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Overview of Excel Invoice Templates

The Microsoft Excel invoice template is a pre-designed spreadsheet that allows you to create invoices for your clients or customers. The template includes various fields for you to specify the invoice date, invoice number, description of goods or services provided, quantities, unit prices, and total costs, as well as spaces for buyer and seller contact information. The spreadsheet will then calculate totals and taxes, saving time you and reducing the risk of calculation errors.

Business owners, contractors, freelancers, and consultants love using Excel invoice templates because it removes the need to design invoices from scratch. Simply download, add the relevant information, and send.

Importance of Professional Invoicing

Professional invoicing is not just a matter of documenting transactions; it plays a vital role in maintaining accurate financial records, ensuring legal protection, and portraying professionalism to your clients.

In fact, there are many more reasons why professional invoicing is important for any business:

  • Tracking revenue: Professional invoices help you keep a reliable record of your revenue, which is essential for financial reporting and forecasting.
  • Tax compliance: Keeping a record of your invoices helps ensure that all transactions are documented correctly, which will help you when it comes time to file your taxes.
  • Proof of transaction: Invoices serve as a legal document that can be used as proof of transaction between you and your client.
  • Prompt payments: Clear and detailed invoices prompt clients to make timely payments, positively impacting the your business’s cash flow.
  • Client communication: Providing clear and detailed invoices ensures that clients fully understand the charges, required payment terms, and conditions.
  • Inventory management: For product-based businesses, invoicing helps in tracking inventory levels and understanding product demand.

Key Features of the Best Excel Invoice Templates

The Excel Invoice Templates from Bonsai can be customized to the fit specific needs of your business, saving you time and money compared to designing your own proprietary invoices. The spreadsheet contains multiple columns for itemization, calculates totals automatically, and even uses built-in formulas for tax calculations. Business invoicing has never been easier!

Completely Free and Ready to Send to Clients

Generate, edit, and export professional invoices in minutes with the free Excel work invoice template. The template allows for easy editing and updating, and even integrates with other Excel tools. This saves time and effort in invoicing your clients.

Automatic Calculation of Subtotal and Grand Total Amounts

Excel’s built-in formulas automatically calculate the subtotal and grand total of the goods or services itemized in your invoice. Simply enter the line items, product description, quantity, pricing, and purchase terms, and the formulas will do the rest. Also, the final invoice exports to PDF for easy printing or emailing. This means it can be shared with clients or colleagues in seconds.

Customizable to Fit Unique Business Needs

Our specially designed template provides a professional look for businesses. Make a positive impression with your clients with a custom-branded invoice. Excel also makes it simple to duplicate existing invoices, upload new client details, itemize costs, and organize your financial documents. Manage all of your business accounting and invoicing in one place.

Professionally Formatted with Key Invoice Elements

Business owners love the Exxcel invoice templates due to its editability, built-in formulas, and integration with other Microsoft office tools. Excel spreadsheets offer a range of helpful features, such as color-coded categories, dropdown menu options and conditional formatting features. You can even take advantage of Microsoft’s embedded instructions or tooltips to streamline your invoicing process.

Online Invoice Generator

The Online Invoice Generator is a faster, more user-friendly solution for creating professional invoices. Rather than relying on simple invoice templates or manually-created statements, you can simple enter your invoice information and the Online Invoice Generator will create an invoice right away. Save even more time on your business invoicing with Bonsai.

Benefits of Using an Online Invoice Generator

Free invoice templates provide a simple option for payment collection and customer invoicing, but there are limitations. Invoice templates don’t integrate with every platform and they don’t have the data validation options provided by online software. If you are looking for a better way to create invoices, consider using the Online Invoice Generator.

There are many benefits to using an Online Invoice Generator tool:

  • Format Customizability: Online invoice generators offer the ability to customize templates, ensuring that all your invoices reflect your brand’s identity, from logo to color scheme.
  • User-friendly interface: Even without design experience, you can create professional and comprehensive invoices in seconds.
  • Efficiency: Online invoice generators are built specifically for invoicing, streamlining the entire process from creation to payment.
  • Accuracy: Online generators minimize the risk of manual errors and makes it easy to track the status of each invoice.
  • Currency Adaptability: The online invoice generation software adapts to different currencies and tax systems, making it great for businesses that serve international clients.
  • Compliance: Automated tax calculations help in maintaining compliance with local tax regulations.
  • Notes section: Additional space for notes ensures all terms, instructions, or relevant information are communicated clearly.

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Basic Invoice Template

The Basic Invoice Template for Excel is our most ready-to-use template. The spreadsheet is organized with separate sections for billing and shipping, making it easy for clients to understand the details. The template requires Microsoft Excel to open and edit, but is compatible with various Excel versions.

Blank Invoice Template

The Blank Invoice Template is downloadable from various online sources, including Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Microsoft Word, and more. Get started with a simple, fill-in-the-blank template to create invoices right away.

Custom Invoice Template

The Custom Invoice Template is used by freelancers and businesses alike to create detailed invoices with their exact branding. Choose the layout that best suits your business, add customer information, include your logo and colors, and send the completed invoice to your client.

Printable Invoice Template

The Printable Invoice Template is available in a variety of formats, including Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, and PDF. Simply fill out the invoice and export it as a PDF. Then, print off the invoice and email it to your client. The printed invoice can also be sent to clients via standard mail.

Invoice Template for Email

Email is one of the most common methods for sending invoices. Make it easy for clients to open, view, and respond to invoices via email. Get started with the free, customizable Invoice Template for Email.

Google Docs Invoice Template

Prefer to create invoices in Google Docs? Then the Google Docs Invoice Template is perfect for you. Just open the template, make a copy, fill out the details, and send the completed invoice to clients via link, email, or PDF.

PDF Invoice Template

Many clients prefer a PDF invoice so they can save it for their records. The PDF Invoice Template allows you to create an invoice, save it as a PDF, and send to your clients via email or standard mail.

Profession & Service Specific Invoice Templates

Contractor Invoice Template

If you work on contract projects, the Contractor Invoice Template might be right for you. Whether it’s graphic design contracts, home building contracts, consulting contracts, or others, you can create detailed professional invoices in just a few minutes.

Freelance Invoice Template

Love the freedom of freelancing? Then you’ll love the convenience of the Freelance Invoice Template. Create detailed invoices for your freelance gigs and save receipts for your business financials.

Consulting Invoice Template

Your clients trust you for your expertise and advice. Put your most professional foot forward with a great looking invoice. The Consulting Invoice Template is perfect for all types of consultants, from marketing to business to technology and beyond.

Photography Invoice Template

Send professional, aesthetically-pleasing invoices to your photography clients. The Photography Invoice template is even embedded with logos and branding elements to you can send invoices with your own unique branding.

Graphic Design Invoice Template

Close more graphic design projects and sales with the Graphic Design Invoice Template. Whether you design logos, print materials, website graphics, or social media images, this template saves you time compared to designing your own invoices from scratch.

Construction Invoice Template

Run a construction business? If so, then you know how important it is to bill your clients for labor, materials, parts, and building services. The Construction Invoice Template offers a straightforward way to itemize expenses and get paid for your work.

Rental Invoice Template

Get paid faster in your event or equipment rentals business with the Rental Invoice Template. Add your customer’s name, the required payment method, total costs, and more to get paid the right away.

Proforma Invoice Template

Create and send pro forma invoices to your clients. The Pro Forma Invoice Template allows you to calculate estimated costs and set clear expectations with your customers.

Retainer Invoice Template

Invoice your retainer clients with ease with the help of the Retainer Invoice Template. Clearly outline your services, cost, and due date to get paid by clients on a regular basis.

Itemized Bill Template

Send clients itemized work orders with the Itemized Bill Template. This template allows you to specify all goods or services provided, a description of each, itemized cost, quantity, and total so you are paid correctly on the amount owed.

Free Invoice Templates for Excel
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

Is Excel User-Friendly?

Yes! Microsoft Excel is widely considered user-friendly and is used by business owners and professionals across various industries. Excel provides a range of features that can help businesses with invoicing, accounting, data analysis, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting.

Why Is Word Recommended Over Excel for Invoicing?

While both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel can be used to create invoices, Word is generally recommended over Excel for invoicing for several reasons. For one, Word is designed primarily for text documents. This means the templates are generally simpler to modify and customize. Also, Word generally has a lower learning curve for creating documents like invoices, making them a simple option for business owners.

Can I Set Up Excel to Automatically Generate Invoice Numbers?

Yes, you can set up Excel to automatically generate invoice numbers. One common method is to use Excel’s functions and features to create the invoice number each time you create a new invoice. To do this, start by opening the Excel invoice template. Next, select a cell for the invoice number, and enter your starting invoice number, for instance, “1001”. In another cell, input the formula =A1+1 to increment the invoice number by one. Make sure you save your new template. Whenever you need a new invoice, open the template, use the formula to update the invoice number, and fill in the necessary details.

Is There a Way to Convert My Excel Invoice to a PDF Format for Emailing?

Yes, you can convert your Excel invoice to a PDF format for emailing. To do this, open the invoice in Excel and navigate to the “File” menu, then select “Save As”. Choose your desired destination to save the file, and from the “Save as type” dropdown menu, select “PDF”. Once done, click “Save” to create the PDF version of your invoice. Now, create a new email and attach the PDF file. Enter the recipient's email address, add a subject line, and type your message. Finally, send the email with the attached PDF invoice.