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As someone with a landscaping business, you'll likely have to fill in a landscaping invoice template after finishing a job. There are multiple fully customizable invoice templates out there that a landscaper may use at the beginning of their job.

But what are landscaping invoices, and why do you need them for lawn care services? This article will help teach you the basics.

What Is a Landscaping Invoice for Lawn Care Services?

A landscaping invoice is a document that a landscaping business will use to send a bill to a customer. Once the landscaping services have been calculated based on the hourly rate, the lawn care business will send the bill for immediate payment, or for payment at a later date.

Why Get a Landscaping Invoice Template

As the owner of a professional landscaping company, you will probably have to do several landscaping invoices per day. You can make one in Google Sheets, Google Docs, or Microsoft Word, but typing the information down yourself may be very time-consuming.

By using a landscaping invoice template, you'll be able to get paid faster simply because you are no longer wasting time on writing the invoice. You'll already have the basics down on the printable invoice template, and all you need to do now is to fill it in.

What to Include in a Free Landscaping Invoice Template

The landscaping invoice is a record of the landscaping services provided, and a formal request for paying the associated fees. As a result, when you create invoices, you should add the following information to the blank spaces of your lawn care invoice template.

  • A detailed list of the services provided, and the time spent on each line item
  • Hourly rate for the tasks, and their flat rate
  • Grand total for the work, including the applicable taxes and the final due balance
  • The due date for the payment

Depending on the circumstances, the invoice may also feature penalties for late fees.

How to Use Landscaping Invoice Templates

When using special software to create an invoice, you need to fill in the blanks accordingly. Here is what you have to do.

Add the Basic Information

The first thing you need to do is to add the relevant information about the business and the customer. This includes the company name, company contact info, and customer information.

You should also add the unique invoice number, accepted payment methods, and other relevant contact information. If you are not completely sure how to fill it in, you may want to consider using a lawn care invoice sample to guide you.

Figure Out the Landscaping Work Needed

Next, you have to observe the layout. Figure out what service package is needed. Does the client only need standard lawn care service, or are there any aspects that may complicate the job? Note down all those features during the write-down.

Break Down Payments

Itemized quotes are next, and you have to break down the service into separate parts. Does the client only need to pay for lawn mowing or should you address other lawn care aspects as well?

Perhaps they also need a follow-up. Make sure to add the estimated working hours in the payment instructions, as well as the costs within the quote.

Achieve an Agreement with the Customer

Before you start with lawn care and any other landscaping services, you must reach an agreement with your client. Make sure that they are in full understanding of the terms of the job. You need a signature from your clients before you start any work.

Get the Landscaping Job Done

Get the job done within the time that you estimated while writing your landscaping invoice template. You may under-promise and over-deliver, which is a much better alternative to disappointing your customer. Also, make sure that the time frame you promised is realistic and can be easily kept.

Deliver Payment Invoice

Once you complete the job, you must give one copy of the invoice to your client. A hard, printed copy of the payment terms is best, but you may also use invoicing software such as Bonsai to deliver unlimited invoices to your clients.

How to Avoid Overdue Payments

Overdue payments on your invoice are bad for business. In order to avoid these unpleasant situations, you may want to consider the following tips.

Accept Multiple Methods of Payment

If you want to get paid faster, you need to offer your clients multiple methods of payment. For instance, nowadays, clients prefer to pay with debit and credit cards, or even use their phones to pay through a POS system.

If you only get paid through cash, it might set your cash flow back. You can use tools such as Bonsai Cash to enable easy electronic payments from your clients.

Send the Invoice on Time

While it may seem like a bother to fill out the invoice template so fast, you may still want to consider doing it early on. This way, the client has plenty of time to pay.

Follow Up on Unpaid Invoices

Even if you already filled out the invoice template and sent it out to your client, you should follow up in case the invoice was not paid. They may simply have forgotten about it. You may use your email or company phone for that matter.

Send Out Professional Invoices FAQ

If you plan on using a lawn care invoice template, you may have several concerns. Here are the most common questions, with their respective answers.

Can I Design My Own Invoice?

You may design your own invoices by using payment tools such as Google Docs. You may also get a fully customizable free landscaping invoice template from tools such as Bonsai. They offer you a template that you may design to your own preferences.

When Should I Send the Landscaping Invoice?

You should send out a lawn care invoice as soon as you get the job done - usually, within the first 48 hours. If the payment terms involve recurring lawn care, then you should send the invoice at regular intervals.

How Long Does It Take to Make a Landscaping Invoice?

If you are writing everything with a pen and paper or writing it from scratch on a work laptop or a tablet, it may take a long time to fill out. Things become much easier when you get a free account on a platform that offers landscaping invoice templates.

The Bottom Line

Going into business as a landscaper may seem daunting at first, considering all the paperwork that you need to put down. That being said, by using a landscaping invoice template, you should be able to make your job much easier.

Landscaping Invoice Template
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

How do you bill as a landscaper?

When it's time to get paid for your landscaping services, create an invoice including all vital project, business and payment details, so your clients easily understand when and how you expect to get paid. Your best bet for creating professional invoices every time? Use Bonsai's free invoice template.

What is the best invoice templates for landscapers?

The best invoice for landscaping services is Bonsai. You'll want a payment receipt for a client, outlining the services you are invoicing them for. It also informs the client of how and when to pay you. Create perfect invoices every single time using Bonsai's free invoice template.

Is there a free invoice template for landscapers?

You may choose to write your own invoices but the easiest and fastest way to get it done is using Bonsai's customizable free invoice template. A professional invoice must include all details of your business, client's information, an itemized list of services provided and payment terms.

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