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As the owner of a lawn care business, it is essential to know exactly how to fill out a lawn care invoice template. This is not only for your benefit as a business owner but also for your clients.

That being said, if you just started out your small business, you may not know how to fill out professional invoices for lawn care services. Allow this article to serve as your guide.

What Is a Lawn Care Invoice Used For?

As a service provider, you will need a way to bill your clients. Without a written document, payments can be forgotten and you can mix up the payments that you need to make to the IRS. Moreover, you will need the invoice if you want to get any deductions.

A big business may use an accountant. However, those who are only starting out will reap the most use out of such an invoice. It is used to systemize your business and record your financial transactions, allowing you to keep an eye on your business needs and cash flow.

Why Use a Lawn Care Invoice Template

Lawn care invoices take time to type down - and unless you hire an accountant, you may not know exactly what should be written down. However, a service invoice template can take the bulk of the problem away from you.

There are many providers that can offer a free invoice template to whoever may need an example. Platforms such as Bonsai also provide access to professional accounts, where you can get unlimited invoices.

You just need to determine exactly what kind of invoice template you need for your business. You may also find fully customizable invoice templates, so you can bill your clients as fast as possible.

Types of Lawn Care Invoices

You must make sure that you send the right kind of professional invoices to your clients. Invoices can be found in the following formats.

Standard Invoice

Standard invoices, as the name suggests, are the most common types of invoices. This lawn care invoice states exactly how much the client owes for the services provided. Usually, it will also ask for immediate payment.

Recurring Invoice

Many lawn care professionals send invoices on a recurring basis. This lawn care invoice is used when the client asks for future lawn care services weekly or bi-monthly.

Prepayment Invoice

A lawn care service provider will fill out prepayment invoice templates when the client provides down payment or a deposit. The rest of the amount will be collected later on when another lawn care invoice template will be filled out.

Time-Based Invoice

If you have an hourly rate, this type of lawn mowing invoice template may be used to bill the clients for a certain amount of time spent on the services. An hourly lawn care invoice may be a good example of such a template.

Debit Invoice

If there are any increases in the total amount owed, a debit lawn care invoice template will see those additions. A note will also be added to explain those modifications.

Credit Invoice

A credit lawn care invoice (also known as a "credit memo") is the type of invoice that you send out when you owe money to your client. This usually happens during a rebate or a refund.

Mixed Invoice

A mixed invoice includes a variety of lawn services and a mix of account activities. This invoice template can mix both the charges and the credits.

What to Add In a Lawn Service Invoice Template

With tools such as Bonsai, you may create professional invoices - and all it will take is just a couple of clicks from you. Here is what you need to put down:

  • Your business name
  • Your contact details
  • The names of your lawn care clients
  • Your business logo
  • The services provided (lawn mowing and potential landscaping invoices, such as pool services and fees for lawn care supplies)
  • The unique invoice number
  • Total cost for the services provided (before and after taxes)
  • Invoice date
  • The due date for the payment
  • Payment method and other relevant payment information
  • Personalized message (optional, for additional information)

All the services dealing with lawn care will likely have their own professional invoice to send out. As a result, once you get the right invoice template for you, simply personalize it the way you need it.

How to Use Lawn Care Invoices

When using a lawn care invoice template, you need to follow some simple, yet essential steps. Here is what you need to do as a lawn care business owner.

Observe the Layout

Before you even write anything down, you should come down to the site and observe the layout. Is there anything on the lawn that can make it difficult for you to pass the lawn mowing unit?

Perhaps there are shrubs in the middle of the lawn or perhaps troublesome paving. Or maybe you need to offer gardening services as well. Think about all of these aspects and write them down.

Make a Quote

Once you have every detail set down, you need to provide your clients with an itemized quote. Before they accept any lawn care services, they should know exactly what they are paying for, and how long each item will take to finish. Make sure you add all that information to the invoice template.

Get Acceptance

You should not start your job until you get the okay on the terms that you set down. The client should sign your paperwork, and only then can you start working on your lawn care services.

Finish the Job

Now that all the details have been dealt with and you have the approval, it's time to actually finish the job. Make sure that you respect the due date you set on that lawn care service invoice.

Send the Invoice

When the job is done, it is time for the actual billing process to start. Offer your client a copy of your lawn care service invoice. A hard copy is ideal, but nowadays, more and more people prefer email. A follow-up is always recommended, especially when there are unpaid invoices.

The Bottom Line

As a lawn care business owner, you need to receive the proper payment for the services that you provide. A free invoice template can significantly help you out. Once you find the right template, just add in the necessary information and send it out to your client.

Lawn Care Invoice Template
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

Can I create my own invoice template?

Yes, simply create an account with Bonsai and customize one of our professional looking templates. You'll be able to save it to send future invoices and automate the entire process with our software.

What is the best free invoice template?

The easiest way to give clients expert billing requests is with one of Bonsai's free invoice templates. You can send partial payment requests, set up recurring payments, and fully automate the process with our invoicing software.

How do you make a homemade invoice?

On a document, include all the components and relevant details for an invoice. You could also skip out on doing it yourself and customize Bonsai's free pre-made template.

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