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Logo design invoices just like other invoices are documents that give the details of the service offered, as well as the cost and payment methods for a logo design service provided to a client. The invoices could be handwritten or electronic documents. Bonsai offers you a creative logo design invoice sample that will help you write effective and complete logo design invoices.

If you recently landed your first freelance logo design contract, you must be one of the luckiest designers in the freelance market. It’s never easy to get one, and so, kudos for making it there. However, that’s not the end of the journey for you. As a freelancer, there’s quite a lot to be done as you work on the project.

It isn’t just about designing a logo for your client. At some point, you’ll need your pay for the work done, and that’s also a process. Your client won’t just wake up one morning and send you the cash. They need a logo design invoice template to know how much they need to pay you.

Having invoices come with obvious advantages that a freelancer should not overlook. Here are some of the advantages of using a logo design invoice:

  • The invoices are a great document that helps freelancers get paid on time. With the invoice, you give the client details on how to make the payment.
  • The invoice provides evidence that the freelancer offered certain services to a client. The invoices can be used by both parties as evidence that services were offered and payment made. That makes a good point for convincing your client to work on invoices as they can use the records of the invoice as evidence for payment.
  • Reduce billing cycles - the freelancer, in this case, eliminates the need for constantly reminding the client.

So, before you sit down and wait for your money to roll in, make sure you have a logo design invoice example in place. And not just a regular logo invoice template, but something clear and presentable. Just as we have seen above using an invoice has many advantages to a freelancer that is looking to lighten up a load of asking for payment. Bonsai makes this even simpler by offering you simple and ready to use logo design invoice templates that will help you with the process of creating invoices.

Using logo design invoice example helps the freelancer free up work of his/ her plate and has the following benefits:

  • Easy to create invoices – by using logo design invoice templates, the freelancer only needs to enter relevant details instead of writing an invoice from scratch. Therefore, the freelancer frees up his table off some work, allowing him or her to focus on the job they are being paid to do.
  • The logo design invoice example helps the freelancer to create complete logo design invoices that are error-free. It is important to avoid errors while communicating with your client as such things would impact negatively on your image and possibly even the client’s confidence.
Logo Design Invoice Template
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Here are tips for designing a logo design invoice example that will get you paid on time.

1. Highlight your brand in the logo design invoice template

Apart from showing how much the client needs to pay, your logo design invoice template reflects your business personality. So, don’t just make it look plain. Even though it will still give you your pay, the client may find it a bit blunt, and that’s the last thing you’d want.

Therefore, make sure your logo design invoice sample reflects your brand – your color theme, company logo, etc. You can do this from scratch, but it’s much easier to work with a template.

The logo design invoice sample gives you the freelancer flexibility of using it as a marketing tool. Having the logo not only sells your brand but also gives the client confidence that you are up to the task as an established firm.

Remember this is an opportunity to make business communication with your clients. Take for example; asking your client for feedback or offering them incentives for referrals. The logo invoice template can make a good marketing strategy for your firm.

2. Keep your logo design invoice simple

Your client doesn’t have a whole day to go through your logo design invoice template. So, make sure they can pick out what they need without straining. Remember, it’s just an invoice. Therefore, it doesn’t have to be a million-word document. Just be straight to the point.

On top of making your logo design invoice example look attractive, make sure it’s easy to read and understand. No one enjoys squinting over minute fonts, and neither is your client. Therefore, use a readable font size. The logo design invoice sample is user friendly and makes it easy to create attractive fonts and graphics.

3. Be polite in the logo design invoice sample

Money matters are so sensitive. Remember, as much as you’ve worked for it, it’s not proper to demand it. Your client may not take this kindly. Therefore, be mindful of your language. Your logo design invoice example should be carefully worded with the right language to avoid any instances of disrespect.

Be as polite and respectful as you can in expressing your demands. In case you need more clarification on this, check out logo design invoice samples available online. At least you’ll have an idea of how to go about it.

Remember to also watch the tone in your writing because you don’t want to have anything that the client may interpret as being rude. Be sure to use words like thank you and sorry whenever necessary. They may seem trivial but they may go a long way to creating a lasting relationship.

Logo Design Invoice Template Sample
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4. Set a due date in the logo design invoice template

Surprisingly, most freelancers don’t set due dates on their logo invoice templates. The truth is, you need to indicate a payment deadline in your logo design invoice. Otherwise, you may have to wait longer for your payout. Avoid using words like promptly to mean that you need the payment fast.

Your client’s interpretation of promptly may just shock you. Promptly could mean a month to them while you need your money in a couple of days. Therefore, set an actual due date and display it on your logo design invoice. With this, the client will do exactly what’s required of them.

5. Itemize your logo design invoice sample

Your client needs to know what they’re paying for. So, don’t just include a lump sum amount in your logo design invoice sample. Break it down in such a way that it’s easier to interpret. List down each piece of work alongside simple descriptions of what the client is paying for. Again, keep the descriptions simple. Your client shouldn’t struggle to understand the content of the invoice.

Are you now ready to write your logo design invoice template? Go ahead and design an invoice that will get you paid faster.

6. Personalize the logo design invoice template

In as much as you will be using a logo design invoice sample that is auto-generated, try to customize the details to your client. The more personalized the invoice is towards your client, the more they will be at home to work with you more in the future. The invoices are simple but are a great tool for creating lasting working relationships.

The invoice should contain all the necessary details that are necessary to help the client process your payment. The invoice not only acts as a payment request tool but also as a tool for record purposes for both you and your client. The logo design invoice example helps you with getting these details in your logo design invoice without breaking much sweat. Here are some of the details that should not be left out when filling in the template:

  • Your company name, logo, and contact info
  • The date of the invoice - chose between the date of delivery or date invoice is written for all your invoices for consistency.
  • A clear title with the word ‘Invoice’
  • Invoice issue date and payment due date
  • Name and address of the client - address your client in a polite manner and recognize them.
  • Invoice number - the invoice number helps in tracking transactions. The number can help solve payment conflicts by making it easy to trace transactions.
  • Description of services rendered
  • Subtotal for each service
  • Total amount due, including taxes and discounts
  • Payment terms
  • Personal note

The logo design invoice sample gives the freelancer the options for offering the client incentives such as discounts. You can also use the logo design invoice to market your brand by offering incentives to customers. There is so much that you can do with invoices for your business so make use of these logo invoice template and create awesome templates.

Free Logo Design Invoice Template
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

How do I make an invoice for a logo?

You can customize Bonsai's free logo design invoice template to instantly bill your clients. Send professional looking invoices by adding your logo, business info, client details, and payment information.

How do I make a logo for an invoice for free?

Bonsai's free invoice template allows you to create professional-looking invoices for your clients within minutes. Insert your own logo, and branding in just a few easy steps.

What is the best free logo design invoice template?

Bonsai is the best free logo design invoice template. Simply edit the invoice number, company details, due date, date of the invoice, what services were performed, payment details, and amount due for the services that need to be paid.