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Wordpress is one of the most popular content management systems out there.  Over 23% of the top 10 million websites run on Wordpress as of January 2015.  You can find high traffic sites from NASA's data site to the WNBA to Adobe Blogs all running Wordpress.

Although it's very popular and powerful, Wordpress can be complicated to use.  This is why many individuals and companies choose a designer to help with their Wordpress design. Due to the popularity of Wordpress and demand for Wordpress designers, there are many places to find work.  Whether the work is found online on a site like Craigslist or offline through a referral, it's very important that Wordpress designers always work this a contract.  This not only protects your interests, but protects your relationship with the client.

Like any other designer, you’d like to get your dues after completing the job. While you trust your client to fulfill their part without delay, they may not live up to that. That’s why you need to work with wordpress website contract as a designer. It’s not only to your benefit but also to the benefit of the client. You’d like to define your terms of payment and scope of work in the wordpress web design contract template. On the other hand, the client needs assurance that you’ll complete the tasks as required. So you need a document that covers both interests, which in this case is the wordpress website contract. 

There are a few essential parts that you should include in every Wordpress website contract.  First is the scope of work. You should be very clear with the client exactly what part(s) of the Wordpress site you will design for them, and how many revisions you will do. Disagreements over the scope of work are among the most common sources of conflict between Wordpress designers and their clients. Will the developer be responsible for designing the Wordpress site, or also developing it?  You need to spell out this clearly in your Wordpress web design contract. 

Failure to do this, you’ll end up doing tasks that the client isn’t willing to pay for. Not that they’re out to exploit you but because they’re not aware of what they’re paying for. For instance, in case you’ll be offering extra services at a cost, that should be stated clearly in the Wordpress  website contract. In that way, you’ll avoid disagreement concerning payment and the limits of your duties as a designer. As you define your scope of work, make sure it’s in line with the project requirements. 

Remember, the client wants to know how you’ll help them achieve their goals. So as you spell out your scope of work in the Wordpress web design contract, be sure to address the specific needs of the client. And it doesn’t end there. They’d like to see results. Therefore you must live up to your promises.  

The second very part of the Wordpress design contract is the payment information. At the end of every task, you’d like your client to pay you, right? Your client knows that too, and they’ll be getting ready to give you your dues. However, when it comes to payment, things may not turn out as you expect. Most of the time, designers disagree with their clients over late payment. As the client expects you to deliver on time, you, too, expect them to pay you at a specific date. Unless you spell out your payment terms clearly in the Wordpress website contract, late payments might become an issue. 

When drafting your Wordpress web design contract, you need to ask yourself the following questions.

1. Talk about payment in your Wordpress website design contract

It’s very important to agree on the amount of money you expect after completing the project. You wouldn’t want to argue with your client during payment. If you’re breaking the task into parts, you can clearly describe the milestone payments you expect at every stage. Also, you should include a payment timeline in your Wordpress web design contract to avoid late payment. 

2. Specify how the client can pay in your Wordpress design contract

As a designer, you need to define the mode of payment that’s convenient for you. You can also discuss it with your client to know their preference too. There are several payment methods, but be sure to choose one that’s not complicated. If possible, go for a popular payment method that’s easily accessible. You can consult with fellow designers to know which one works best. 

3. Use the Wordpress design contract as protection against non-payment

As a designer, you wouldn’t want to talk about no payment after working so hard. It can be frustrating. While most clients will pay you your dues without causing disagreement, some may not pay you. So, in that case, what would you do? You need to explain this clearly in your Wordpress website contract. You can also discuss it with your client and agree on the payment terms, including consequences for delayed or no payment. 

These are all terms that are very important to you! So don’t leave them out. Also, don’t forget to mention extra services that you may want to offer at a cost. Don’t shy off from talking about how much they cost. It will save you from carrying out tasks that the client isn’t willing to pay for. 

The last but still important clause is intellectual property ownership. Intellectual property ownership should only be transferred over to the client once they have paid all their invoices. However, you should be careful to note whether the client only owns the final product or all sketches, designs, and ideas that went into the Wordpress site. 

While you might want to be part of the ownership, that may not be the case with the client. Therefore, before you start working on the project, you need to agree on this. If you aren’t interested in intellectual property ownership, then it’s well and good. But even then, you need to state it clearly in the Wordpress web design contract. 

Most of the time, designers and clients disagree over such things. Since you want to build a lasting relationship with your client, it’s important to talk about this before you start working. 

To be successful as a Wordpress designer, you must work with a contract. In that way, you’ll avoid late payment and performing tasks that a client isn’t willing to pay for.

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