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Does your business prefer sending printed invoices to customers? Whether your business prefers printed invoices or sending out these documents via emails, you should be aware that better options for personal invoice templates exist. Today, you can create personal invoice templates and send invoices online to your list of customers for all the freelancing work done. Creating the invoices online saves your business time  and money.

The world is going digital, and somehow, you’ve got to keep up with this pace to remain relevant in the market. In a generation where people want to access almost everything from their smartphones, you can only do well if you make most of your personal invoices available online. As such, your clients can easily access the invoice from wherever they are. 

So, how can you send invoice online? It’s not something out of the blues. Of course, you must have an invoice in place, and as a freelancer, you should already be having one. If you’ve been using a paper invoice, you may have to create one online. Just pick a personal or freelance invoice template online to get started. 

However, you should note that the personal invoice template you pick on may not look exactly like the one you’ve been using. If you’d like to retain your invoice structure and design, you’ll have to give it a few tweaks. That shouldn’t worry you, though. It’s as easy as you can imagine. 

So, what’s the benefit of sending invoice online? You can achieve much with an online invoice. Not only is it fast to send invoice online, but very much convenient for your business. 

Read below for the full list of benefits your business derives from sending personal invoice templates online.

1. The personal invoice template sends invoices immediately

Is late payment a big concern in your freelance business? Well, if you’re still using paper invoice or send invoice via email, don’t expect a change any time soon. Paper invoice tend to be slow, and so, late payment will forever be a challenge. ‍

Your business doesn't receive payment from customers on time  probably because you send personal invoice templates late, which is the case with invoices sent vial emails. Nonetheless, the online tools that  help you create invoices ensure that your customers receive these financial  documents immediately. The software helps you to schedule invoicing. The software is great for direct invoicing. More importantly, the online software allows you to send invoices online any time irrespective of your location.

Essentially, sending your personal invoice template online ensures your clients get the document instantly. Regardless of where they are, they’ll be able to access your invoice immediately and take the necessary action. The truth is, if you send your personal invoice template via email, your client may take ages before confirming receipt. But why? Due to their busy schedules, most clients pay little attention to their emails. As such, it may take time to view your invoice, and of course, this translates to late payment. So, you better send invoice online.

2. Better tracking of invoices with the personal invoice sample

What happens after you send an invoice online? How long do you wait  before getting any feedback from the client? Fortunately, you can track the progress of the payments your business expects for all the personal invoice templates you sent out. 

Furthermore, online invoicing tracks the invoices automatically, thus allowing you to focus on the important task of managing other aspects of your freelancing business.

You can:

  • View payment statuses
  • Create reminders
  • Get better insight by running reports
  • Create a better trail of all audits
  • Ensures that clients settle all important bills thus providing your business with cashflow

The success of any freelance business lies in the invoice, and, therefore, a personal invoice template is an important tool for your business. If you're in a web design business for example, you’d like to pay your team members on time, but that depends on how fast your client can pay you. Following up on email isn’t convenient, as you’ll have to deal with the delays that come with it. This is why it's important to know how to make an invoice. With an online invoice, you can check the status of every payment and follow up accordingly. The good thing is that when you send invoice online, your client gets it instantly. So, you’re sure they’ve viewed it and that they’re soon going to act on it. So, why not send invoice online to make things easier on your part. Just get an invoice software with the best tools to get started. 

3. Receive payments faster with the personal invoice sample

According to Xero, online invoicing speeds up the time of payment. If your business has struggled with being paid faster, it  might be time to create an invoice online using special types of software. The  online tools deliver invoices to clients on the same day you send them. What's  more, the software makes it possible for clients to pay you using tools that  are part of the features of the invoice. This saves you from waiting long to  receive feedback from the clients on when they shall send payments.

As a freelancer, you know that you must deliver on time, and you’re always working hard towards that. In return, you’d like your client to pay you on time. It’s not interesting to argue with a client concerning payments, and so, it’s better to iron out things early enough. Remember when it comes to payment, it’s you to make it convenient. Don’t expect your client to suggest an invoicing software to you. They’ll go with what works for you. If it’s the email way, then that’s what they’ll stick to, even if it’s not working well for you. Therefore, incorporate an invoicing tool into your freelance business and use it to get timely payments from your clients. You’re working with a team of freelancers behind you, and so, you don’t  want to disappoint them by issuing payments late. 

4. The personal invoice example saves time and money

Time is an important factor in any freelance business, and as such, you need to manage it properly. Your business should spend less money than it makes. In case you didn’t know, invoicing can take so much of your time if not well done. Well, it’s the final stage of your project, but it can drag your freelance business behind. Even if your payments delay by a day, your business will feel the impact. So, you need to take as little time as possible when it comes to invoicing. 

The  business should also use time wisely, and you can only ensure this by changing how you invoice your clients. Therefore, create an invoice online to  enable the business to save as much money and time as is possible. The software  used for this purpose helps you to stop worrying about cashflow management and reconciling  complex accounts. 

All the time you spent in the past wrestling with paperwork shall be no more as you create an invoice using online tools. You don’t have the time to keep sending reminder emails to your client, which they may not even get the time to go through. So, start invoicing your clients online. 

According to Bizxpert, you can create and an invoice within a minute with online invoicing systems. Therefore, find ways to create an invoice online with special  tools to help your business succeed.

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