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Table of content

What is a logo design contract?

A logo design contract is a written agreement between a designer and their client that covers all of the details around designing the client logo. These details include things like intellectual property rights, final payment details, delivery of timely feedback, and so much more.

Your freelance design contract should give a total overview of your logo designing services, the scope of work, and the entire agreement.

Sign-up now to start creating your free logo design contract. It has all the elements you need to create a legitimate, legally binding agreement.

Why you need a logo design agreement  

As an independent contractor, you need a graphic design contract to build a stronger employer employee relationship, align on the personal delivery of your work, and formalize the graphic design agreement, so it's legally binding.

Without signed contracts in place for your logo design, you run the risk of not being paid, losing rights to your work, and client decisions that you're unhappy with yet unable to do anything about—like multiple unpaid renditions, canceling the project with no warning, or receiving an out of scope brief.

A freelance design contract formalizes an entire agreement and promotes you as a professional designer. In some cases, it can help you get graphic design clients!

Ready to cover what you need to include in your go-to design contract template, so you only need to tweak it for each client?

What should be included in a contract for logo design?

We thoughts you'd never ask. There are quite a few things you should include in your graphic design contract template. We've also included all of the below in the free graphic design contract you can find on this page.

Statement of work

On this occasion, you're hired to create the client's logo. However, any freelance graphic designer knows that logo design doesn't stop at a couple of logo renditions. Your work will include user research, competitor analysis, brand analysis, and so much more. In this section, give a clear overview of all the work expected to create a finished product.

Detailed descriptions of the work

You'll most likely need to work with client employees to get a final product. In this part of your contract, outline the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders of the logo design. In your research, you will need to encourage client customers and encourage client employees to give qualitative feedback to aid your process.

Who is expected to do what? And, how critical is each role in helping to achieve a final logo? Map it out here.


Graphic designers need to accurately outline exactly what the client will get with their logo delivery. This includes

  • What format you'll deliver the logo in
  • The different versions of the logo you'll deliver
  • Any guidelines for the use of the logo

Delivery date and timeline of work

Your graphic design contract template for a logo build needs to give an accurate project roadmap. When are you delivering the first logo renditions? When will the client provide timely feedback, and will you be delivering a second round?

Work with your client on this. Typically, such services take between 3-6 weeks; however, all graphic designers work differently. Your graphic design contract will ensure your client agrees with the timeline.

Payment details

An independent contractor often thinks the sole purpose of each graphic design contract template is to cover payment details. Hopefully, you see that's not the case! Nonetheless, they're still a must-have. You'll find well-written payment details in the free graphic design contract on this page. It's good to include:

  • Whether you're being paid per hour, milestone, or for the whole project at once
  • When you're getting paid and if you'll be paid a percentage of the total cost
  • How the client pays - for example, Paypal, bank transfer, Stripe
  • Any client details you'll need for your logo design invoice


Every designer knows that a great logo isn't made overnight. There will be countless renditions you'll do before the client even sees the first draft.

Formalize your process here, and layout how many options and edits you'll give a client that is in scope. What will the client need to pay more for? This logo build shouldn't contain too many renditions if you've received a great design brief upfront.

Copyright ownership

Intellectual property and intellectual property rights. This part of the contract aligns on whose intellectual property the logo is. This logo should be the client's intellectual property. However, is the designer allowed to use the logo in their portfolio to win new clients?

Despite the logo being no one else's intellectual property rights, the client can agree that the designer can use the logo in their portfolio when necessary.

Cancellation clause

Every contract needs a cancellation policy. This includes the written notices either party needs to provide to cancel the agreement. As this is a legally binding document, the designer would need the client's written permission to cancel the contract, and the client would need the designer written permission to cancel.

Decide here what that permission needs to look like, whether that's written notice by registered or certified mail, or an email is enough.

Termination of contract

Every graphic design agreement will also need a termination clause. Your graphic design agreement should clearly define under what grounds someone can terminate the contract. This means the contract ends immediately and is usually the result of a contract breach or misconduct.

Other factors

Lastly, include anything you may have missed. Things like any third parties involved, tools needed, and if you're using your own equipment for the project and who is responsible for them. Include liability of responses here.

Also, the client decides if they would like to add any clauses in this section too. Of course, their suggestions should remain confidential information, whether it ends up in the contract or not.

That's everything covered for your entire agreement. Make sure your client agrees—and their directors, just in case—before you proceed with any work. Both parties will feel much better about the working relationship with a signed contract on the table.

Simple logo design contract template

As promised, here's your free graphic design contract. Sign up for Bonsai today, get your template tweaked, personalized, and sent off to your client so you can begin creating that logo.

What's the benefit of using Bonsai instead of editing a template yourself?

Like with every contract on the Bonsai platform, your graphic design contract is legally vetted and approved by experts. It means you can send your contract using Bonsai's e signing system, knowing that you're delivering a sound agreement.

How to create a logo contract template with Bonsai

Your graphic design contract build could not be easier. In fact, it's already done. Once you sign up for the Bonsai platform, you'll have the option to work from the logo contract template or start your own contract from scratch.

Simply select the contract option you need, add what's necessary, and send it off to your client. It's as simple as that.

Logo design contract template FAQs

A few last questions around design contracts that we frequently get.

1. What are the benefits of using logo design contract templates?

Your logo design contract template saves you time and peace of mind knowing it includes everything needed to keep you covered in your work agreement. It also presents you as a professional to your client and lets them rest assured knowing they are also protected in the agreement.

A template contract imposes special restrictions that benefit both parties, and both parties should want to have one in place.

2. How do I create a logo design contract template?

If you decide to create your own logo design contract template that you'll edit per client, it's a good idea to include the following clauses:

  1. Statement of work
  2. A detailed description of the work
  3. Deliverables
  4. Delivery date and timeline of work
  5. Payment details
  6. Revisions
  7. Copyright ownership
  8. cancellation clause
  9. Termination of contract
  10. Extras specific to the project

3. When do I draft and send the logo design contract template?

Your client expects you to deliver a logo design contract once you've informally agreed on the workload, project timeline, and pay. The designer agrees to meet the client's expectations and formalizes all of these details and more before any work starts.

4. How much should I charge for a logo design?

The cost of a logo design can range from an hourly rate to the cost of the project itself. The cost of a logo design depends on your experience, the amount of work involved, the client, and a few more factors. Read this article for a full overview of how much to charge for a logo design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about this template.

What is intellectual property clause?

Intellectual property clause outlines the terms that an intellectual property may be used. It also defines who owns it and the time period of ownership.

How do logo designers charge?

Microsoft word has a generic contract template. If you're looking for one specifically made for logo designers then Bonsai is your tool. It has all the legal jargon and requirements you need.

Is there a free logo design contract template on Word?

Microsoft word has a generic contract template. If you're looking for one specifically made for logo designers then Bonsai is your tool. It has all the legal jargon and requirements you need.