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If you are an Airbnb host, you've probably been asked by some of your guests to provide an invoice as further confirmation of the charges incurred during the rental period. Although users can find their Airbnb receipts on the platform, sometimes they may need an invoice for company reimbursement or for their own accounting records, so you must be prepared to provide a professional document to reflect the exact cost of the reservation.

You may also need to issue an invoice if you're seeking payment for property damages or extra services provided during the stay. But you probably don't have time to waste in writing and proofreading every single invoice, so you need a more efficient way to go about it. The best option is to create an Airbnb invoice template that has all the basic information already filled out, so you can easily fill in the guest-specific details and send professional invoices every time.

Read on to find out what essential information you must include for flawless invoices.

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Essential Elements of an Airbnb Receipt Template

To create your Airbnb invoice template keep in mind you must make it as detailed and easy-to-understand as possible. Even if the payment was already made on the Airbnb site, you want to provide a professional and clear invoice when guests request it. Here's what your template must include.

Property Owner Information

Start your invoice template with a section for your information as a property owner. Include your full name (or business name if it is registered differently), phone number, address and email address. Additionally, include the street address of the property you are renting. You may add your company logo if you have one, or any hospitality-related imagery for more professional and unique invoices.

Guest Information

Next, include the guest's (renter) full name and contact information such as phone number, billing address, and email address if you're sending out a digital invoice. Especially if you are issuing an invoice to collect payment for damages from a previous renter, you want to have as much contact information as possible to make the follow-up process easier.

Invoice Number and Date

Make sure all of your invoices have a unique invoice number assigned as well as the date it was issued so you can keep more organized accounting records. An invoice number also makes it easier to be referenced to in case of complaints, refund requests or any inquiries from your guests. You may also include a reservation number to avoid any misunderstandings.

Airbnb Service & Extra Charges

Leave enough space on your Airbnb invoice template to provide an itemized list of the services provided and any extra fees incurred during the guest's stay. These could be property damages, a cleaning fee, laundry service, late check-outs, or tour guides. Include a short description of the charges (or amount of nights) as well as the unit price and total cost on the last column. While these charges must be discussed upfront with the guest, do your best to provide details so you don't leave room for any confusion regarding the charges.


The totals section of your Airbnb invoice template must have a few lines to specify the amount due before taxes (subtotal), then add the applicable taxes and state the final amount due. If you are applying discounts (first booking, monthly stay, one night off, etc...) or an Airbnb coupon, include it in this section, subtracting the discounted/coupon amount from the subtotal before you factor in the taxes. You may also add a short description of the discount or the coupon codes used for more clarity.

Collect Payment Terms

You must make your payment terms very clear in your Airbnb receipt template. Let your guest know if you are expecting payment upon receipt, or you give them a certain amount of days after the invoice date to make the payment. Of course, provide all accepted payment methods such as credit/debit card, checks, online payments or ACH transfers along with the corresponding account numbers, payment links, and mailing addresses for checks.

If you are only issuing an invoice upon guest request, but all charges have been previously paid on the Airbnb platform, simply state that the invoice has already been paid, along with a payment confirmation number, the type of payment, and when it was made.


Some property owners include a notes section in their Airbnb receipt template to leave a thank you message for guests. You can also take advantage of this space to advertise other properties you may have available, include a referral link, offer discounts for a family member or the next booking, and any other incentives you may want to offer. It's also a good idea to remind your guests to leave you a nice review if they were satisfied with their stay.

Use Our Free Airbnb Invoice Template

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Once you have adjusted the free invoice template to your liking, save it in your preferred format so you can keep using it every time you have requested an invoice, which saves you a lot of time and ensures professionalism. But why stop there? Take your property management invoicing process to the next level, with Bonsai's all-in-one-product suite.

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AirBNB Invoice Template
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

Is there a free AirBNB invoice template?

Customize and download Bonsai's invoice template at no cost. Simply edit the relevant business information, price and personalize it by inserting your logo.

How do you make a homemade invoice?

You can create an invoice on a blank document in Google docs or Microsoft Word but Bonsai's pre-made templates can save you a whole lot of time. Simply customize and add your relevant information to impress your clients today.

What do you include in an AirBNB invoice?

Bonsai's free short-term rental business templates include a unique invoice number, the client's name and address, the invoice date, the work description, payment details, and the total cost of the rental services that must be paid.