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Freelance iOS app design is one of the hottest fields out there today. There are over 1.4 millions apps in the Apple App Store, and these apps have been downloaded over 100,000,000,000 times.

Everyone from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses to entrepreneurs are looking for freelance iOS app designers to launch their idea.  In fact, iOS apps are one of the top search terms on the popular job site Indeed, before even mobile app itself.

Given all this demand, it's critical that freelance iOS app designers use a contract when working with clients (even if they're regular clients!). Using a contract will help set the proper expectations about what will be done, when it will be done, and what will be paid. These are some of the biggest issues that arise between freelance iOS app designers and their clients.

There are three very most important things every contract should cover. First if the precise scope of work. Will the freelancer be responsible for designing the iOS app, or also developing it? How high fidelity do the designs need to be?

You should also be  clear about exactly what materials will be provided to the designer, versus what the designer will need to find or create. This will greatly impact the time and cost for the project, which are very important to both the freelance iOS app designer and the client.

The second important clause to have in your contract is the payment information.

  • What will you get paid for your iOS app design, and when are the payments due?
  • How will the client pay?
  • What happens if they don't pay?

These are all terms that are very important to you!

The last important clause is to be very clear about the intellectual property ownership after the iOS app design is finished. This should only transfer over to the client once they have paid all their invoices.  However you should be careful to note whether the client only owns the final product, or all sketches, designs, and ideas that went into the iOS app.



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iOS App Design Contract Template

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