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Logo Design Contract TemplateLogo Design Contract TemplateLogo Design Contract Template

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Drafting a logo design contract is a critical method of legally stating your terms and conditions. Working as a logo design freelancer without a logo design agreement can cause your project to go to waste. Freelance work is based on trust, and you need to have solid proof that both parties will meet their obligations as required. Working without a logo design agreement is like putting your freelance business on the line and expecting to increase your income. 

Freelancers who ignore the importance of a logo design agreement end up offering services that the client isn’t willing to pay for. Since you’re out to make money, and you wouldn’t want to lose even a single cent, consider working with a logo design agreement. It’s enjoyable to explore your creativity and make use of your skills to make the client happy, but if you disagree along the way, the good relationship will crumble. 

Bonsai logo design contract template
Bonsai contract template - sign up to create your own

You don’t want that, right? Well, go ahead and create a logo design agreement to protect the interest of both parties!

While drafting your freelance logo design contract template, you don't have to scare your client off with some boring pages of a document. You should make the contract to be clear and straightforward to be understood by your clients. Don't discourage your client with unnecessary and unclear information. Remember, you’ll be referring to the logo design agreement whenever you disagree on some issues. A complicated logo design contract template will only worsen the situation, and you may end up without a solution. 

If you’re drafting your first contract, you may find it challenging to have the necessary information precisely added to the document. However, with several logo design agreement samples available online, you’re good to go. Also, a logo design contract template is already formatted. 

So you should find it easy to fill in the required details. Don’t make the agreement lengthy, but rather include the necessary clauses as highlighted in the logo design contract template. A contract act as security for the services you offer and the payment you wish to receive. As such, it should contain just a few sections revolving around terms of work and payment.

You should make the contract to be clear and straightforward to be understood by your clients. Don't discourage your client with unnecessary and unclear information.

Firstly, let us discuss what a perfect logo design contract template must entail.

1. Service details in the logo design contract template

Even though you and your client have reached some verbal agreement on your freelancing service, you still have to write your service details in the logo design contract. Which must include your packages and roles that must be stated clearly. Hence, establishing your service framework will enable you to decline any additional service that the client may demand after delivering your services as per your freelance logo design contract template.

Failure to clearly outline your scope of work in the logo design contract template, you’ll end up offering services that a client isn’t willing to pay for. In case you’re offering some additional services at a cost, make sure it’s also covered in the logo design contract template. Remember, you’re trying to protect the relationship between you and the client, and so you shouldn’t leave a loophole that may cause disagreement.

2. Logo design contract deadline and timelines 

Arrangements can be used to make sure that the services are rendered and the service payment shall be of adequate performance. In your logo design contract, you have to state clearly your working period, such as when you will work for the client daily, and your available hours. Also, you can indicate on the logo design agreement that any additional working hours attract extra pay. This will keep the client aware of your off-hours work charges.

Thus, when setting a deadline, add some additional time to the time you will use to perform such service. The client expects you to complete the assigned tasks within the stipulated period, failure to which, you may end up having a bumpy relationship. 

In most cases, the client will allow you to choose your deadlines, but of course, depending on how soon they need the tasks completed. It’s good to show the client you can deliver fast, but don’t promise what you can’t achieve. Also, you don’t want to strain to hit tight deadlines. So work within your comfort, while at the same time ensuring you complete the required tasks as soon as the client wants them.

Logo Design Contract Template
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3. Client responsibilities 

Contracts can be used as evidence in case of payment disputes. If you take a look at logo design contract templates, there would be appropriate guidance on this. Therefore, a hard copy should be kept as evidence. Don’t shy off from stating your payment terms in the contract. While some clients fulfil their payment obligations to the freelancer without delay, others are troublesome, and they may end up paying you less than the agreed amount or even fail to release payment after completing the tasks. In such circumstances, only a logo design contract will come to your aid.

State everything you need from the client before you start your freelancing service. You should follow the following guidelines in stating your client's responsibilities:

  • Service description – you should explain your service in detail.
  • Contact point – request for a contact person to keep your client updated on the project.
  • Approval step – you can also set deadlines for the project and send a document to the client for approval.

4. Deliverables in your logo design contract template

Describe briefly the end product of your service and how you will deliver it. You may ask the client to state his or her preferred method of delivery. State every detail in your logo design contract. You should as well indicate whether the client wants you to keep a backup file or not. If you are to keep the copy, how you should keep it. Finally, state the fee for the copy.

5. Payment details in your logo design contract sample

As a freelancer, this is the best way to motivate yourself to do progress with the project. You should state clearly on the freelance logo design contract template, a particular percentage of the total fee you want before you start the work. This will motivate you to complete the task to receive the other part of the fee. Also, under the payment details, you should state an extra amount you will charge for additional work. So that your client will not be surprised if you request extra pay on other tasks.

Actually, most clients don’t like it when they realize they have to pay more at the end of the service. It’s merely because the freelancer didn’t prepare them for such costs. You may end up losing the job, and that’s the last thing you want to happen to you. Also, use a sound logo design invoice to be well prepared.

Logo Design Contract Template Example
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A good logo design agreement must have the above-discussed elements. To avoid writing a lot of jargon in your agreement, you should source for a good freelance logo design contract template and use it to draft your contract. Finally, ensure to state your terms and conditions in a simple and clear language to avoid misinterpretation of information from your client.

Logo design contract template FAQs

Do you have more questions about logo design contract templates? Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions:

1. What are the benefits of using logo design contract templates?

The major benefit of using a logo design contract template for any new project is to protect your work and make sure you get paid on time. The added benefit is also having the clients written signature for the project scope and steps for resolution.

2. How do I create a logo design contract template?

A logo design contract template can be created either by starting from a sample, and editing it for the project's individual requirements, or by using Bonsai to draft and download one in just minutes. Sign up a the free trial today!

3. When do I draft and send the logo design contract template?

A logo design contract template is drafted and sent for signature whenever you start a new project.

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Logo Design Contract Template

Bonsai has helped create 151,954 contracts and counting

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Logo Design Contract Template

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