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To get off to a fighting start, here's what you need to include:

  • A description of the training to be performed, such as “sessions may include but are not limited to….” and a list of activities like weight training, aerobic conditioning, etc.
  • An outline of a training schedule with the number of sessions included.
  • A payment schedule that outlines the cost per session or package
  • A cancellation clause, outlining a time frame for notification if the client can’t make a session.
  • A termination notice, which defines a timeframe for either party to cancel the contract.
  • A signature section, with e-signature being ideal, allowing each party to sign the contract and make it legally binding.

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We've got templates you can use to make contracts for any business, reviewed by thousands of freelancers and top contract lawyers.

Here's what you can do with Bonsai:

  • Customize any contract template for your own business needs
  • Make a single-use contract whenever you need one.
  • Use e-signatures to get save yourself and your client time
  • Automatically send reminders and get notified when the contract has been signed


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Personal Trainer Contract Template

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