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The ever-increasing social networks today shows that our world is rapidly increasing into a social community. Businesses and organizations are utilizing social media to engage and reach potential customers. Individuals, businesses, and organizations all know that social media marketing is essential.

But the big question is deciding how much to spend on marketing. Pricing issues also affect the regular freelance marketer, especially in the preparation of a social media marketing quotation for a job. 

Marketing professionals need to have a quotation template for their business as part of the workflow. It is easier editing an instant quotation than creating a new one. If you are interested in customization, download our professional social media marketing quotation for your business.

If you prefer a unique document, there's an option of entering your details and then customizing a quote online. Whether you choose to download online or craft your quotation, it will be helpful if you know about the relevant information needed in a professional social media marketing quotation.

Social Media Marketing Quotation Template
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Here's what you should know about a social media marketing quotation. If you must edit or draft a new marketing quotation for a social media contract, the following information will be helpful to do it professionally. 

1. Pricing in the social media marketing quotation template

Signing up most social media platforms is pretty easy; however, it may be difficult finding people with experience and technical know-how to monitor, plan, and manage a social media account. Social media marketing experts strategize and connect with the audience, build a brand, and increase sales.

So, pricing has to take into account the nature of the contract, the scope, and implementation. A social media marketing quotation should break down the cost of service for a better understanding of the client. That clarifies every issue involving financing and the payment for the project.

Research about the market rates and get statistics about the project.

2. Project information in the social media marketing quotation template

If you are about drafting a quotation, bear in mind that the bill should carry the services you are willing to render to your clients. Break down the project ad list all the sub-services if applicable. Also, attach a price to each sub-service for the sake of clarity.

A detailed social media marketing quotation may help the client identify a needed service that is lacking. It is also a useful document for tracking the progress of work and a piece for record purposes.

Social Media Marketing Quotation Template Sample
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3. Personal information in the social media marketing quotation template

Since your quotation is representing your organization, it should carry relevant business information like name, mailing address, contact address, and phone number. Your quote should also be dated, plus a tracking number printed on the social media marketing quotation for reference purposes.

All personal information details should be at the quotation header (top of the page), including the word "Quote" or "Quotation" to distinguish the bill. Don't forget the information about the recipient as well.

4. Quotation footer in the social media marketing quotation template

This part should include the total amount for the service you will be offering, tax rate, and amount plus the validity of the document. Besides, you may add a call-to-action as the signature of the recipient.

5. Personalization of your social media marketing quotation sample

A quotation serves many purposes to your business; besides the primary use, it represents your business to clients that would be receiving it. Hence, the need for a professional and personalized social media marketing quotation that would make a potential client hire you.

Try to visualize the project; you may include photos, graphs, and some statistics about your offering to make your quotation cum your business stand out. Also, if you do freelance marketing, it is essential to be flexible in your quotation and engage the document in creating a relationship between your business and the intending recipient.