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Wordpress Design Contract Template
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What is a freelance WordPress design contract?

A freelance WordPress design contract is a legally binding agreement between two parties that outlines the details of a web design project. It's the legal document that's referred to in the case of any issues or disputes when working on a project.

The contract includes all the information surrounding a web design project, such as the scope of work, payment schedule, and termination.

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Why you need a freelance WordPress web design contract

Freelance WordPress web design contracts are essential for freelancers who work in the world of web design and development. They protect both the client and the web designer while working on a WordPress site. A web design contract serves three main purposes:

  1. It ensures both the parties are in agreement over the development and design services
  2. It ensures everyone understands the business relationship and their associated responsibilities
  3. It protects both parties in the case of a disagreement

What should be included in a WordPress web design contract

Here we've detailed the essential elements of a WordPress website contract to ensure you're always covered when embarking on web design projects. We've outlined what's necessary and provided some top tips to apply to your web design contracts moving forward.

Personal information

In this section, you need to outline who's entering into the legally binding agreement. It's not a long section—normally a couple of lines that include both parties:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact information
  • Identification details
  • Start date

Scope of work

This is where you'll detail the specific requirements of the project at hand. It's important that you outline exactly what work you'll be completing, and any deliverables the client can expect along the way.

Be as detailed as possible when filling out this section to avoid scope creep—a problem in many web design projects. Scope creep refers to work that's requested outside of what’s agreed on for the project’s scope of work—and is often expected free of charge.

To avoid this, try and preempt any extra work the client may request and include it in a section that clearly states what is out of scope. This way, you’ll avoid finding yourself doing extra work for no extra payment.

Amendments and changes

Here is where you include information on how you will handle any amendments or changes to the project. You may decide to include a certain amount of support free of charge. However, the line must be drawn somewhere or you risk working for free. 

It's a good idea to specify that any major changes will be considered a new project that requires a new web design quote.

It's your responsibility to clarify the revisions process and it's essential you do so in the web design contract—only then is it legally binding.

Schedules and dates

This section provides a timeline for the project, including a start date and projected end date. It's also where you'll detail when the client can expect deliverables, and when the project is expected to hit the specific milestones outlined in the project scope.

If you’re offering your client check-in calls, make sure to include them in the schedule and scope of work too. It’s a good idea to include when you’ll be updating the client and what can be expected of the meetings.


In this section, you'll provide information on the payment schedule and payment terms. Again, detail is key for getting what you want and need from the service agreement.

Include all the information regarding payment, such as when it's expected following an invoice, and what the consequences are if the client pays late or if the client fails to pay at all.

Make sure to be as clear as possible—it's very easy to assume the client is on the same page as you when they're not. It's also good practice for ensuring your payment terms are indisputable.


Web design contracts require detailed information regarding intellectual property—more importantly, who the intellectual property belongs to. You need to discuss this with the client beforehand to ensure there's no confusion further down the line. When working with software, programs or web design tools, it’s a good idea to list all the different one’s you’ll be using and their third party license terms.

Regardless of who it belongs to, both parties must agree and include all the details in the contract.


This section provides details on the consequences—for both you and the client—if either party decides to end the project. You may decide to do this if:

  • The client is refusing to pay
  • The client is refusing to cooperate and complicating the project

It's another step to ensure all parties are on the same page, at all times—even in the unfortunate case of project termination.

What's the benefit of using Bonsai, instead of editing a template yourself?

Web design and development demands a lot of attention and concentration—one line of overlooked code can disrupt the entire project. There's no need to further complicate the process by adding contract creation to your mix.

Bonsai saves you time and effort by giving you a legally approved template you can work from, deliver, and sign in just a few minutes.

How to create a WordPress design contract with Bonsai

Creating and editing your WordPress design contract with Bonsai is super simple and quick:

  1. Sign up for free to the platform
  2. Choose your desired contract template
  3. Fill the blanks to fit your needs

Once you're satisfied with the contract, you can send it over to your client for their approval and signature. You can then commence the project knowing that you've covered all bases if any issues should arise.

Freelance WordPress Design Contract FAQs

How much does a freelance WordPress designer make?

Although there’s no conclusive rate for freelancers specifically, a WordPress designer can make between $35,000-$65,000 a year in the U.S. This wide gap is dependent on experience, location, and the client you’re working with. 

What's the difference between Wix and WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source platform that requires you to find your own host, whereas Wix is a cloud-based website builder that includes hosting and tech support in its packages.

Sample WordPress web design contract template

Legal documents can often be confusing and entering into a binding agreement shouldn't include guesswork. We've created this WordPress web design contract template to ensure you're covered when working with your next web design project and client.

Your free template is just a click away. Get started below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about this template.

How can I get free wordpress contract template?

Downloading from a software or creating from scratch are your two options in getting a free Wordpress contract template. But if you're looking to automate things without missing out on the legal nitty-gritty, head on to Bonsai now.

What's the best Wordpress design contract template?

Bonsai has the best templates for Wordpress agreements. Our contracts are legally reviewed by attorneys and cover freelancers from A to Z. Edit our contract templates for free today.

What is the best Wordpress design contract template?

Bonsai has the best templates for Wordpress agreements. Our contracts are legally reviewed by attorneys and cover freelancers from A to Z. Edit our contract templates for free today.