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Mobile application development is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today. Development of mobile apps has unleashed a big potential of mobile devices, which has generated revenue for businesses. The industry has also helped in driving traffic to websites and access to larger brands and services, including social networks and online shops, to exceed to meet customers' expectations. It generated $41.1 billion in gross annual revenue alone.

If you are a skilled mobile developer at this age, there's the hope of more lucrative projects in the coming days. But first, you must know how to stay ahead of the competition using your mobile application development quotation. Writing a quotation for an app is more than putting down figures together in a paper.

Mobile App Development Quotation Template
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Without a solid scope of work and quotation, developers will lose top projects to their more organized competitors. Gone are those days where you can take scope of work for the website and adapt to quote a web development app project.

If you are a developer, who is set to take on a mobile app development project, see the complete guide below on mobile application development quotation. 

1. Scope of work for the app in the mobile app development quotation template

The scope is fundamentally the parameters of a project. This is the section where you consider the complexities of that app and the development requirement. A clear and concise scope of work when writing your mobile application development quotation would help you stay on course.

You need to note the variables and features that the client desires in the scope. Getting the scope right determines the success of the project overall. Hence, you might consider using the application for scoping and quoting such a project. 

2. Timeframe in your mobile app development quotation sample

Another question you should ask yourself while planning to quote is the time it will take to build the mobile application. Every mobile app is unique; so, you should consider all the features before coming up with a timescale for the development. Development may depend on functionality, type, and model, as well as the platform on which the app will run.

If you give a detailed timeframe as part of your mobile application development quotation, you and your client will benefit  from the following:

  • Your ability to expectations
  • You will gain the trust of the client
  • Lay groundwork for approval and timely payment if hired
  • Minimize the potential of the problem or creep in the project
Mobile App Development Quotation Template Sample
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3. Project cost in the mobile app development quotation template

A detailed quote is one that reassures the business of a plan to execute and perform the functionalities needed to meet some required goals. Not only that, but the quote also clarifies the cost of the service. In your mobile application development quotation, state the cost of your service for each of the milestones you’ve set.

It would be helpful if you highlight each if the development stages of the app development and breakdown the cost accordingly. This is very important because this section is of utmost interest to your client. On-going support cost, maintenance, hosting, and the cost of fixing bugs should also be captured in this section.

Applications such as the a freelance rates explorer are useful for projecting and calculating the rate for software and mobile app development costs.

Final words

Setting cost in mobile application development quotation writing needs some level research and information about the project. Take time to understand the complexity and functionality plus the timescale to ensure your cost appropriately. Another factor that may affect project cost is the type of business.

Freelancers often offer a decent end product app at an affordable cost if the project is limited in scope, functionality, and workforce requirement. Enterprises can meet any project demand at a premium cost, while boutique agencies have medium-sized experienced teams that deliver quality at a special premium rate.

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