re always on top of your game, making it easier to focus on content research and churning out innovative ideas.


10. SEMrush: more than just an SEO tool

SEMrush does a whole lot more than SEO. It’s a powerhouse supporting your entire content strategy from research and creation to scheduling.

This tool enhances content collaboration and helps you organize a content calendar better.
Plus, SEMrush's tools for content performance tracking and seamless approval workflows are pivotal in planning your content marketing.

SEMrush's features for content planning

SEMrush delivers innovative features that boost your content marketing processes.
Its content research feature is a gem for creating content, finding effective strategies, and sparking up teamwork. The platform also helps streamline your content organization and workflow.

With a content calendar that nails your scheduling and robust performance tracking and approval workflows, SEMrush optimizes your entire content marketing planning.

How SEMrush can benefit agencies

SEMrush is a treasure trove for agencies, especially those digging deep into content marketing.
It fuels content creation with insights on hot topics, helping you draft sharper strategies. The platform also comes with nifty tools for content collaboration, making management and scheduling a walk in the park.

Its performance tracking is crucial for fine-tuning your content strategy, while the distribution tools ensure your content reaches far and wide. Using SEMrush means your content calendar is on point, your quality checks are rigorous, and your content research is thorough, keeping your audience hooked and engaged.

11. HubSpot: a comprehensive tool for content planning

HubSpot’s the full package, giving you everything you need for content marketing planning and more. It’s like having a Swiss Army knife for content stuff, covering research, creation, sharing, and keeping an eye on how it all does.

Features of HubSpot include:

  • Tools to make working together a whole lot smoother,
  • A calendar that keeps everything neat and on track,
  • Workflows to make sure what you put out is top-notch.

It’s a no-brainer for teams who want to come up with cool content ideas and see how they’re hitting home, making HubSpot a go-to resource for any content strategy.

HubSpot’s key features for content planning

HubSpot’s got the goods for making content marketing planning super efficient. It’s all about managing your content, from brainstorming to getting it out there in a way that speaks to your peeps. Sorting and finding your stuff is easy, which means you’re not wasting time digging around.

The platform’s got a calendar that makes scheduling slick, backing up careful planning and smooth strategy rollouts. And with tracking how your content’s doing, you can tweak things to get even better results. With HubSpot, content creation’s all about being organized, strategic, and driven by results.

Why agencies should consider HubSpot

Agencies, listen up: HubSpot’s got the tools to make your content marketing planning solid. It’s got features that smooth out the kinks and get you better outcomes. Here’s the scoop:

  • A content calendar that’s all about helping you schedule like a pro.
  • Approval workflows that keep your content quality consistent.
  • Tools for research and creation, plus tracking to help you make smart moves based on real data.

Hooking up with HubSpot means your team can work together like never before, whip up content that matters, and really connect with your audience.

Conclusion: choosing the right content planning tool for your agency

So, when it’s time to pick a content planning tool, you gotta think about what’ll really support your strategy. It should help you whip up and spread your content, and have a solid system to track how it’s doing. A killer content marketing planning tool will also have features for organizing, teaming up, and getting the green light on your work.

Remember, being able to brainstorm, research, and schedule your content without a hitch is crucial for keeping things rolling. Choose smart to give your content marketing the edge it deserves.

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