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Software Development Quotation Template

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If your software development, you'd agree that a lot goes into a project before it eventually starts. There are a lot of discussions, project proposals may be needed, documentation takes place as well as crafting a quotation.

Drafting a software development quotation is one of the most challenging background work for any software development service. Interestingly, the most important question in the mind of a client is "how much your service would cost them" or what budget would take care of the project. 

One of the ways to win a prospective client over is by submitting a well-written software development quotation. The document can be a foundation for sealing a deal and can also bring about more business deals for you through a satisfied client.

Every professional quote must include basic information of the parties and relevant data to help the recipient make a decision. Quotations can be simple, comprehensive, or take a more advanced structure depending on the nature of the project it is handling. 

Software Development Quotation Template
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Here is the relevant information in a software development quotation. The purpose of a software development quotation is to provide a clear picture of the services and pricing of your service to a prospective client.

Hence, the following information must be missing when drafting your quote.

1. Client & personal information in the software development quotation template

Your quote should be well addressed to the appropriate recipient. Include your business name, address, email, and phone number as well as those of your client. 

2. Service enumeration in the software development quotation template

Enumerate all the services you must complete to achieve the goal of the project. You also create a sub-list that enumerates each sub-task against what you have to offer as well as the time to complete them. Be sure about the functionality and design that appeals to your client. 

3. Pricing in the software development quotation template

Provide a break down of the cost of each service you will be offering.  Ensure you state several factors such as materials, research, and development as well as taxes that may affect your rates. Before drafting your software development quotation, you may carry out a market evaluation to compare your skills with what others offer in the industry.

The location and complexity of a project are other factors that affect the pricing of software development services. A freelance rates explorer is one of the applications that can help freelance developers project and determine service rates. 

4. Fixed or hourly rate in the software development quotation sample

Most developers adopt the hourly rate charges because of their flexibility and the ease of applying the model for rework purposes. State your billing model on the software development quotation; anticipate questions that may arise in the project and clarity in your quote. 

5. Why use a software development quotation example

A software development quotation alongside a proposal document that would influence the resolution of your prospect whether to give you the green light or no.

Besides, the quote has other benefits to you as a freelance software developer:

  • Drafting one will help you note a missing deliverable or task that may be beneficial to your client. 
  • The software development quotation would help track your work progress once you start the project.
  • As you progress, you'd know if what you are delivering is matching what you’ve stated on the document.
  • The document serves as a reminder to your client about their financial commitment to you and the project. 
  • It is also useful for record-keeping on the projects you've completed. 
Software Development Quotation Template Sample
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Final words

In creating your software development quotation, you must bear in mind that the interest of your prospective client matters if you must get approval. Hence, ensure you ask your employer questions about the project and make the structure simple to understand.



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Free Software Development Quotation Template

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