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Mentoring can get difficult. Both mentors and mentees typically have a lot on their plates including work, side projects, training plans, personal life, you name it. Your time is limited, and when working as an independent professional mentor, time is money. So, how can you develop a meaningful and productive mentoring relationship with your clients without wasting too much time communicating and setting expectations?

Drafting a contract from scratch for each new client can also be pretty time-consuming, and it might be tempting to stick to a more informal, verbal agreement. Don't. Instead, protect your business and show your professionalism by creating a pre-written mentoring contract template which will allow you to focus only on filling in the client-specific information, to quickly draft a legal document that your clients can also rely on. 

Read on to find out what vital information your template should cover.

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Essential Elements of a Mentoring Contract Template

A mentoring contract is the leading path for your program, where you can effectively outline the objectives and logistics, as well as set clear expectations for both your client and you as their mentor. To do so, make sure to include the following essential elements on your contract template.

Objectives and Goals

The first thing your contract must outline is a clear objective for the mentorship program. Why is your client hiring you? State if the company is trying to increase employee skill levels (and what are these skills), decrease turnover, or create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Include details about where your client wants to be at their highest point of their career, or what is the most senior position they aspire to hold. The rest of the contract should be guided by this initial mission statement.

Development Plan (Scope of Work)

A mentee and mentor will agree on a development plan. In this section, you should include the concrete actions that your mentee is expected to take in order to achieve the previously stated goals, the time commitment they are willing to make, as well as the activities and exercises that will be implemented during the program.

Your contract should also identify the metrics that will be used to assess the success of the mentorship program. Don't forget to lay down some ground rules regarding communication considering if the client prefers to meet with you in person, over the phone, video call, or otherwise.


Next, your mentoring contract should define the (previously agreed upon) duration of the program. Specify the expected start and end dates, as well as when certain milestones should be achieved. Additionally, mention when each meeting should take place and how long they are expected to last. The majority of mentoring programs last only a few months, so it's important to follow a timeline so that mentors and mentees can pace themselves and ensure the goals are met.

Payment Terms

Another important aspect to address on your mentoring contract is the payment information. This section must include the total cost of your services, the amount required as a down payment, and when the rest of the installments will be required. You should also mention your accepted payment methods such as credit/debit cards, ACH transfers and online payments through Stripe or PayPal. Establishing the payment terms upfront will help you avoid misunderstandings and reduce late payments.

Confidentiality Clause

Finally, you must define the areas of the mentoring relationship that either party wants to keep confidential. This section will help build trust by committing to keeping every personal or sensitive information discussed during sessions as private. You must agree this information should never be voluntarily shared with others unless either of you is required to do so by law.

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