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Logo Design Invoice Template

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Logo Design Invoice Template

If you recently landed your first freelance logo design contract, you must be one of the luckiest designers in the freelance market. It’s never easy to get one, and so, kudos for making it there. However, that’s not the end of the journey for you. As a freelancer, there’s quite a lot to be done as you work on the project.

It isn’t just about designing a logo for your client. At some point, you’ll need your pay for the work done, and that’s also a process. Your client won’t just wake up one morning and send you the cash. They need a logo design invoice template to know how much they need to pay you.

So, before you sit down and wait for your money to roll in, make sure you have a logo design invoice example in place. And not just a regular logo invoice template, but something clear and presentable.

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Here are tips for designing a logo design invoice example that will get you paid on time.

1. Highlight your brand

Apart from showing how much the client needs to pay, your logo design invoice template reflects your business personality. So, don’t just make it look plain. Even though it will still give you your pay, the client may find it a bit blunt, and that’s the last thing you’d want.

Therefore, make sure your logo design invoice sample reflects your brand – your color theme, company logo, etc. You can do this from scratch, but it’s much easier to work with a template.

2. Keep it simple

Your client doesn’t have a whole day to go through your logo design invoice template. So, make sure they can pick out what they need without straining. Remember, it’s just an invoice. Therefore, it doesn’t have to be a million-word document. Just be straight to the point.

On top of making your logo design invoice example look attractive, make sure it’s easy to read and understand. No one enjoys squinting over minute fonts, and neither is your client. Therefore, use a readable font size.

3. Be polite

Money matters are so sensitive. Remember, as much as you’ve worked for it, it’s not proper to demand it. Your client may not take this kindly. Therefore, be mindful of your language. Your logo design invoice example should be carefully worded with the right language to avoid any instances of disrespect.

Be as polite and respectful as you can in expressing your demands. In case you need more clarification on this, check out logo design invoice samples available online. At least you’ll have an idea of how to go about it.

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4. Set a due date

Surprisingly, most freelancers don’t set due dates on their logo invoice templates. The truth is, you need to indicate a payment deadline in your logo design invoice. Otherwise, you may have to wait longer for your payout. Avoid using words like promptly to mean that you need the payment fast.

Your client’s interpretation of promptly may just shock you. Promptly could mean a month to them while you need your money in a couple of days. Therefore, set an actual due date and display it on your logo design invoice. With this, the client will do exactly what’s required of them.

5. Itemize your invoice

Your client needs to know what they’re paying for. So, don’t just include a lump sum amount in your logo design invoice sample. Break it down in such a way that it’s easier to interpret. List down each piece of work alongside simple descriptions of what the client is paying for. Again, keep the descriptions simple. Your client shouldn’t struggle to understand the content of the invoice.

Are you now ready to write your logo design invoice template? Go ahead and design an invoice that will get you paid faster.

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Logo Design Invoice Template

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Logo Design Invoice Template

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