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If you run web design services, whether big or small, you will be required to do some business documentation for every business transaction. Crafting and sending quotes to clients is one of the regular paperwork a web development expert has to perform.

A web design quotation is a document that shows the services you offer and the rate you will accept for a job. Besides your ability to work on the appearance, layout, and, in some cases, the content of a website, you should be able to draft or at least customize a quotation for your service. 

If a client is preparing to hire you for a web development service, you need to make and send them your quotation, which carries your deliverables and service charge. The easiest approach is getting a ready-made web design quotation and editing it to fit the current project at hand. Instant quotes for web design service greatly simplifies the process and saves you time in crafting one from scratch. 

Web Development Contract Template
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Besides, it is also possible to create one for yourselves if you feel you need a more personal document that depicts the uniqueness of your business. Either way, we've made provision for downloading a ready template and instruction on how to do it yourself.

Read on to see the importance of a website quotation and see the guide on how to prepare a standard web design quotation. 

1. The importance of a web design quotation

A web design quotation is useful in many ways; below are some of the reasons why you need a standard freelance quotation sample for your business. 

Since website quotations list the tasks that will be accomplished by a web designer in a project, the document will allow clients to identify missing deliverables and tasks that should be included. 

A web design quotation is a document useful for racking the work progress of a designer. You can always check what you've done against the deliverables in the documents. Besides, it helps check the validity of the project and also a good use for record purposes. 

The document clarifies service charges for the project and serves as a reminder of the financial obligation of clients towards the service you are offering. Once approved, a standard web design quotation would contain the terms of the agreement, project scope, limitation, and conditions for the agreement. 

Web Design Quotation Template PDF
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2. Steps in customizing your web design quotation

So many factors come into play when creating a quotation for web design. The nature and complexity of the project, to a great extent, would determine how your quote would look like.

See some other factors below:

2.1. Pricing section of a web design quotation

It is one of the most significant factors in crafting a web design quotation; pricing incorporates the nature and size of the project as well as the complexity in determining the rate. Sometimes, the location may influence pricing.

There are applications that help in service rate estimation and comparison. You can learn how to charge your clients with the application since it has features to simplify the process and also make projections. 

2.2. Hourly or fixed rate in your web design quotation

Fixed-rate fees in web development service is not as common as hourly charges. Many freelance web development experts charge hourly. In creating your quotation, give room for a time break down on the project and your fees per hour if that is what you've adopted and your fixed-rate if that is what you use. 

2.3. Evaluate your skills using the web design quotation

Check what you offer against what is obtainable in the market and see if you measure up to expectations among peers in the business in terms of service delivery. You may have to focus on your competitive advantage and reputation among the client to further give you inside on how to prepare your next web design quotation. 

3. How to create a website development quotation template

Web developers are highly-priced individuals because of their skills and ability to design from simple to complex internet (World Wide Web) or an intranet (a private network). Web development can range from developing internet applications, electronic business systems, or social network services. 

Web development may also include network security, web design, web engineering, client-side / server-side scripting, web server, network configuration, and e-commerce development. There’s no doubt web designers have technical skills in writing markups and coding.

But there is a dreaded question that keeps freelancer developers awake at night: How much should a website development service cost?

Website Development Quotation Template
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Setting a website development quotation is never easy because so many factors have to be considered before concluding. Besides, not all websites are the same, and clients often want custom web services, hence the need for varying website quotations. Before you prepare a website development quotation, you need to think about the requirements of the project, the size as well as the complexity of the project, among other relevant considerations.

If you are having difficulty setting your price, we will help with factors to consider to prepare a freelance web design quotation sample for your web development service. 

3.1. Factors to consider in preparing a web development quotation

Once you are ready to launch your business professionally, you should consider using a website development quotation for your services. A quotation template includes the cost of the service and relevant information about the deliverables that the client expects of you as a web developer.

Some models give you the flexibility of adding prices and listing sub-services that you perform on the project. You can download a template on our platform and then customize for every quotation you have to prepare.

Before customization, see the detail you need to consider the following.

3.1.1. Setting your prices for the web development quotation

Do research on the monetary value of a project before setting up a price. Although you may not be experienced in handling finance and pricing, some tools and applications can be of help in determining prices using industry-standard data. The most useful tools are excellent in comparing your service charge with what is obtainable with other web developers in the industry. 

Website Development Quotation Template Sample
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3.1.2. Evaluate your service when drafting a web development quotation

Before raising your price, ensure that your service matches the expectation of your client. Most web design newbies find it difficult drafting a website development quotation because they can’t evaluate the quality of their service. One of the best ways to help the situation is to analyze the competition in the industry and also check the market rate for people with the same experience as yours.

More so, take note of the following:

  • Focus on your competitive advantage
  • What does your portfolio look like? Explore it
  • How good is your service and reputation among previous clients? 

3.1.3. Pricing options in your web development quotation

Pricing approach for web development can be either a fixed rate or hourly. To make things simple, you should have a standard price for website development quotation. Depending on the size, nature, and complexity of projects, learn to vary your charges depending on the project requirement to take care of the scope of every web development service you offer.

An hourly fee is the most popular and perhaps the most effective approach of billing web development service. Instead of charging a fixed rate, create a website development quotation based on the active hours you put in the job. Since websites are unique, and clients differ in taste, the hourly rate would be better in taking care of adjustments and rework on sites.

Some freelance web design quotation of newbies often carry $20 per hour and above while experienced designers can charge between $100 or more hourly.

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