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Photography is beautiful work. Photographers are a passionate lot. They enjoy what they do. They take great pleasure in their work. However, certain aspects of the job remain unappealing to them. An example of this is all paperwork. Asking a photographer to sit down and design or fill an photography invoice example could cause a bit of friction between the two of you. Fortunately, photographers have access to the photography invoice template of their choice. They can draft new photography invoice samples using this template. 

1. Photography invoice templates are great in many ways 

First, it helps you to know what to include on your photographer invoice template. The main piece of information that you ought to include is the kind of photography services you offer. Customize the information to indicate what you provided to your customer. Some of the most common services are still photography and wedding photography. You may also indicate portrait or commercial photography if that’s what you offer. Clients only pay for services offered. Be clear so that they can easily tell whether what you have indicated on the photography invoice sample is correct.  

2. Photography invoices are good for financial management

The first step to a good financial situation for your photography business is ensuring that send accurate and well-prepared invoices to your clients. Since it largely affects whether you’ll be paid or not, it is a crucial step to proper financial management. The business’ financial records are not impossible to maintain properly. You just need to start by drafting accurate invoices professionally before sending them out to your customers. A template reduces the amount of time you would ordinarily spend preparing a photography invoice example. Since you have a template that you can use as a basis or foundation for the invoice you wish to write, you now have more time to focus on the important aspects of your core service – photography. 

Invoicing, just like photography, is an art. Few photographers take it as seriously as they should. Many do it haphazardly without putting much thought into the process. Granted, photography is a highly demanding career. Photographers have to be on top of their game at all times to produce quality photos. Therefore, this leaves them with little time to focus on drafting accurate invoices professionally. Once more, this is where the photography invoice template can help a lot. 

Invoicing can determine how successful the photographer’s business is. It can have an impact on the photographer’s profit margins too. Thus, proper invoicing needs you to be on top of your game. Without a template to use and follow, you are likely to commit too many mistakes. An invoice riddled with numerous mistakes is hard to correct or edit well. At least, one error will escape your attention. This would ordinarily make the clients mad – not unless you are blessed with the ones who are willing to give you the benefit of doubt. Normally, clients who notice mistakes on the photographer invoice template, especially when it comes to the billing details, will conclude that you wanted to defraud them. 

The photography invoice template PDF allows you to focus on what’s important, as previously stated. It keeps you focused on producing excellent photos and taking the best shots. It gives you the freedom to provide exceptional services to your clients. The fact that you can use the template repeatedly also saves you money. You don’t have to keep designing a new photography invoice sample whenever you want to send it to existing customers. Therefore, invest time to study the template so that you excel at what you do best – capturing wonderful photos. 

3. Your photographer invoices are compatible with various billing methods

The photography industry mostly uses the following billing methods: 

  1. Time plus cost
  2. Lump sum
  3. Upset limit

Each method has its pros and cons. Regardless of the method you choose, you will still need to send an invoice to clients. None of these methods will help you unless you prepare and send a professional and accurate invoice. Clients can only pay based on the figure they see on the invoice. They will only pay if you clearly itemize the invoice. An itemized invoice helps clients to know what they are paying for based on the services you offered. Itemized photography invoice samples do not feature arbitrary figures. It is factual and accurate. 

In times plus cost, photographers charge for the time they took to complete a shoot. They also include all the costs or expenses incurred to complete the project. Every piece of information that could affect your payment has to appear on the invoice. Learn from the photography invoice template. Failure to include any component or item on the invoice could mean receiving a lower amount from your client. Are you ready to make the sort of mistake that sees your income and profits take a major hit? Sending wrong data or information only leads to confusion, which delays your payments. 

4. Mirror what an actual photography invoice example looks like

The photography invoice template is a perfect example of what a photographer’s invoice should look like. The template shows you how a professionally drafted and designed invoice should look. It gives your invoices a professional appearance. The Internet is a perfect place for finding various tools that you can use to generate a template worth using. Do a bit of research too to arm yourself with as many options and tools for generating photography invoice examples as possible. The more options you have, the better. 

Photographers are among the most professional group of people you will ever find. It beats logic, therefore, that they do not approach invoicing with a similar level of professionalism. Keep your relationship and interactions with the clients as professional as possible. You know how much effort, time, and resources you put in to find the best client. Use the template to draft a good, clean, professional and accurate invoice. Do this every time you finish a task and wish to invoice one or all of your clients. 

Photography Invoice Template
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5. Show professionalism using your photography invoice template

Invoicing is a crucial part of doing business. For this reason, you should handle it professionally. After all, you are not asking anybody for money. You are sending a reminder for payment for services rendered. You spent time and money taking photos. You used your camera and other equipment. You fueled your car – or boarded a plane – to arrive at the location of the shoot. You have printed the photos or stored and delivered them to the client. For all these, you need the client to now settle the photography invoice example and pay you for all services rendered. 

The photography invoice template is a document that is professional. When such templates are used, professional looking invoices are created. This has the benefit of making the business look more professional and legit. From its structure and format, to the language used; the template must maintain a necessary level of professionalism. It is a document where one party – you (the photographer) – is asking the other party (your client) to pay for work done. The arrangement or agreement the two of you had can only be considered complete and fully met once you receive payment for services rendered. Even when your clients exhaust their budget and ask you to wait longer, you still need to draft the photography invoice example. 

6. Prepare and send your photographer invoice template ASAP

Draft and send the photography invoice sample the moment you finish the project. Make this a habit, especially after learning how to create invoices using the photography invoice template. Any delay on your part to prepare or send the invoice means you should not expect the client to pay you on time. Restrict yourself to sending the invoice according to the contract or agreement you signed with the client. Some clients are a bit dishonest. They will not hesitate to take advantage of you once they see you failing to invoice them on schedule. 

No matter how long you have been in the industry, you ought to have realized that a significant number of clients will always try not to pay. What option do you have with such clients? First, the photography invoice template may not offer much help here. Therefore, let all your clients understand that you will not serve anybody who refuses to sign an agreement or contract with you. Some will want to pay late. Others will want to take off without paying you. Tie them down with a bulletproof contract or agreement that you can legally enforce. 

There is nothing wrong with reminding clients about the agreement when sending them photographer invoice templates. Customers who default or pay late are part of the business environment. That’s just how running a business is like. These behaviors are not limited to photography industry alone. They exist in almost any industry you can imagine. Therefore, protect yourself and the business by getting everything down in writing. Before sending any invoice or commencing the project, issue each new client with a copy of your policies, terms, and conditions. Let them know that you cannot work with them unless they agree to your terms. Ask clients if they understand what the agreement says before they sign. 

Hire a lawyer to help you draft a legally binding agreement or contract. 

7. Monitor expenses and income before preparing the photography invoice template

As you will see, the template cannot track your expenses. But, you can use the accurate invoices you write to determine or calculate how much money you make each month. This is made possible by using templates since they help you prepare accurate, effective invoices. A financially savvy photographer will always keep a close eye on expenses and earnings. The earnings should always exceed the expenses. Invest in an accounting program that helps you to keep track of your expenses. Use the invoice to determine whether the business is making profits or losses. The photographer invoice template is a crucial piece of document that you need to prepare financial statements, which can be the difference between getting a loan and not getting one. The photographer has to learn how to prepare invoices and send reminders to clients who do not pay theirs on time. 

Photography Invoice Template Sample
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8. Photography invoice templates offer more control

The photography invoice template can prove quite helpful at creating a system that allows you to stay on top of everything happening within the business. If you can monitor the finances – how they come in and where they go – you are likely to keep your business from folding up like the competition. Find a way of keeping track of all the clients you have worked for but are yet to clear their invoices. Separate them from all who have cleared their invoices or at least communicated with you regarding delays. 

There is no room on the template for doing all that is stated above. 

Therefore, this is something you will have to do outside the contract or any photographer invoice template you write. The system you develop will incorporate the template and all invoices written or sent out. Keeping a proper record of all your invoices makes it easy to send reminders to any client who is yet to pay. Without a well-maintained record, you will disappoint your clients. You will forget who owes you money. You will not appear as professional as you have always wanted to be seen. Eventually, your business could take a hit from which it may never recover. 

Therefore, never despise any photography invoice template. Use the template to build unique invoices that also market your photography business. Photographers have a lot of work to do and very little time. The fact they have little time to do all that they should make it necessary to invest in templates, tools, equipment, and software that simplify their lives. The template is like an ally. It steps in to keep you abreast on invoices that should go out to their respective owners. 

Finally, when sending the invoice, you may also need to attach a copy of the contract the two of you signed. This is essential when dealing with a client who argues a lot and doubts your claims. The photography industry is just like any other. It has its fair share of difficult-to-please clients. It has clients who seem to have purposed to make your life as unpleasant as possible. For this reason, always keep a copy of the contract where you can find it easily. Take time to prepare an invoice, whose accuracy nobody will deny or doubt.

If you want to know more about what you need to learn and practice to be successful in the photography industry, read our guide on how to get into photography.

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How do you write a photography invoice?

Create a document with a unique invoice number, company name/address, date of the invoice, scope of work, payment details or terms, price or amount of the services that need to be paid. You could also use Bonsai's invoice templates to customize, manage and send impressing invoices.

Do photographers use invoices?

Yes, try Bonsai's invoicing software to manage, customize and send invoices. Add your company logo, details, costs and start sending professional looking invoices today.

Is there a free photography invoice template?

Yes, try Bonsai's invoicing software to manage, customize and send invoices. Add your company logo, details, costs and start sending professional looking invoices today.