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Wordpress is one of the most popular content management systems out there. Over 23% of the top 10 million websites run on wordpress as of January 2015. You can find high traffic sites from NASA's data site to the WNBA to Adobe Blogs all running Wordpress.

Although it's very popular and powerful, Wordpress can be complicated to use. This is why many individuals and companies choose a freelancer to help with their Wordpress design. Due to the popularity of Wordpress and demand for freelance Wordpress designers, there are many places to find work. Whether the work is found online on a site like Craigslist or offline through a referral, it's very important that freelance Wordpress designers always work this a contract. This not only protects your interests, but protects your relationship with the client.

There are a few key parts that you should include in every contract. First is the scope of work. You should be very clear with the client exactly what part(s) of the Wordpress site you will design for them, and how many revisions you will do. Disagreements over scope of work are one of most most common sources of conflict between Wordpress freelancers and their clients. Will the freelancer be responsible for designing the Wordpress site, or also developing it?

The second very part of the Wordpress design contract is the payment information. What will you get paid for designing the Wordpress site, and when are the payments due? How will the client pay? What happens if they don't pay? These are all terms that are very important to you!

The last but still important clause is the intellectual property ownership. Intellectual property ownership should only transfer over to the client once they have paid all their invoices. However you should be careful to note whether the client only owns the final product, or all sketches, designs, and ideas that went into the Wordpress site.

Bonsai contracts contain all these clauses and more to protect you and your client for freelance Wordpress design.

Bonsai also provides contracts for freelance website design as well as general mobile design.