Remodel Contract Template

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Table of content

A contractor typically designs a remodeling contract to show what the project work will is going to look like. This is just one of the major home improvement contracts that exist.

Both parties usually agree on a remodeling contract before any work is begun to ensure that both the contractor and buyer agree on what they want the finished product to look like.

A remodeling contract is crucial because it sets the standards of the project and will set the tone for the duration of it.

A template can be vital to your success in forming a remodeling agreement. This can guarantee that pretty much everything that you need is going to be on it.

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Do both parties agree to those terms?

This remodel contract is the perfect way to show that on paper to ensure that both parties agree. All of the terms should be laid out in the same manner.

This mutual agreement is laid out in the contract. First, the contractor commits, and then the customer commits on the same paper.

A remodel contract is designed for both parties to ensure they are treated fairly in the contract. Like any other binding contract, it sets the standards for the project and lists out what that looks like. So from start to finish, you will know precisely what your remodel looks like.

What is so important about a home remodeling contract?

It is important that all elements of the remodel are included to ensure that the message is conveyed correctly and accurately.

It lays out the entire agreement from start to finish and what the contract includes.It is one of the most important parts of hiring a contractor. They will know exactly what their work entails and what you will receive from them.

What should be included in the remodeling contract template?

A few things should be included in the remodeling contract, and we list a few below. These elements are included to ensure the contract has everything it needs and covers the necessary content.

Beyond this, it can vary from contract to contract, but these core elements should be included in the form. 

Here are the top six pieces that should be included in your remodel contract:

The actual work itself.

Remodeling services are services that are performed to improve the condition of a building or home. This can be anything from an appliance to a room for the entire home. Such services can be provided at the customer's discretion.

The customer's request can be anything from the blueprint of the finished product to the plan outline for whatever you have remodeled. The contractor's services should be clearly stated for both parties to read. The contractor and the customer agree to the work that they are given those terms.

During one of the remodeling projects, it is essential that both the contractor and the customer agree to the work being done to avoid discrepancies further along in the project.

That will look different for each project type depending on what you are contracting out. But these things will remain the same, including the materials used, the procedure utilized, and how the procedure will be done.

Contractor agreements

These agreements give information about who will pay the contractor and on what schedule they are doing that. Remodeling services can vary in nature, and it is vital to be aware of everything in the contract to ensure that both parties abide by it.

In this section, both parties will have information about the known and potential hazards of the project. It is crucial to make the customer aware of this information and, potentially, provide them with a liability waiver to avoid legal action ensues.

In this contract, it is essential that the agreement clearly states that the contract supersedes any verbal form of communication. Therefore, the document must reflect the agreement between the two parties.

It should list something in this section that states what will happen if there is a minor breach of contract, like giving written notice, or if there are multiple breaches of contract, such as, ending the contract early without a refund.

Payment schedule

When entering into a remodeling contract, it is essential to ensure that the project’s timeline is listed out to ensure both parties are aware of what that looks like.

It is also essential to make sure that the when and where payments are required are stated clearly. Making sure that the schedule agreeable is communicated is vital to the success of a completed project.

The good thing about a remodeling agreement is that the approximate dates do not have to be included, but it is important to include the length of time each section will take.

External factors can always disturb the project timeline, but this will help the people involved get an idea of what the project will look like.

At the end of this section, there will be a complete remodeling schedule and a full completion date.

Extra information

This extra information can include anything from clauses that are now going to be a part of the contract that list specific requirements of the participants to information that was not previously stated.

This can even include information about a dispute between the parties to show what would happen in that situation.

If the contractor allows reasonable changes, this will also be listed in this section. This will be alongside lien releases, laws provisions, and applicable laws.

There should always be a place for this kind of information because you'll find that there are odds and ends of information scattered throughout that you'll want to address.

Ending the project

There should also be a section in the contract that would tell the customer or contractor what they need to do if they feel that they no longer want to proceed forward.

That can look like a collectively referred situation in which both parties agree to end the contractor a fee that needs to be paid to the opposite party if they feel like they would like to end the contract.

Of course, that will look different for everyone depending on the work being done, but it should be decided in the contract.

If these terms are not agreed on ahead of time, the opposite party can take legal action for breaching the contract. That comes with a lot of legal fees and legal documents. This is something that can be easily avoided if it is stated in the legal and binding contract. It may even be beneficial to hire the help of legal experts to construct the contract.


Last but not least, the most crucial part of any contract is the signatures. This is because there are applicable laws in place that dictate that the contract is valid when those signatures are in place.

A signature shows that both parties agreed to the contract and that they have both consented. It is hard to prove anything without those signatures in place because the signature is what makes the arrangement a legal document.


As you can see, a remodeling contract is not that different from any other agreement. It is important to have critical elements of the project such as the timeline, the work being done, and any other information that is vital to the project.

However, it is also essential to include signatures to make the contract legally binding to protect both parties.

This contract's purpose is to ensure that both sides of the party understand the work being done along with the cost. Once that is done, the remodel contract is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about this template.

Are there free contract templates for remodeling?

Yes, Bonsai has a library of free templates you could use. Try a template today to customize, edit and send off. Lawyers and attorneys look at our documents to make sure you are covered from A to Z.

What's the best contract template for remodelers?

Organize on a document: name and address of the client, terms of service, responsibilities or tasks to be performed, payment details, and cost. You could also try Bonsai's free templates. Easily customize our pre-made, lawyer-reviewed templates.

How do you create a contract for remodelers?

Organize on a document: name and address of the client, terms of service, responsibilities or tasks to be performed, payment details, and cost. You could also try Bonsai's free templates. Easily customize our pre-made, lawyer-reviewed templates.